Best Cheap Lighting Kit For Twitch Streaming & Beyond!

Best Cheap Lighting Kit For Twitch Streaming & Beyond!

Are you a Twitch, YouTube or Mixer
streamer looking to find an affordable lighting setup for your streams the 2000
watt lighting studio kit from fancier studio could be your answer let’s go! hey it’s me it’s wild coming at you for
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so we all know having proper lighting is super important on Twitch not only does
it ease the task on your camera to produce a high-quality image but it also
allows you to illuminate you and illuminate your room which will allow
you to stand out more on Twitch’s channels and categories as people scroll
through which means you have the potential of grabbing an extra viewer or
even viewership in general and with proper lighting you can tackle issues
like hey maybe you’re self-conscious on camera having a beautiful soft lighting
come across your skin fills in a lot of the gaps of either wrinkles acne or
anything like that that’ll make you look more learning and more pleasing on
camera and hey we all like to look our best but that’s not all it can do
however having proper lighting also allows you to play around with the
lighting to achieve some fun noir or high contrast effects for stylize
streams out there and the fancier studio setup allows you to achieve all this and
more and coming in at only around 125 to 150 USD it is a steal for a three point
lighting setup that also comes with a green screen the fancier studio lighting
setup comes with three softboxes comes with two medium softboxes like the one
you see over my shoulder here and it comes with one large softbox the medium
boxes can accommodate up to four CFL bulbs which means you can put as many or
as few bulbs in as you want to accommodate the lighting that you need
or softness that you need the large softbox accommodates one gigantic CFL
bulb which is generally used for your key light or your background exposure
light the medium boxes come with two power switches on the back which means
you can do a hundred percent power by flipping on both switches or you can do
50 percent power by flipping only one switch on and for an extra note you can
actually do 25 percent power by only putting one bulb this way
you have a range of how much you need for your set up depending on what you
need to light which is very nice all the soft boxes come with inlaid diffusion
that attach to the four corners of the softbox to increase the soft appearance
to help fill in all the wrapping of light that can go around the subject as
well as an outer cover of diffusion to get you even more softness in diffusion
for your subject the fancier studio setup comes with all the lightweight
stands that are necessary for the softbox is depending on your lighting
situation they are made out of lightweight aluminum and easy to set up
with all of the turn knobs now they can be set to a maximum height of 6.5 feet
and if you go very high make sure you put on the bottom sandbags which are
also included within the kit for safety the fancier studio setup also comes with
a boom arm extension which is allowing you to achieve overhead lighting to
create effects like a rim light by attaching a light to the end so that way
you can create a separation light or a nice hair light and as we all know
having great hair on stream is awesome the lighting kit also comes equipped
with a 10 by 12 foot chroma green-screen in case you want to chroma key your cell
mount for all your twitch YouTube and mixer videos that you can produce out
there and if you plan on traveling with the kit it actually does come with a
carrying case that accommodates everything quite nicely the fancier
studio lighting setup is awesome for one huge reason it’s a multitasker which I’m
a huge fan of you like soft lighting you can leave the diffusion on perhaps you
want to create some nice hard shadows for maybe something Twitter posts or
instagrams photography or maybe you wanna get in photography all you got to
do remove the diffusion of the inside and
outer cover and there you’ve got that nice sharp umbrella look to create hard
shadows and contrast across your subject matter having a multitasker is great just
like we said before if you’re into video you may want to get into photography or
vice versa and this kit can accommodate both for a beginner at the budget that
it’s at and coming in like we said between 125 and 150 it is a steal for
all of your lighting beginning needs out there so what are some of the big
drawbacks of this kit to be honest there’s
many there’s only a few that I could find that I ran into myself one of the
biggest ones being is it runs off CFL bulbs which means they eventually will
burn out which means you’d have to buy more LED is better because the longevity
of those is greater plus there’s so many LEDs in a panel if one burns out you’re
still good to rock and roll for your video and photography the other big
problem for this kit is it takes space it actually takes quite ample space you
need to accommodate your room or your lighting setup for stands cords the
boxes themselves and if you’re streaming from a smaller room or a smaller studio
or an office you may not have as much space to accommodate but I’ve got some
accessories out there that might help you if you want to move your stands out
of the way invest into a baby plate which allows you to mount these type of
lights to a wall or a ceiling but however depending on what kit you get if
you get a different version of this order to get the fancier light studio
you may have to core out the actual mount to accommodate a baby plate mount
because they are a little bit bigger so what I did for a bro tip out there is if
you own a dremel just Dremel out the center core just to open it up a little
bit and it’ll fit down securely now how do I personally feel about the fancier
studio lighting setup well you kind of answer the question for me this whole
video was lit from two of the three lights they’re hanging just out of frame
and it’s just being accentuated with a ring light so that way my eyes look a
little bit better for all the ladies out there and I’ve been using this kit for a
couple years I use it for my YouTube videos I use it for my twitch streams
and I use it for my photography that I do on the side and it accommodates for
all of those things and for coming in at under $150 it is paid for itself
Sevenfold over I love this kit now it’s not the best kit out there but if you’re
a beginning streamer out there or getting into YouTube or you’re getting
into mixer or even photography you may want to take a look at this because it
is a fun kit so what about the fancier studio competitors out there if you do a
quick search for softboxes on youtube you’ll get a bunch of setups that are
exactly the same as the fancier CDR setup so why do I recommend this one
well to be honest I’ve had great experiences with it
and my friend who got a box set up just like this on discount it fulfilled all
of his needs but his bulbs burnt out a little quicker and his box actually
burnt out and broke on him so I’ve had great experience throughout this which
is why I recommend it but if there is one on a heavy discount I would say snag
up the one on discount because generally they’re kind of all the same but I like
this one the most out of my own personal experience I’m always a huge advocate of
increasing your lava your lighting your audio your visuals your aesthetics and
lighting is a key part of twitch streams mixer streams and YouTube streams out
there so if you’re looking for a kit take a look at the fancierstudio setup
I think it’ll fulfill a lot of your needs out there for what you’re looking
at hey if you guys like this type of video and you want me to do more product
reviews do me a favor and leave a comment below and if you have a lighting
kit that you recommend don’t be afraid to also share that information in the
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you all next time coming up in my stream support video coming up real soon
take care all peace

57 thoughts on “Best Cheap Lighting Kit For Twitch Streaming & Beyond!

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