Behind The Design: Kitchen (Sarah Off The Grid, S2)

Behind The Design: Kitchen (Sarah Off The Grid, S2)

Hey, I’m Sarah! This is Behind The Design
and I’m sharing my top three favourite design features in each room from Sarah
Off The Grid Season Two! Let’s talk Behind The Design on the kitchen. Where
do I start? Obviously in a kitchen there is so much
to talk about, but I want to start by talking about layout because I think
that getting a good layout is the key to success in a kitchen. so often, as
designers, we rely on CAD and computer drawings to bring our vision to life, but
maybe you don’t have that skill and maybe you don’t have access to it and
you’re wondering where to start. Well, I’m gonna tell you how this kitchen was
designed because you know what I didn’t use I didn’t actually use CAD! I designed
this kitchen, I was flying back, I did a home show in Calgary and I was on a very
late night flight on a Saturday night and I got out some lined paper and I
literally sketched out this kitchen and that is the kitchen we’ve built and I
just want you to think about this because if you have an idea you can make
it happen and it doesn’t have to rely on computer drawings. A kitchen is always
about a puzzle and Tommy said years and years ago he’s like, “You are so good at
kitchens, like you love figuring out where all the pieces of the puzzle go!”
And it’s absolutely true, but the key for me is I want every kitchen to look
different than the last kitchen I did. Let’s think about my Sarah’s Cottage
Kitchen, my rental cottage kitchen, my kitchen at home, my kitchen that I did
for Sarah Off The Grid Season One and now here we are Sarah Off The Grid Season Two.
The key for me is never do the same thing twice.
Every kitchen renovation is a big investment and that means it’s an
opportunity for you to think about what you look like in a kitchen. What is the
personality you are trying to achieve and one of the key features for me when
working with kitchens is – I like to make maximum use of the cabinetry and I like
to create unique and different surfaces. So a dual height island is often a
priority for me and I love the idea of using wall-mounted cabinets, so taking
what you would normally hang on the wall above the counter and instead turning
them into a china cabinet and this is sort of like a buffet/server-y and it
is great storage because you end up with a raised area that hides all the mess
that’s in the sink, if you are a messy cook this is what you want if you live
in an open-concept home. You do not want your guests sitting at the pretty table
looking at all the pots and pans, so check out how this raised area hides the
sight line of the sink and whatever is sitting on the counter behind it. I think
it’s a great idea, but the other thing I love about it is it makes setting the
table really easy all of your dishes, all of your entertaining elements, your
placemats, everything can be stored in this high cabinet and go directly on to
the dining table so this is easy-peasy, plus it’s functional. Now, let’s look at
what’s happening over on the range wall. This is a key favourite element of mine
because this is about the hack, this is about what we did with existing in the
store cabinetry – which I painted, but then we trimmed it all to elevate it. So, we
used solid wood surrounds that acted as the framed gables. Instead of using the
in stock in store Gables, I do custom gables, these are all mitered on all the
corners and the neat idea that we added was we took a standard cabinet – and then look – we built the frame larger around it and what it does is it offers an open
storage shelving solution, it extends the height of the cabinet and it gives this
custom touch to our range wall. Last element that I want to talk about – ok
have two more things to talk about in this kitchen bear with me I know this is
a lot, but kitchens are important and I want to make sure you guys get all the
information you need and I want you to understand what I was thinking about! I
have to talk about the backsplash because this marble, this is this thing I
never say, this marble for me is the bomb okay! I am crazy, bananas about this
marble I always wanted it that you would if you were walking up the street you
can see into the house. I wanted something that when you stand
and look at the kitchen, it’s just this big amazing reveal and so often we talk
about the backsplash being the jewelry of the kitchen – if we think about it
being the jewelry sometimes we splurge and we spend a little bit more on that
backsplash and I thought what if instead of spending the money on the tile and
the tiler install, what if we just did a slab. What if we just bought one piece of
stone and said this is art. I admit, finding the piece of marble was super
challenging because I desperately wanted to make the right choice because I
believe this is a forever choice. I did, I found the right piece, I’m completely in
love with this marble so yay for that and I’d say the last little element that
is what I think is super cool that I want you to think about whether there’s
a way you want to incorporate this into your own home. Let’s talk about these
slats, I incorporated this banded slatted detail on the underside of the island
and also wrapping around the vent hood this panel detail is achieved using
inexpensive poplar strips. They’re available in your big-box store, they
cost about two dollars and fifty cents each and they come in four foot lengths.
So, as long as you can work with a four foot length you can figure out what kind
of pattern you want. Vertical, horizontal, diagonal, you can see I’ve also used a
treatment similar to this to make the staircase surround in the living room/
mudroom come to life. I want you to think about how you can embrace the everyday,
the average and how you can make it awesome because I started with a big box
kitchen, little slats of wood and look where we’ve ended up! We’ve ended up with
a kitchen that I have to say I’m super proud of and I completely dig. I hope you
dig it!

