Bathroom Makeovers | 3 Different styles

Bathroom Makeovers | 3 Different styles

hi I'm Rebecca Robson with Robson Design in San Diego California today I'm going to answer the question so many of you have been waiting to hear the answer on and that is the blue bathroom alien def calico is so hard for some we've actually been working for five days on this install we've stayed every night the last three nights in a row I've been here until midnight it's a lot of work but it's a labor of love and it's what we do in order to bring the house to completion and I thought to myself if I was in here on official business there have been things that have broken there have been things that have not arrived where's the tech do we ever talk but you know what it happens in every job one way or another it's an issue you have to deal with so what do you do you make the best out of it you better turn if the blue is a tan is it white is it taupe what color did mr. client end up going with if you don't know what I'm talking about let me give just a little rewind I got to see it's still I'm so happy when he sees when he sees what he does to that room he's gonna be so disappointed in himself he's gonna lose it he's gonna lose his license you're gonna lose your license as a designer this is where we are with the so called blue bathroom it was blue matched the wallpaper perfectly and everything going in that bedroom but the client got scared I just have a little conversation with our client and he's excited he's willing to go back to blue whoa I like the Kensington blue I think it's more exciting because we're putting white stuff against it but this is a lot better than that you gave me something that almost looks purple no I don't know I thought I did you get a good movie this is what I had it where before before right and that's very dark so this is much like this gives us we're both happy we've both compromised all right we're gonna shake on it you're gonna stick with it because you went a little rogue here I want you to stand out here and look at the bathroom and this at the same time and then I want you to apologize look great vanity all white pretty silver handles here look at my Kleenex holder it's very shiny chrome on top but it's brushed nickel on the side my soap pump Chrome and brushed so you can bring those two things together all of this is all the combination of the two and here's what I did here I wanted to find a towel bar that did the chrome and the brushed mixed no one does so you know what I did I bought two I bought a chrome one and a nickel one and I mixed up this blue oh yeah but the fact that it was blue yeah it needed to be blue yes yes it needed to be blue but not that dark glossy blue that she chose I didn't choose all I think great in that blow up pretty Thank You Chuck you chose that on your own I did and the tile matches with that so we've got the combination between the mosaic there the mosaic here and it all comes together but just please leave me a comment below and let me know are you glad that this bathroom is blue goodness sake in the bedroom the budget was real small we were able to spend a little bit more in the bathroom because we had to we needed to get a new sink new toilet a new shower because it was also dated oh my gosh what a huge difference we kept a tub and I actually put a skirt on the front and we covered it in wave tile which is fabulous this is just a piece of glass that doesn't even go all the way doesn't have a door on it because you don't need one that the shower doesn't send water out this way so why have a glass so it keeps it more modern actually found this little iron stand that I could use for toilet paper and candles and stuff because this is where the toilet originally was I know when you have a guestroom these are some elements you want to think about you always want to have towels outside of the shower I like to have a towel ring and all of my guest bathrooms because it's a great place to just dry your hands but then in the drawer since it's not a bathroom that's used all the time it shouldn't be full of your stuff if it's a guest room so we always put extra towels and we fill them up and we've got all these things so they guests don't have to go anywhere but in this room to be satisfied comfortable and have all their needs met two pieces of art anybody stop the video now and tell me what do you think this is it's an impressionist stand back and if you can see it from a distance tell me what it is get one big huge piece of art of a horse we cut it and had it specially framed horse because I chose oval and I wanted to do sconces so what I did here is I found these sconces that come in tight in the middle and then go up and go out do you see what that did it went up over the mirror there and down over the mirror there it fit perfectly and for those of you who are wondering what this hole is in the glass I'm ashamed of you because it means you didn't see the video that I put up earlier about this house and I explained this hole but because I love you anyway I'm going to explain this hole to you and that is this is where you reach in and turn on the faucet can you hear me turn on the faucet so that you don't get wet when the water is getting warm Shantay in a way I think about this is a huge difference from the before pictures originally where this ceiling sloped down that's where the shower stopped and in the time when they were taking out all the existing tile and stuff they realized that there was a cavity back in there that they could actually regain some space this is actually budget-minded the faucets we picked out our budget-minded the tile we picked out way less expensive love these big long handles and the top ones don't open because the sink is here as you know you cannot open a drawer if there's a sink there and below that usually you can't really use that either but we have this hole here so that all the plumbing can indeed drop down the center and this is still very usable space we use this really nice mosaic backsplash and this allowed us to tie in our finishes are finished on the faucets but here's the best part have you been looking at these you've been spying these last-minute decision client let me add an art light here when you're in the bathroom you have to be somewhat close to something it's best to pick a piece of art that has perspective it's like I'm on the dock and the Sun is setting it's a little smoggy and I think I'm gonna take a dip all the bedrooms look really good yeah I think such a really good I'd want to be a guest here yeah all right you guys please subscribe to this channel we are gonna hit a million subscribers this year I promise if you enjoy what we do and love it be a part of our community don't forget about the design sessions give this video a thumbs up I have been filming all afternoon and I'm really tired can you tell okay so what I'd really like to do is either take one of those showers and getting that that bed over there that's what I'd like to do but instead I'm gonna say goodbye to you and I will see you guys next time

32 thoughts on “Bathroom Makeovers | 3 Different styles

  1. May I ask where you source your art for bathrooms? Love the landscape to make the eye continue. 🙂

  2. I've always disliked those half glass shower doors. Water from the shower DOES spray out to the other side. This is especially true when you get soap on the other side and you need to rinse it off. You point the showerhead towards the end (or if it's a detachable showerhead you bring it all the way to the end) and guess what? water everywhere. Looks nice and clean and minimalist sure, but not very well thought out functionally.

  3. Looks great, except I would never ever put a table next to the toilet, when guys use the toilet they will splash onto that table, especially small children…also can you actually sit down without bumping into the table…love the combo of silver with brushed nickel, looks great…love the blue, I had my bathroom blue in the 80's…tfs…blessings…🌼🌼🌼…

  4. Aww. Yeah, I liked your first pick on the blue BUT it's about the client. I like how you were like, Come look at this, and then apologize. (Yes, I'm so glad the bathroom is blue. It's GORGEOUS!) I wish I had the money to have you come give my home makeovers.

  5. On the bathroom with the hole in the glass to turn on the faucets, doesn't water come out when a person is under the shower?

  6. Missed you big time I throught you could have kill Mr c when he moved the print if looks could kill he would have been.

  7. 7:25….. isn't the purpose of turning on the shower IS TO GET WET? So whats the point of trying to stay dry if you're about to get in the shower?

  8. So beautiful and elegant! I wish a could have a bathroom like that! Ours is small! Love your channel and Wonderful ideas, God Bless you and your family! 😃👍👋

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