Behind the Design: Media Room (Sarah Off The Grid 2)

Behind the Design: Media Room (Sarah Off The Grid 2)

Hey, I’m Sarah! This is Behind The Design
and I’m sharing my top three favourite design features in each room from Sarah
Off The Grid Season Two and we are talking all about the lower level this
episode! So, let’s start with the media room. Element number one has to be, absolutely is, the original stone wall. Because I
think that this wall sums up for me my approach to design, which is you can go
into a project with a set of plans, fully established, with no plan to change
anything ever. Or you can be responsive to what happens on site and to be
totally honest I’ve always preferred to take a more responsive approach and so
in this case the excavation revealed this glorious wall. That’s really what
set us on the color palette for the space and I’ve tied the exact colours of
this foundation wall, to the colours in the wallpaper. Super-awesome, this is my
zig and zag wallpaper from my wallpaper collection and what’s really cool about
this wallpaper that you don’t see on the show, this is printed with raised inks so
it actually has texture and looks like woven rattan or wicker it’s very very
cool very awesome. So what else do I love? I like a lot of things! The glass railing
it’s a game changer, but you know from watching the show how amazing the glass railing is. What I think is the thing that you can embrace, that you can think
about doing in your own home is – let’s talk about the bar because how often do
you have a staircase cutting through and you have that unused space? If you go to
walk under it, BAM! You’re gonna hit your head, you’re gonna knock yourself out. Do you want to wall it in? Hmmm… Instead I thought how cheaply and beautifully can
we do this? So I bought a little bit of cabinetry, we tucked it in under the
stairs and I love this because – I have to think about the cabinets, how much for
the cabinets $300/$400? Like this is, this is not a big investment, easy to install,
clever, simple solution! Lastly, let’s talk about the furniture because the
furniture is what really makes this space and so we’ve got this giant sectional
sofa and I wanted something that would fill the room, I don’t want to layer in a
whole bunch of different seating groupings. I wanted one thing because you
know what the big event is in the media room? The media! So you’re watching TV,
you’re watching a movie, you’re watching the game, hopefully you’re watching the
show! And I want to crowd in as many people as I can in comfort. Now take a
look at those headrests you see those headrests you know what’s super cool
about them is that they can move from place to place and I happen to be
married to someone who spends a lot of his time watching TV like this –
supporting his head doesn’t this look, doesn’t this look comfortable? So that he
is comfortable when watching this is such a clever solution, just tucks in
behind! And you’re gonna notice the color palette and some of you I know we’re
probably thinking Sarah what’s with this color palette, this does not look like a
Sarah palette! But, a stand alone room like a media room in a basement it’s a
perfect place to experiment with colour. Go a little bit further away from what
you might put in the living room, dial up the temperature on the color. Go for
bottle green and teal and all of and have some fun because this is a room
that’s supposed to be cozy and loungy! There are no windows,
this is hanging out kicking back and getting comfy! So, those are my favourite
things! I’ve lost track of how many they’re actually were, and I could keep
talking about more… but we’re out of time!

11 thoughts on “Behind the Design: Media Room (Sarah Off The Grid 2)

  1. will you be releasing your TV series on netflix, or Amazon prime or something that poor Americans and other international audiences can watch?! 🙂 We miss you!

  2. Привет Сара! Дизайн стен и помещения который за вами очень красив!

  3. Прежняя Сара нравилась больше. Где всё таки Томми???

  4. Love that basement. Of course the glass makes the room so clear, all the textures are beautiful, great idea with the bar and also that little place to sit ir even sleep. Love that room.

  5. O.K. So I’ve made up my mind to move to Canada. Not because of political fervor or convictions but because HGTV-US Style for some unexplained reason will no longer carry any ‘Sarah And Tommy shows!’ This is totally remiss and maddening! PS I think our designers are freaked out by the thought of such high standards, creativity that Sarah/Tommy brings to the table!

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