Beginnings :  What is Architecture ?

Beginnings : What is Architecture ?

I have no idea how to begin
but beginnings will never my strong suit anyways even though I have ideas
about things that I want to do write draw film the first part is always the
hardest that leap of faith the abandonment for the pursuit of something
perfect that never allows one to truly begin but now like never before I’ll
just dive in in this channel I hope to create a good
content flow for all of you in the search for the legacy of architecture in
the future videos I’ll be talking about the history of architecture how we
shaped it and how it shaped us therefore I’ll be asking myself this question a
lot what is architecture and why do we do it when one is attempting to answer
the said question it seems that every answer brings another question with it
is it an art form or is it an engineering medium if it is an art form
is it just the sculpting of the three-dimensional space for
functionality or are we trying to embody some kind of lyrticality to steel and
stone or maybe it is our grand desire to glorify the human genius on crafting
wonders one might agree with all those but none of them really capture the
essence of the answer that I’m looking for they all just seem to point out to a
specific personality of architecture yet they don’t feel like the all-around
obvious explanation for my seemingly simple Inquisition architecture is not
just the great pyramids or the Eiffel Tower or skyscrapers of New York
isn’t putting up a tent near the campfire that you just started which you
specifically chose to be in near water source A need for an architectural
knowledge didn’t you just manipulate your surroundings and created a living
space now a definition of architecture requires a lot of videos I hope you’ll
join me in my quest for finding it out myself my name is Alp Esassolak. I’m a 22 year old architecture student living in Istanbul with a great passion for
everything architecture thank you for joining me and welcome to the world of

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