Behind the Design: Exterior & Back Deck (Sarah Off The Grid, S2)

Behind the Design: Exterior & Back Deck (Sarah Off The Grid, S2)

Hey I’m Sarah! This is behind the design
and I’m sharing my top three favourite design features in each room from Sarah
Off The Grid Season Two. I’m Sarah and this is Behind The Design for the
exterior of this project. I can’t quite believe that this journey is over and I
have now shared the entire renovation of yet another project. Where did the time
go? This went so fast you guys, six weeks poof!
Six hours over done. So let’s talk about the exterior of this project. My whole
goal is always about balancing the best of what you started with and infusing
new energy and new ideas and a fresh perspective and bringing it up to date.
So one thing I didn’t want to erase was the historical charm and character of
this house, it is the number one reason why I bought it.
So, let’s look at what this house looked like at the very beginning. I thought she
was pretty from the first minute I saw her. The concept for this project from
day one was take a small historic building and put on a contemporary
addition to make it fresh and new and exciting and modern for how people want
to live now, how people want to live today. My goal with this project was take
the best of the old and what we had to work with and then make it new, make it
feel fresh, but also make sure that it didn’t forget where it came from because
you can’t erase the past nor did I want to try and add on a historical
reproduction that’s not what I was looking for either so when it came time
to design this edition I wanted to make sure it was simple hence the materials.
One of the features I like best is how simple the cladding is on the addition.
It is roughs on, one by twelve pine boards that were pre stained in our barn
actually and then we applied them to the side of the building. Why? Well they come
in long lengths, they are easy to install, they are inexpensive and best part of
all is I’m always thinking about how to tie everything together – How do I make it
cohesive? So, we already had a two-tone original brick building and we had an
existing barn and so my idea from the beginning
was clad the addition in the same material as the original barn that’s
what makes sense, that’s what makes it cohesive, that’s also what makes it
affordable and I think it is one of the key features of this exterior because it
also is what makes it look contemporary. Let’s talk about game changers in the
exterior. So, windows and roof or key elements. We put on a new it’s not
actually a black roof it’s a graphite roof it’s a dark dark dark charcoal and
it’s a metal roof and this was chosen because it makes it long-lasting and
durable. Plus this helps give that contemporary nod to the historic house.
Next, the windows, we replaced all of the windows. They were lovely, but they were
not energy-efficient. So what we did was we installed vinyl windows and you
probably already know this, but if you don’t know this I want to make sure you
are informed, you can order your vinyl windows to be custom painted before
delivery in any one of multitude of different colours. So I chose to go with a
dark charcoal colour and the reason why they are not black is because black will
show the dirt more, dirt and dust. It’s outside cars are driving up and down the
street inevitably there’s going to be some dust that gets on them. If you go a
little bit off black, soften it a little bit, you will notice the dust and the
dirt a whole lot less. Last feature that I am happy with about the exterior,
gardens and landscaping made a massive difference to the exterior of this house.
We changed the approach to the house so that you no longer went up and into the
front porch, but we channeled the traffic so it would go around the side and then
most importantly we added garden beds and we planted perennials. We planted
lilacs and hydrangeas, we planted grasses, but all things that are low maintenance,
easy care practical and for me I like a very very subdued colour palette, so I
like a monochromatic garden – if I had my choice it would all be white. I think we
put a little bit maybe a little hint of blue in here but just a little one and
the number one trick if you’re planting your own garden,
which I’ve learned from very talented landscape architects that I know is
group things together. Don’t get one of every plant, get five or seven or nine
and just plant one thing and allow it to thrive and grow and develop so that it
really makes a statement. This house really had no outdoor living space when
we started and now we added a deck that goes right off the back of the house
because we installed these fantastic giant doors that are 14 feet wide and
they needed to land on something, they needed to be the throughway and the
journey to take you to this fabulous destination and this fabulous
destination is incredibly simple and it is a great size because there’s enough
space to put out two seating groupings and then to create a little bit of extra
privacy from the neighbors next door here is an awesome feature that you
might want to think about it’s a very simple slatted panel screen and the guys
made this up in a couple of hours, the carpenters, we stained it to match the
house and this little screen creates privacy from the neighbours next door, it
creates a backdrop for the furniture and it offers a feeling of enclosure. So this
is a very inexpensive add-on, but it’ll leave you feeling like you’re in a room
as opposed to on display at the Museum!

13 thoughts on “Behind the Design: Exterior & Back Deck (Sarah Off The Grid, S2)

  1. I think moving the entry was absolutely brilliant. You get that cute little porch, and the plantings make it seem a little more private, so you can enjoy it, as you say, without feeling like you're on display.

  2. Hello! I’m hoping you can help out! I’m trying to source your solar panel system for this home- I’ve been looking for what seems like hours but I can’t seem to find it… could you help me out?!


  3. I can’t seem to find the name of the fabric store you recommended in Toronto. Can you direct me to the show or let me know the address? Loving all the design tips and your show which makes you so current.

  4. Just gorgeous! I’ve always loved your style, my favorite is when you explain why you designed rooms or spaces they way you do. Thank you, I’m like a sponge, just absorbing!

  5. Oh, no. I would just die if I had dust on my dark charcoal windows. lol. groan how dramatic.

  6. Меньше бы болтовни больше картинок, или болтовня но на фоне картинок , плиз ))

  7. OK since bingeing on your episodes. Second compliment. I like how you explain the whys so I am better educated. Loved the tip about planting multiples of plants instead of singles. I am going to be removing concrete and softening my back yard space and I will use your tip. Thanks!

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