Bernd Gruber Kitzbühel: Handcrafted interior design concepts.

Bernd Gruber Kitzbühel: Handcrafted interior design concepts.

Humans learn to believe what they have been taught throughout their lives. And this sort of creates a cabinet full of drawers. It is extremely important that you tease out of them
what takes place outside their normal thinking. For me, design is basically a catalyst for change. Home is the place where you live:
the rural, the straightforward, the small and the people who go with that – down-to-earth people,
who still seal deals with a handshake. We are called “Bernd Gruber Kitzbühel”, well, I would say
that this already implies a deep rootedness in the rural area here. And that has to do with our craftsmanship. We say: Good design is only one part, but its realization,
its implementation is the second part. The ideas of our customers, the ideas of our designers,
they always challenge us. We do not really follow any trends
because we want every project to be special and timeless. We simply avoid pomp and gaudiness. That is extremely important to us. Any project implemented by us always begins with looking at the following: What is the customer’s culture? What is our culture?
And what is the place? If you take these three factors into account,
the house will practically take shape on its own. We work with natural stone, with wood, lime paints, leather and
substances without any synthetic components. You try to find a balance. That is the essence of what we do: that we are able to create
a good balance of materials in the space we design. For me, interior design has always had a major influence
on function and styling. But a much more significant factor for me is definitely just taste and feeling. And these are two components which you can neither study nor buy.

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  1. Hola 🙋‍!!! Feliz Año Nuevo – 2019 !!! !!! Felicitaciones por su sensibilidad en el diseño !!! Muy bueno. Un abrazo desde Tucumán-Argentina ❤️

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