Behind The Design: Guest Room & Office (Sarah Off The Grid, S2)

Behind The Design: Guest Room & Office (Sarah Off The Grid, S2)

Hey, I’m Sarah! This is Behind The Design
and I’m sharing my top three favourite design features in each room from Sarah
Off The Grid Season Two! I’m Sarah and this is Behind The Design for the guest
room/office. This room measures 7 foot 6 inches wide by 13 foot 2 long. So this
is about as small as it gets in terms of a bedroom size, but it actually works. The
whole concept for this room really started with the idea of the double bed
and I wanted something that two people could sleep in but mmm you know a lot of
times it might just be used by one person and I decided to look online for
a storage bed with a very simple design and here’s some good factors about this,
if you use a storage bed that goes right to the ground, you don’t ever have to
worry about dusting underneath because nothing can get there. Those two big deep
storage drawers are fabulous because they hold so much! Then what I did, was I
just shoved the bed right against the wall and this I will admit, it rendered
two drawers redundant on the backside, but so what? Because this is part of our
overall concept. Now, the game changer of what made it work was building it in and
see this shelf that goes above the bed? Look how cool this is!
This was made with seven pieces of spruce lumber at a cost of $11 each, do
the math seventy seven dollars in lumber to make this whole built-in headboard. We
installed them, one against the wall shelves in between one end gable and we
left space for a headboard panel. I measured up what I needed for the
headboard panel, had it upholstered, tucked it in. So now we have the comfort
of an upholstered headboard, we have storage for books, we highlight at the
back in a fun paint color and the white paint finish on the bookshelf ties
perfectly to the bed frame so the entire thing looks totally built in. If you’re
looking for a DIY I think this is a good one! So we’ve got one part sleeping area,
the other side of the room the office and look at these cabinets.
See these cabinets that I’ve hung on the wall? These are actually leftover from
the laundry room! I bought two more than I actually needed
and then I thought how best can I use these and so we’ve hung them sort of
offset to one another and then by using a leftover piece of stone, we created a
little surface and what’s good about this is these cabinets actually store a
ton of stuff – my sewing machine is in one of them, fits in there perfectly with
fabrics if you want to use this like a craft room. So often when we’re thinking
about cabinetry and storage solutions, we think they’re going to be expensive
because they have to be custom. Just think about what you can achieve in a
DIY way and I think it can be a huge game-changer. In terms of the way this
room looks and feels, the brick wall lends awesome texture and I think what
the brick gives to this room is this connection to the old house and I don’t
ever want to put on a new space that doesn’t somehow work with the original
space and so what better way to work with the original space then celebrate
those original details. So if you have the opportunity, if you’ve got some
original brick that you can leave exposed, definitely definitely do it. In
order to have an office, you don’t need to have a huge desk. This desk has
contemporary lines – look at the way the solid wood legs are inset – it has touch
mechanisms on the drawers. This is a really great little desk! Affordable,
sleek, stylish, assembly was super easy and I think when it all comes together
we’ve created this fun fresh contemporary room that is still located
within the framework of a hundred and fifteen year old home. Works right? It
doesn’t have to be expensive to work!

6 thoughts on “Behind The Design: Guest Room & Office (Sarah Off The Grid, S2)

  1. I love the idea of the double bed and the shelf. It is a very small space and every single inch has a meaning in a beautiful way. I really like it!

  2. Someday I’d like to see a video on how to change the sheets on beds that have limited access like this one or top bunks that are built in to a corner.

  3. That headboard looks awfully low. It appears that your neck or back of your head would be hitting the first shelf, and I can't imagine that would be comfortable at all!

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