Being a Marketing Designer – What is it, and how do you do it well?

Being a Marketing Designer – What is it, and how do you do it well?

– Today I wanna talk to you
about what I do for a living. Hi, I’m Charli and I am
a marketing designer. Marketing design is not something
I ever heard talked about when I was learning design. It just wasn’t a thing that was really discussed as an option. I sort of just stumbled into it. But it’s turned out to be
the perfect job for me. So, I thought today I
would tell you a bit about what it means to be a marketing designer, and the skills that you
need to be a good one in case, I dunno, it might turn out to be the perfect job for you, too. Now I work as a marketing
designer in-house, and by that I mean I work
in-house, for a company. Rather than at an agency, dealing with a lot of different brands, I work with the same
brand at the same company. And they’re who hires me. I feel like being hired
as a marketing designer, it’s most common for that to happen, and to be your title at a tech company. Just seems to be the way things go. Design teams at tech companies tend to be split into product design
and marketing design. So, the product design
team work on the app, or the software, or whatever it is, and then marketing design handles all the other design-related stuff. So, you end up designing
the marketing website, like the public-facing front
of the company, I suppose, emails, documents, swag, like when you make branded
products and things, slide design, print materials,
social media graphics, basically anything that goes along with marketing the company. As a marketing designer
you also end up being a caretaker of the brand
of the company as well. It means taking care of the brand and making sure that it’s
represented in the right way and that everything that goes
out that’s design-related to the public is all on brand, and I feel like being on brand would be another whole video in itself. But basically I mean that
everything is unified and everything represents the brand values and the company values
and it all looks cohesive and like it came from the same place. Ideally, for being a marketing designer, you wanna have multi-disciplinary skills because that list I just mentioned included both digital and print design. Often designers can be really strong in print graphic design but those skills don’t translate directly to the web so they end up being a lot weaker in the web design skill area. And I think in this day and age that web design skills are more important than print design skills
for a marketing designer because so much of the marketing that tech companies do
these days is digital. Your goal as a marketing designer is to communicate the brand values with everything that you do and think about the impression
that your designs give to people looking at it. Your job is to make people
love and respect the brand through everything you put out. And you also need to think about walking the user through a journey that eventually leads to
them buying the product, because you’re designing marketing, right. That means you need to be
thinking about the user at every single touchpoint. So when you’re designing a new page for the marketing website, you need to be thinking about where the user is on their journey, what information they might
have seen from us before, how they got to that site, etc. And all of those answers
to those questions will feed into your design and
the decisions that you make. Before I started filming this video, I asked on Twitter if
anyone had any questions to do with marketing
design that I could answer, and Renata asked a really good one. She asked how you measure success. And as a marketing designer,
you tend to measure success through the website analytics, and the actions that users take, as well as obviously the overall goal of how many more people are
buying into the product. I found that overall being
a marketing designer means asking a lot of questions. Unlike working at an agency
or working freelance, you’re not often given an actual brief when it comes to being an
in-house marketing designer for the projects you work on. So a lot of what I do is
asking people questions when they come to me with something that they need to happen. Often, people will come
to you with a solution, say for example a colleague
will come up and say, we need a landing page that
says this specific thing because this is what’s gonna
help us get more users, and instead of just going ahead and making that exactly as they’ve asked, I like to ask a lot of questions to make sure I get to
the root of the problem and not just starting from the solution. So like, who is this page aimed at? Why are we making it? How are people gonna find it? Are we just making it because perhaps one of our other pages isn’t performing correctly
and we think this is the fix when actually time might be better spent improving those other
pages that we already have. Sometimes, often in fact, the solution that someone came to you with is actually the right
solution to solve the problem, but with design it’s always important to start from the problem. And as a marketing designer, you’re not often handed the problem, so you have to learn to
ask a lot of questions to discover it. Asking a lot of questions
also comes into play when you’re bring the
caretaker of the brand, like we talked about,
is also part of the job. So, say for example when
someone asks me for the logo. Instead of just sending
them the file blindly, I’ll always ask them
what they need it for, because A, I wanna make
sure that I’m across everywhere that’s going out branded, I wanna make sure that I can run my design eye over it and check it. But also maybe there’s a template
that needs to be designed and they’re putting
things together themselves when actually I just need
to design the template for them to use easily so they’re not having to
put the logo on things. Obviously it would be a lot easier to just design the solution
that someone comes to, and send the logo file off
when someone asks for it, but being a marketing designer also means caring a lot about the product or whatever it is that
you’re marketing for and asking those questions
and taking the time to do that because you care and because
you wanna do a good job. I absolutely love my job because I get to spend a lot
of time doing web design, which is my main design passion, but also get to do a
lot of other fun things, like event signage and cool graphics. There’s always a lot going on. There’s always an exciting
new project on the horizon and as an in-house designer, you can be the one to
suggest projects as well, if you’re at the right company, which is really cool. I’m very pleased to have
stumbled into this job because, like I said, I
didn’t really understand that it was a thing when
I was studying design at university, so it’s not
what I went out looking for. So, I dunno. I hope you enjoyed hearing about it and maybe it sounds like it might be the right thing for your too, who knows. If you’ve got any more questions about it, please leave them down
below in the comments because I can make many more videos on this topic and talk
for a long time on it. But I thought that, keep
it to the basics for now would be good. Thank you for watching. Please give the video a
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in your subscription feed. Okay, I think that’s all I have to say. Have a good day and I
will see you next time. Bye.

57 thoughts on “Being a Marketing Designer – What is it, and how do you do it well?

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