Bearded Dragon Lighting – How Lighting Affects The Health of Your Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragon Lighting – How Lighting Affects The Health of Your Bearded Dragon

With so many different types of lights on
the reptile market, how do you know which one is right for your bearded dragon? Hey,
everyone! This is Abigail Kessler, co-founder of Raising Bearded Dragons. In this video,
we’re going to be talking about the purpose of bearded dragon lighting as well as why
it’s so incredibly important. Now, with any reptile your goal is to recreate their natural
environment. This means enclosure, temperature, humidity, substrate, lighting, the whole nine
yards. Bearded dragons come from Australia where you can find them spending their days
wriggly basking in the sunlight. The purpose of lighting therefore, is to simulate the
sun. When doing this, there are two factors that must be applied: UVB and heat. So, what
is UVB? It stands for ultraviolet B and it’s a specific wavelength on the electromagnetic
spectrum. Don’t worry, we won’t get into too much detail. It’s found in natural sunlight
and interacts with bearded dragon’s body in a very special way. Note, it is not found
in everyday fluorescent bulbs even if they say that they are “full spectrum.” Full spectrum
means something completely different than UVB and its pretty much turned into a marketing
gimmick. There are very specific reptile lights in the market that are built to produce you
UVB. These will need to be replaced every 3-6 months even if they’re still many lights.
All of these bulbs will eventually stop producing UVB. So, either check them out with a radiometer
that your local reptile store might have or you can pick up from or just replace
them at least every 3-6 months. It’s very important because if your dragon goes without
UVB, he’s not going to be able to process different nutrients and vitamins in his body.
So, I just said something about processing different nutrients and vitamins and their
body, that’s exactly why UVB is so important. Bearded dragons use it to create Vitamin D3
in their skin which in turn helps metabolize the various nutrients in their body namely
calcium. Heat is a very crucial part of this entire process because without it the Vitamin
D3 could not be created. If you don’t have proper you UVB and heat on your dragon, then
they will develop what’s called a Vitamin D deficiency. This will manifest itself in
what’s called metabolic bone disease or MBD. This is crippling often fatal disease. It
is the number one reason why investing in proper lighting is so important. Today, you
learn about the purpose of bearded dragon lighting as well as why it is such a vital
part of bearded dragon care. However, I’m sure it’s not surprising to you it’s only
a very small aspect of how to care for your bearded dragon properly. To learn how to properly
take care of your dragon and ensure that he will be long, happy and healthy life with
you, click right here and pick up your copy of “Raising Bearded Dragons: The Ultimate
Care Guide.” This guide has been created by experts and researchers who live in Australia
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  1. This video is really informative about the Bearded Dragon Lighting. it really amazing information that i know from this video. Lighting really affects the health for the Bearded Dragon. So i think lighting is important.

  2. Thanks for sharing great info on bearded dragon lighting! I didn't know that improper lighting leads to diseases like MBD.

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  5. So I only need UVB and heat? Not UVA? Are there any bulbs for my dual dome lamp that have…
    "two in one" UVB and heat,
    or a UVB bulb instead of a tube?

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