Bathroom on a Budget | Interior Design | 2017

Bathroom on a Budget | Interior Design | 2017

Do you have a bathroom that you are just not
loving? If you do, stick with me because I have some
tips to creating a beautiful budget friendly bathroom. The first tip is in creating your budget friendly
bathroom, is you actually have to set a budget. This is going to really help you make the
decisions along the way. Think about what you want to change in it. If you’re changing the actual structure of
the bathroom, if you’re changing just some cosmetic things, if you’re painting, whatever
it is that you want to change, make your list and price that out. Also make sure you have an overall amount
because that’ll help you making decisions on what you spend and what you splurge on. Tip number two is I want you to think about
your future plans for the house. Yes, doing your bathroom is just not about
doing your bathroom, it’s about the long term investment in your home. Now, kitchens and bathrooms have the biggest
return on value, so even if you do plan on selling, it’s still a great thing, but I want
you to think of in terms of the major changes you’re going to make and the budget. Is it a home that you plan on staying on,
growing with your family, or is it something for resale? This can help you in the decisions that you
make. Tip number three. Now we’re going to get into some of the budget
friendly tips or things that I love in bathrooms. A lot of times, the biggest thing that makes
a bathroom kind of ugly is the tile. Replacing tile, a bit of pain, but not a super
expensive thing to do. If you’re semi-handy, you can do it yourself. I say go with subway tile. It’s such a classic tile. It goes with every kind of style out there. It really is not that expensive to do. There also is some stick on options. Again, you’re going to have to check if they’re
water resistant. You may be able to do some around the sink,
but not in your bathroom. Painting, there are different types of paint
you can use that work well and can change the tile and look of your bathroom. Tip number four is changing the vanity. This may seem like a huge thing to do, but
it’s actually not. What you want to do is measure it out and
then find something that’s a similar size that basically just go right in. Again, if you’re handy, you could do this
yourself or hire someone. What I suggest is looking in the big box stores,
places like Home Depot or Ikea are great places for standard sized vanities that look great
and are a fraction of the cost. My last tip, baskets. I love seeing baskets in a bathroom. Think of putting baskets above your toilet
per se and you could put toilet paper or towels in there. Think of getting new towels. This is something we always forget about and
don’t do, but it makes such a difference to have new towels in your bathroom, or a beautiful
soap dispenser. Also, a shower curtain. This can really make a difference. I did this in my bathroom, got a new shower
curtain and a new bathmat and the towels and they all kind of coordinate together. You know what? It kind of detracts from the other features
that I don’t like so much. Just to review, a few tips on creating a beautiful
bathroom that you love on a budget is first you’ve got to set your budget. You’ve got to decide how much you’re willing
to spend on this bathroom and that’ll really help you in pricing everything out. Second, I want you to think about your future
plans for the house. Again, bathrooms and kitchens are great for
resale, but do you plan to stay? Do you plan to grow? Who’s using the bathroom? Really think about all of these factors. My third tip is subway tile. I think just is such a classic. It’s so inexpensive. You can get it at the big box store. Look at replacing your vanity. Again, you can get these at big box stores
or places like Ikea and just get the actual size that’s in there now. Last but not least is to add beautiful things
like your towels or your shower curtain or beautiful soaps. I know this sounds all great, creating this
new bathroom, but you’re probably still a little bit overwhelmed. Where do I go? What do I do? How do I put it all together? I’ve got something really special for you. I have created an actual budget bathroom design
board for you with links of where you can purchase the items and you can link to it
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  2. Hi Karla, Tips #5 – Baskets!!!  I Love, love, love and am addicted to baskets, rattan, wicker and bamboo!!!  Every room of my home has a touch of baskets, rattan, wicker and bamboo in a mixed variety of forms splashed throughout my eclectic interior!!!  Cheers, GGG

  3. I like subway tiles with white caulking. The high-contrast black caulk, not so much. I think it makes the room look too fragmented and dirty even.

  4. Can u pls tell that whether designer design interior for bathroom as well or only for the bedroom living dinig or kitchen…pls answer

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