Behind the Design: The Green Room (Sarah Off The Grid 2)

Behind the Design: The Green Room (Sarah Off The Grid 2)

Hey, I’m Sarah! This is Behind The Design
and I’m sharing my top three favourite design features in each room from Sarah
Off The Grid Season Two! Let’s talk about the first episode of
the second season of Sarah Off The Grid you’ve seen it what do you think? Did you
like it? what do you think about the bedrooms? Now I have to think about what my favourite things are in each room. I think my
favourite thing is the wallpaper because I have never wrapped wallpaper up and
over a ceiling before I have often been challenged by sloped ceilings in a
bedroom, but never before have I actually decided just to wrap it up and over
and I was worried it was gonna be too busy, but you know what? I don’t think it
is, I think it actually really works! Second favourite thing, I’m totally
in love with the DIY headboards because all of the materials were free and
literally, in case it wasn’t clear enough on the show, I literally scavenged the
site, we found leftover plywood for the backing, left over rough burn board that
had come out of the barn for the actual head boards and even the trim pieces we
just used some leftover bits of trim! So, this was a freebie Friday kind of
project totally my kind of project! And then, I think my third favourite thing is
the vintage pieces, so I found this pair of dressers when I was out shopping with
Tommy one day and we ended up using one as the bedside
table between two twin beds and I think this is a really great solution because
if you have two twin beds and you want one table surface to share, there’s
enough room to put a lamp on each side so everybody gets their own bedside lamp,
but it also gives great storage and storage is always key. In other vintage
elements I also love the octagonal rattan chair, I found it at one of my
favourite consignment shops for a hundred and twenty dollars it had a cushion on
it so literally all I had to do was paint it white and give it a new cushion
cover! So, that’s the grey and green room!

5 thoughts on “Behind the Design: The Green Room (Sarah Off The Grid 2)

  1. I wish I could see them. 😭 I live in the 🇺🇸. I’ll trade you our entire lineup just to watch your shows all day long.

  2. I stopped watching HGTV after they pulled the Sarah shows. What's the rationale about having IMO their biggest star not being shown in the US?

  3. Это конечно хорошо для двух детишек НО не для мужа и жены💑

  4. Boy oh boy, do I miss Sarah's show here in America! Are you listening HGTV? Please – bring – Sarah – back! Period. Full stop. 💖🌷💖🌷💖

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