21 thoughts on “Behind The Design: Kitchen (Sarah Off The Grid, S2)

  1. I definitely dig it. I love the marble backsplash, that's the real showstopper in the room. I wouldn't choose the exact same paint color, but I do like the painted cabinets. I'm just not really a fan of blue in general. I'm weird, I know.

  2. The backsplash and your dining chairs are my most favorite elements! Love hearing your thought process in all your videos!

  3. Все что она делает гениально и практично , а так же красиво ! Одна мечта пригласить ее в свою квартиру и дать ей волю ! Мечты , мечты !!!

  4. Looks fantastic! It's difficult to see from the videos but does the wall to the left of the French door fridge deeper than counter depth and if so is there a problem with opening the left door of the fridge. Does the handle bang into the wall? What is your general recommendation for a kitchen where this is the case and that is the only place the fridge canbe.

  5. I love everything about this particular kitchen : ) and coupled with dark moody dining area!!! So borrowing ideas

  6. **.. Magnifique .. absolutely magnificent .. I love every design ideas you come out with .. thank you so much Sarah for your generosity 😘 .. 💕.. **

  7. One of my favorite things you do is elevating stock elements — that and your incorporation of vintage touches. My favorite of all your kitchens is the one you did in a tiny Victorian semi with a black and white and yellow ("I was not expecting yellow") color scheme. So gorgeous! My only quibble with THIS kitchen is that the pattern on the knobs are not all facing the same direction. I think it'd drive me crazy after a while. 🙂

  8. Love this beautiful kitchen. Love the floor plan, color and material. But I personally would like a lower bar in front of the sink. I feel it takes away from the beautiful backsplash. Thanks.

  9. Sarah, I have loved every kitchen you have created since Design, Inc. For this kitchen: I LOVE the marble slab backsplash, general layout and the lower level sink. However, I do not care for the cabinet paint color. If it was a deeper blue or even a blue-gray I might like it. Too baby blue for me – afraid I would tire of it quickly. On another note, I love your blazer (Smythe?). Thanks.

  10. The backsplash and layout are absolutely fabulous! I would like a shot of the space to the left of the french-door fridge. Is it a doorway or a wall? The only things I would do differently for my tastes, is paint the cabinetry white and perhaps forego the panel detail, aka dust catchers, underneath the bar and above the stove. I love the textural and visual effect. However, the thought of all of those little, horizontal dust-grooves above a stove with potential greasy messes, just doesn't sit well with me. Or crawling on hands and knees to clean out those horizontal grooves under the bar is just not a good time. I'm very fortunate to have a cleaner to do all of that, but I wouldn't wish that on her. She's cleaned my home, as wall as my parents, for years and years and is practically family. Perhaps a vertical design or wider spacing would be easier to maintain???

  11. I'm so glad to see your videos as you've been out of the US market for a long while now. I faithfully watched you and Tommy when you were on HGTV. You are still my favorite!

  12. Sarah, I love this kitchen and gives me ideas when i will have to paint my kitchen in years to come ( I have a white kitchen at the moment) but I am loving that blue!!
    Also, So glad I can see you on Youtube since you are not on HGTV in the states :)!!!

  13. Hi Sarah, where did you get these gorgeous cabinetry door knobs from? Much love from Dubai 🙏🏼💕

  14. I love your style. I am rustic with modern twists. We are getting ready to renovate our kitchen which will then lead to redoing ALL of the flooring on our main level. I can't wait to see the final results!

  15. What is the depth of the tall floor cabinets (the ones that were originally wall cabs)? Most wall cabs are 12 inches deep. Thanks!!!

  16. So glad to hear a designer say every job should be different. Never the same design twice. Thank You!!! These are all great tips that empower a person to try it out for themselves or at least engage knowledgeably with their designer. 👍

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