Bedroom effects in Vastu । Dr. Khushdeep Bansal। बेहतर नींद के लिए सही वास्तु दिशा।

Bedroom effects in Vastu । Dr. Khushdeep Bansal। बेहतर नींद के लिए सही वास्तु दिशा।

Bedroom. What is the purpose of bedroom? I will give you the method because Vaisheshika teaches how religious properties and
the effects are categorized. So firstly let us know the purposes What is the purpose of bedroom? What is the first purpose of bedroom? Sleeping What is it? Is sleep only a relaxation? No Relaxation can be achieved by
15 minutes of meditation also. Actually 6-7 hours of sleep is to rejuvenate you, it is necessary for body to regenerate the cells. What is it necessary for? Necessary for regeneration. First of all, why do we need sleep? Except that there is not any machine invented, not any medicine discovered that can replace sleep. So regular sleep is must. So what is the first purpose of bedroom? Sleep Second The type of place you sleep, your subconscious mind will become likewise. The type of place you sleep, manus-the subconscious mind, I have related it to sink with sixteen zones, sink with sixteen zones. Keep this original thing in mind. Third is relaxation. Maybe you got to sleep, but when you got up in the morning, the mind was not fresh. That means apart from sleep, It’s not that all night dreams came, that means you have slept,
only then the dreams have come, but when you woke up in the morning, the matter was not alright. This is one part and the other part is- matrimonial happiness. The relationship of husband and wife that is also govern by bedroom. These so many factors are govern by bedroom. What does Northeast give? Clarity of mind. What does it give? It gives Clarity of mind but
Northeast is also a direction of water. It is marked in your Power Cycle(shakti chakra) that which zone is influenced by which tatra. And cough, that means,
can you sleep upon water? If bed keeps on little shaking, can you get sleep? How many of you have ever travelled
a long journey by train? Probably all of you must
have experienced it, for 10-12-15 hours. If you travel by train, have you felt that
after going back home bed…. Have you felt? In the same way ,
we can not sleep on the water What you need to sleep? Earth What you need?
You need Earth. Or swing will also do. Swing means like swing but bustling will not work. So if the bedroom is in Northeast, the person’s sleep will get disturbed and because of that
the immunity will get weak. All those who sleep
in the Northeast bedroom, all those, first there weight will get increased
because of increase in cough. Other they have sinus nasal problem, Third they cannot recall their memory quickly. Fourth.. They get too emotional because it is a water element’s property so these becomes faults. Thats why in Northeast, children upto 12 years old
can sleep without any problem But children who are
in the adolescences age, whose body is growing biological they should not be made to sleep there. If girls sleep there,
then after marriage, they will face difficulties in
concieving and in delivery. If boys sleep there,
they will not grow properly. So for the children upto the
age group of 12 years , Northeast bedroom is fine. But not after that. It is also okay after 60 years
or after 65 years of age, Not before that. Because the problems which
elders face is of dryness. So for them moisture, means naturally moist,
cough should be balanced for them. So for them its health giving. But its is not good
for other age groups. What will happen if there is
bedroom in East-South-East? Again there is not a problem for
children upto 12 years of age. And not a problem for the
great grandmother too. If it is for in-between age group Rather, there is not a problem for
16 year-old or 17 years old But if a married couple
sleeps in East-South-East, there are many case studies like this. So you know what they fight for? That why do you shake
while kneading the flour? Did you understood? What does why you shake
while kneading flour means? And you know what they say? That when we are not in bedroom
we are very happy. The moment we enter in bedroom why is your slipper lying upside down? they will fight for four hours on this. And then after waking up in the morning
the fight will start again. The solution for this is- Changing bedroom is definitely
one of the treatment but colors can also treat it. What will happen if the
bedroom is in Southeast? Its a cash and liquidity zone. That person will be on
fire for business. You observe your friends and relatives, those who sleep in Southeast, if you go to them for tea, they will be like, on phone must be doing business. Where will be their mind all the time? In business. Its good and even bad. But you should,
its a matter of choice. South-South-East bedroom is very good The person is confident
and doesn’t have any fear. If there is any child or elder person
in family who have fears, then by making them sleep
in South-South-East bedroom, the fears can be treated. South is very relaxing,
one gets a very sound sleep. Should not be made to sleep
in South-South-West, because all the work will
become unproductive, and the health also gets worse. And especially the girls
who wants to concieve, I have found that by sleeping in
South-South-West bedroom, without any reason,
despite all the medical reports being alright they are unable to concieve. Bedroom should not be in West-North-West, there will be thyroid problem hundred percent. If somebody tells you that
since I have come in this home, I am suffering from thyroid problem, then the first thing you should tell him that whether your bedroom
is in West-North-West? The very first Why does the thyroid problem occurs? Mostly happens to females, but why? Because they cannot express themselves. so they have in throat.. what you call that? throat is choking..what you call that? It remains something struck in here.. All that emotion gets blocked here, and affects thyroid. But the bedroom of West-North-West specially, will bring cries on small things, will make your mind weak. Its okay to sit there for a while. Its alright to make a bathroom or a toilet there so that spend 15 minutes of day there, and checked all the mails
while sitting on the toilet seat only. So that the whole day the phone
will also not eatup your head. That is the zone of detoxification North zone, for carrier oriented people is very good. Specially the kids who have
just finished their studies, by giving them the north room, their job placement, their…in whatever carrier
they are interested, they will get success quickly. This way the whole of sixteen bedrooms will give you results.

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