Barn Roof Ceiling | Day 97 | The Garden Home Challenge With P. Allen Smith

Barn Roof Ceiling | Day 97 | The Garden Home Challenge With P. Allen Smith

No, I’m not putting this on the roof. I’m
gonna use it in a very creative way in the house. They say an eco-friendly house can’t
be built in 150 days for $150,000, and I say it can. I’m Allen Smith. Join me, as I push
the limits with time, budget and creativity with the Garden Home Challenge, exclusively
on eHow Home. Okay, looking at this, you might think: “Hey, whataya doin’, buildin’ a barn?”
Well, no, I’m just trying to come up with a creative and cost-efficient way to put a
ceiling in this room. This is actually galvanized roofing material. It’s very thin gauge. In
fact, it’s the thinest gauge I could find. The reason I did that because it was less
expensive. These sheets were $15 a piece. And the ridging on here –if you ask for this–
these are 12 inch sheets, and they’re 2 1/2 inches from this point to this point. So that
gives you an idea of the undulation –or the ridging– on this particular kind of ‘barn
roofing’. So, anyway, I decided that: Hey, why not use this on the ceiling, because if
I did, I could do the ceiling for about 130 bucks. And that’s what we’ve done. So, if
you look up, you can see that we’ve got the entire ceiling complete. And what we’ve got
is a series of little screws that have been placed in there. And what learned is that
the size screw that they recommended at the store really didn’t work. And it was this
screw here: This is a stainless steel screw. However, what we were finding is that this
thing was really too big for the gauge of metal. And when you talk about the gauge of
metal that’s like the thickness of the metal. So this is really a thin gauge metal. So what
was happening, it was crimping the tin –or the galvanized material– it was causing little
divots, and it didn’t look very good. So went to a smaller head, galvanized screw like this,
which is 1 and 5/8s inches. And that seemed to work a lot better. That was Tony’s idea.
And, you can see, you can barely see them along the lines of the ceiling joists across
here. And then if you look at the– the ceiling connects to the west wall. He’s got a little
jig that he’s made that follows that undulation. Because he’s gonna cut one out that’ll fit
under each one of those pieces for this wall. And then we’ll have a straight piece that’ll
run along the south wall, because they’re no undulations there, you can see. And so,
we’ll use a 6 inch board, and the bottom of that board will be level on this side and
this side, so it’ll look like the crown cornice in here. I know it looks like a mirrored ceiling,
but you can’t see yourself in it. And, hey, if you don’t like it shiny like this you can
paint the stuff. So what I have here is a ceiling that’s finished. I don’t even have
to paint it. It’s ready to go. And it was so cost-effective. If you’re enjoying watching
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26 thoughts on “Barn Roof Ceiling | Day 97 | The Garden Home Challenge With P. Allen Smith

  1. The sealing is the first thing I don't like about the house. I don't like a reflective sealing. I think it doesn't go with the wood.

  2. The galvanized metal doesn't have a clean surface, so it almost gives a shed-like look to the ceiling. I can't imagine cleaning or dusting the ceiling. Sometimes cost effective just doesn't give a professional look and it's best to spend a bit more, but I do appreciate you showing a creative alternative.

  3. BOY the budget must be rubbin the backside. . not your best effort. . cant think your brother and his wife like the tin can look. . .

  4. You're not wrong about the budget- its getting a little too close for comfort, but I've got to say that Chris and Joyce don't really mind it, thank goodness!

  5. You know, the shed-like look was a long shot but for our "Farmhouse Chic" look I think it worked out alright. I appreciate you taking the time to watch and comment though- I hope you'll keep tuning in!

  6. You said you're using that corrugated metal sheet in the bedroom? wow!! That, to me, is the equivalent of having mirrors on the ceiling in a 1960s basement, or motel. To redeem yourself you should paint them a flat white.

  7. I would like very much to do this exact same ceiling in my basement. Where can I find the metal roof material you used. What brand is it? Thanks for the video.

  8. PAllenSmith, we are wanting to put corregated metal on our ceiling but do not want it to be so shiny, but do not want to paint it. We want something similar to the dullness of gun metal. We need a solution within a week or two and not sure where to turn. We have not been able to find weathered tin so we are having to buy new. Do you have any suggestions? Does the gauge of the metal determine the shine? Thank you in advance for your help.

  9. Excellent, Im thinking of doing this in my detached garage and my attached garage ceilings. Thanks for the ceiling idea. what was the thickness on the metal you used and length ?. Thanks again

  10. I did this on my bathroom ceiling. How do I get it to seal around the shower light and around the heater vent? The ripples in the tin makes it impossible to seal. My heat and air now blows out of the ripples in the tin. Frustrating! Can I use some kind of thick weather stripping foam to put between the register and the tin, and between the light ring and the tin? Dont want moisture getting in my light can. Im desperate! Ready to take it all down and just paint it. Thanks a bunch!

  11. Unless I missed something there was no drywall on the ceiling before the metal was installed.  Code requirements in this part of the country require drywall for fire stop before anything decorative is attached.  Walls and ceilings.  Just something to consider.

  12. This looks Fab. Do not listen to the negative comments. Most old school thinkers are not going to understand modern upgrades of a new era. I even like this look with rusty age tin.

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