Behind The Design: 5 Minute Pillow

Behind The Design: 5 Minute Pillow

Hey, I’m Sarah! This is Behind The Design
from Sarah Off The Grid Season Two. Sarah: Want to time me how fast it’s going to take me to make this Pillow? Tommy: Oh I know how fast you can sew! Tommy: *Laughs* Tommy: This is like the only time on your show
where we can do something in real time Sarah: It didn’t have to be a race! Why am I such a loser that you make it a race and I am all in! Tommy: Because you’re so competitive!
Sarah: And then somebody Sarah: asked me if I was competitive and I was like –
Tommy: Ask Tommy
Sarah: – I refuse to answer that Sarah: What have all the Hipsters got that I don’t? Tommy: Certainly not sewing skills Sarah: Is that cute?
Tommy: That’s such a great idea and I Tommy: can’t believe it took under five minutes Tommy: You know what I can sew? The seeds of doubt. Tommy:That’s what I can sew!

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  1. OH I feel I can breathe again – living through the nightmare insanity of the political horrors in U.S. – tough going – UNTIL Tommy and Sarah are back!

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