Basement  Waterproofing – Interior vs Exterior Basement Systems

Basement Waterproofing – Interior vs Exterior Basement Systems

To do an exterior waterproofing system you
have to excavate to the bottom of the footer This is the footer This wall would then be power washed What I apply is 12×100 foot rolls of 20 mil reenforced rubber Continuous, Without seams around this foundation From the top of this grade all the way over
this footer I’ll lay down a bed of 3/4 inch crushed stone
then ADS perforated pipe And generally I will put three rows of four
inch Or two rows of 6 inch After that over and around it two inch crushed
stone Roughly about two feet Now there are idiots out there that will say “The ADS pipe will be crushed” When you put stone all the way around the
piping the weight is distributed among the stone The next time you have a party and you get
a bunch of your buddies They all have beer strength give them an egg Put it in the palm of their hand and ask to
try and crush that egg you cannot because as you try to crush it
the pressure is distributed around the entire shell If you have stone around your pipe it cannot
be crushed Now we’ll put stone to a two foot level We use two inch because two inch has larger
crevasse in it Then I would put filter fabric Then I’m going to backfill You’re going to get water in the piping There are three ways of getting rid of the
water You could have an exterior pump You can also take the water and bring it underneath
your footer And have sump pumps inside The third way is a gravity feed Because I’ve got the lake around the back
the piping is going to be gravity fed to the lake Do you want to come down Hydro Dog? This is the entry Whatever ‘s here has to go Anything that you have around your house has to go The expense of an outside system could be as much as $25,000 $30,000 Even more when it comes to replacing front
porches, decks If you do an outside system you still have
to do a drainage system on the inside Because it might rain faster per inch per
hour than it can drain off The water can get underneath this footer and in to the basement When you do an outside excavation you will have your entire property destroyed Because you will have piles of soil all the
way around Now another system is done from the inside Its not the French Drain its a Pressure Relief System Because what is happening here is the weight of the water The lateral pressure has caused the foundation to implode What you need to do on the interior is whats called a Pressure Relief System A third of the cost of this On this job the foundation is imploding I do a unique system The home owner had several estimates $40,000 $50,000 To replace the foundation I open the outside and put the walls back
in to place Then install wall pins A wall pin goes inside the cells filled solid
with concrete And there is no way that wall can ever move Now when I do a structural repair such as
that we have fixed the result Now I want to fix the cause I will always want to put a pressure relief
system in So that I can be 100% confident that not only has the result been fixed but the cause also Now I’m opening up the outside to push the
walls back And I’m doing an interior system While I have the outside opened up I’m also
going to do an exterior waterproofing system So this customer is getting an exterior system, an interior system, And the walls put back in place and more structurally sound than when the building was first built than if they were to replace the foundation So this customer is getting all three Its a $30,000 job Outside excavation, Interior Pressure Relief System, the walls put back For a fraction of the cost of replacing the

22 thoughts on “Basement Waterproofing – Interior vs Exterior Basement Systems

  1. I had an interior system first installed but that failed because it didn't address the water seepage through the many cracks in the old foundation.  In the end I had an exterior system installed and that's been fine.  What bugs me is the interior system waterproofing company talked me out of the exterior system by grossly exaggerating the cost of the exterior system, lying about the effectiveness of their system, and then handed the entire job over to a disreputable, unlicensed subcontractor, all without telling me they were simply a telemarketing outfit that really wasn't going to do the work.  Zero quality control, inspection, or integrity.  Buyer Beware!  Regardless of my history, thank you for being honest and addressing the total problem with your customers!

  2. 50% of my jobs comes from people that try to install systems in a wrong way…
    The customers think that because the business is a franchise they are not wrong on practice…
    Even them call me to get their job done right!!!
    Trust me you are right!!!
    Keep putting your videos up…
    They can hate you but is only because you are right on practice and experience…
    Good work!!!

  3. Do You do any work in Mo. i bought a house from a liar and well i had to gut the entire basement i was wondering if you could come out and tell me how much it will cost for you to install a system and repair 2 walls on same side of house

  4. Dude, this is a system that wil probably work really good. Plenty of redundency and is well planned and looks like quality work is being implimented. Great Job! One more thing, i would like my dog back now. Lol, are you sure that dog belongs to you? I dont think Hydro-Dog likes you? He certainly doesnt trust you? I am just kidding. Great Work. 

  5. Your videos are fabulous. You mention a filter fabric on top of the crushed stone. Elsewhere I have seen it referred to as a geotextile. Is that the same thing as the weed blocker fabric I buy at Home Depot?

  6. This is one of the most creative video editing I've seen in months… This has got to shorten this video by a lot!… I like it!

  7. With so many products on the market and new and upcoming products how do you know what to choose if an homeowner isnt familiar with waterproofing,cause some contractors just sell you the big box stores cramp that don't last so they can get in and out and take your money.and you can't fly around the world to help how do we find contractors like you…and I'm from Birmingham, Alabama

  8. So many doubts cleared!! Thanks a lot for your videos and for activating the comments 🙂 Unluckily we are not in USA, but in Denmark. Could you recommend any trustworthy company in here? We would like to buy a house, but the basement walls are very soaked in water 🙁

  9. Perfect!, what would 7' h, 24' long x 36' wide ( roughly, exactly what you got here).
    Im a women but I love your videos.
    Thank you Daniel.

  10. If I tried to get the work you have shown in the video done in Australia it would be the best part of $80,000 – $100,000…and it would probably be done incompetently 🙁

  11. Yes but if you do it from the inside you still have water coming in through your wall that's doing damage. And almost always and outdoor waterproofing turns out cheaper

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