Behind the Design: Laundry Room (Sarah Off The Grid, S2)

Behind the Design: Laundry Room (Sarah Off The Grid, S2)

Hey, I’m Sarah! This is Behind The Design
and I’m sharing my top three favourite design features in each room from Sarah
Off The Grid Season Two! Let’s talk about laundry. How do you feel about it? Do you
like doing laundry, hate doing laundry? Do you like to have a great laundry room?
Well, I feel like if you have an efficient place to do laundry, you are
more inclined to tackle that household chore. Me I don’t mind doing laundry, I
kind of love that stuff goes in dirty and comes out clean, fluff and fold wash
and wear, that is completely my jam! So here are my favourite elements in this
room Behind The Design! Okay, first and foremost, let’s talk about
butcher block countertops! This is something I’ve been using for years and
it is an affordable, natural and beautiful approach to countertops. Let’s
remember how deep your laundry machines are, so getting in stock counters can be
a challenge because those machines are so deep the good news is these
particular countertops come in a 36 or a 38 inch depth designed to be used as an
island top so they are extra deep. So that’s what you want to look out for. We
mitered them around the washer/dryer just set the washer/dryer in place,
mitered the counters around them, but then we had some leftover pieces, so you
know what we did? We just kept reusing them. It’s a shelf that holds all of the
cleaning supplies and it’s also the folding counter in the window! Now that
curvy window feature was already there and we all loved it from the beginning
and nobody could figure out what to do with it until the very end it became
clear that it was going to be a great folding counter and look here it is! The
other element that I am a huge fan of, it’s a sort of a version of shiplap,
it is an exterior plywood siding, but you can also use it inside and why do I like
to use it inside? Because there’s no mudding and taping with drywall and keep
in mind that if it’s going in a basement, what’s great about this solution over
drywall is it’s not getting dinged and scratched, it is wood! Here’s how I like
to use it install, it then Prime it. And what happens when you prime it is
all the little textural bits kind of burr up and so it’s super rough you
could scratch your knuckles, not really what you want. I’m gonna say this, imagine if you were hanging pantyhose to dry in the laundry room they would catch and
snag! It would be game over! So I don’t want you to have that problem. All you
need to do is take a sander and give it a light sanding after you’ve primed it,
then do your finish coats. What I love about it is, it has texture, it gives that
ode to rustic country styling that we love that I love modern farmhouse,call
it what you will, this hits the nail right on the head
and way groovier than drywall! Last thing, let’s talk about storage because I think
one of the challenges lots of us face in trying to design an affordable yet chic
laundry room is, Oh cabinetry, it’s expensive, doesn’t have to be expensive,
these are actually living room components, all these pieces are
cabinetry that’s meant to make a media unit. I think each one was $32, I got six
of them and then I stacked them in two pairs of threes, lots of door options. You can tell a story with color – no I did not custom
paint these, this is important, I did not spend extra money painting these I use
them as is. So, key factors in this laundry room, butcher block countertops
affordable and inexpensive cabinetry and that awesome paneling.
Go for it make your laundry room gorgeous and then share some pictures
with me!

10 thoughts on “Behind the Design: Laundry Room (Sarah Off The Grid, S2)

  1. My only problem with the stone is that it will be a major dust catcher. So much of what I launder (sheets, towels, t-shirts) create a veritable storm of fibers. I'd need to keep a whisk broom handy to brush it all off. Stunning look though!

  2. I love the room, especially the wood counter top and shelves. The stone adds character. However, the cabinets look cheap (like painted particleboard with inexpensive white knobs).

  3. Love it! The only thing I would add since we have between 5-9 people in the house at all times is a bar to hang clothes on. We hang almost all of our clothing instead of folding. My children don't even have dressers just drawers in the closet for under clothes. Each person has their own color hangers so they can immediately grab what is theirs.

  4. The room looks stunning and I like the ideas for the pre-made cabinets and butcher block, but don't like the stone or the shiplap. Both of them are dust magnets. Also, the shiplap has all the little channels that dust will collect on over time. Also, if you have to sand the shiplap, isn't that just as labor intensive as working with drywall?

  5. The counter is beautiful. However, how do you get the washing machine and dryer out for repair? How do you clean your vent? Sizes of machines change over the years. With it that tight fitting in there, you'll be restricted in what you buy!

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