Behind The Design: Principal Bedroom (Sarah Off The Grid, S2)

Behind The Design: Principal Bedroom (Sarah Off The Grid, S2)

Hey, I’m Sarah! This is Behind The Design
and I’m sharing my top three favourite design features in each room from Sarah
Off The Grid Season Two! Hey guys, this is Behind The Design for the principle
bedroom. Let’s talk about this room! What did you think, do you like this room? I
always liked a bedroom that feels like a tree house. I like a bedroom that feels
like it’s nestled in the canopy of the leaves, that is kind of inspiring and
light filled all the time. So this room is blessed because it has both a
south-facing window and an east-facing window, so you get gorgeous morning light,
then you get all afternoon light and now this room is light filled. Other favourite
elements of this room, I have to say going ahead and getting that peek in the
ceiling is key I feel like it’s my single favorite feature in this room is
the peak because we went from having a flat ceiling – it was just gonna be 8 feet
flat nothing just your average, room not that there’s anything wrong with an
8-foot ceiling, but the thing is I went in when it was all framed up and all I
could see was this giant volume of space and for me the idea of saying goodbye to
all of that space and then just having a flat ceiling forever after, felt kind of
sad. So what do you think about this idea? What do you think about how we’ve now
clad the trusses to celebrate the really the structure of the trusses and to get
some additional volume and some character and some interest, do you like
this? Personally, I’m really into this and the thing is what we had was the trusses
are just made out of rough two by fours just your basic spruce two by fours. So
what we did was we took leftover boards that we pulled out of the barn and then
we applied one rough board on either side of the 2×4 and then we put a little
slice in the bottom so it created a bit of a reveal detail and then let’s talk
about the rustic texture and I don’t know if you’ve actually noticed this
rustic texture, but I’m really into it! What we did was, first we painted them
charcoal grey, then we painted them white on top and we sanded the top coat back a
bit so what it does is it just gives a bit of a low light, not a high light, but
a low light. It gave it some dimension, some texture and some characters so this
is a really cool treatment you might want to try if you’re working with rough
boards. Last thing, the chairs at the foot of the bed were a great vintage find
when we started they reeked of nicotine, like stinky-von-stink-a-lot and they
were covered in a blush pink vintage fabric. So let’s talk about what I’m
looking for when buying vintage upholstery. I am never looking at the
fabric, in fact I want the fabric to be in as rough condition as possible
because that generally means I’m gonna get a better deal when I purchased them.
I am always looking at the shape I want something that has a fabulous curvaceous
silhouette. I want it to have gracefully proportioned legs, I like a nice taper or
a sweep, I love a little bit of a curve in the arm and these aren’t amazing I
think these are sort of I don’t know if these be 50s or 60s, but a great retro
chair and these are perfect scale for a bedroom. What I love about them is, they
are small scale, but they’re still really comfortable and this is a signature move
of mine. You’ve seen this before, I really like putting a pair of chairs at the
foot of a bed. Whether you actually sit with somebody else in the bedroom or you
just sit down, make a phone call, tie your shoes, work on your laptop,
I’ve done this a number of times in my own homes and I really like this feature!

14 thoughts on “Behind The Design: Principal Bedroom (Sarah Off The Grid, S2)

  1. First again!! Sarah Richardson is the very best Interior Designer in this Universe! Thank you so much Sarah!! Susan from Ontario. I remember when you were building and renovating your cottage. You went into labour and they had to take you by a small plane I believe. It doesn’t seem that long ago but I’m sure that your daughters have grown up to be lovely, respectful, beautiful angels!!

  2. It’s a beautiful room. 
    What I never get is the rug not being where feet will touch before getting into bed. My preference is I want my feet to touch the rug before I am getting into bed. I feel dirty otherwise. But that’s me.

  3. While I think it’s a beautiful room, I personally feel like I’m in a freezer in a totally white room. That shade of blue just adds to the positively frigid feel for me.

  4. I love light and airy rooms, such as this one. But I have to ask about the size. With master bedrooms now becoming suites that are huge with several multi-functional spaces, I have to ask if the smaller master was intentional? Also, what is your opinion on master suites now becoming one large room with so many amenities?

  5. Love the vault, great idea! I'm a huge fan of blue and white-it's always crisp, and blue is the most romantic and relaxing color. However, maybe not in that bright pallet! Still, it's a very happy room. Well done!

  6. Love the room, I agree to adding a feature ceiling makes the volume inviting. What I do notice is the room is a bit on the narrow and long side as the bed has only room for the side tables with a bit. Extra walk space. But that give the room for the seating at the end of the bed,giving the illusion of walking out of one space to another. And of course the blue is perfect. I am so jealous that you have access to a great upholster….this is a craft and art that is hard to find!

  7. Like always, this bedroom is soooooo great. Those ceilings are a dream of mine. Gorgeous light with those great windows. Love what you did with those boards, they look amazing. Amazing!

  8. I see more of the old lady design technique used by Robeson. Put the chairs at the foot of the bed so grandma can take a break walking around the bed to make it. Of course, making the bed will give you plenty of exercise walking that extra distance, but make sure there is nothing on the table before flinging any blankets off. It seems in the quest for something different, people tend to over complicate things, and add a note of ridiculousness to it.

  9. Love the vaulted ceilings you are right!!! Those chairs are beautiful and the black & white with the blue pop is exquisite!!

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