Bedroom Design & Choosing Bed Sheets – Interior Designer Life

Bedroom Design & Choosing Bed Sheets – Interior Designer Life

Hey everyone I’m actually in New York
City today at ABC Carpet & Home and I’m here to talk about bed sheets! So my big tip about the bedsheets and the
look of your bedroom is to buy two sets at least two different sets that go
together they need to complement one another maybe one has more pattern than
the other one maybe even well one has darker colors and the other one but the
two sets you need to complement one another then when you go to make your
bed split up those pieces maybe use the pillowcases from one but the bed sheets
of the other and mix them up and that way it looks like you have four looks
instead of just two so if you happen to be in New York City
and you love interior design you must come to ABC Carpet & Home it’s a
beautiful beautiful building full of all things that your design so from
furniture to drugs to table settings everything under the Sun for your home
is right here at ABC Carpet & Home. If you liked this video please hit that
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I’ll see you soon

8 thoughts on “Bedroom Design & Choosing Bed Sheets – Interior Designer Life

  1. Wow! You did it again, Olga. I ‘ve never mixed my sheet colors up(duh) it makes total sense! I’ve got great colors that makes my bed stand out, not matchy-matchy . Thanks again.. I really look forward to seeing your videos!

  2. Awww, wished you had called me, I would have met up with you. Lol. I will definitely go to the store even if only for inspiration

  3. I actually thought you were going to discuss the differences in sheets and how to purchase them. Cotton/sateen/crisp/wrinkle resistant/soft/pilling…….that would have been very helpful.

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