Best Cheap Microphones, Lighting, and Low Budget Cameras for YouTube

Best Cheap Microphones, Lighting, and Low Budget Cameras for YouTube

– So in this video, I’m gonna
be talking about the best budget microphones for YouTube. Budget video lighting
tips and the best camera for under $150.00. Coming up. (camera clicking) Hey what’s up guys. Sean here with Think Media
TV, helping you to go further faster, and in media. And on this channel, we do video lighting and audio tips and Q and A videos just like this one, so if you’re new here, definitely subscribe. Let’s jump into the questions. Ana asks, Thanks so much for the question, Ana. Yes. So the first thing to
consider is the application of the microphone. And so there’s probably two
that you want to check out. Shotgun microphones are
great but only if you have a wide enough lens that
let’s you get close enough to the camera. So for instance, right now
you’re hearing a shotgun mic but it’s actually on a
boom pole ’cause I’m about four to five feet away from the camera. In fact, check it out. And so as you can see,
kind of behind the scenes. We were shooting with a 24
millimeter lens that had that first shot, but
because I am a ways away from the camera, I’m using a boom pole and this is actually the
Road Pro Boom Pole kit. I’ll make everything I
talk about in this video in the YouTube description below so you could check out the exact model numbers. And so, as we talk
about these budget mics, consider the application. So the first mic we want to talk about is the Lapel Mic. Okay, so the first mic
that I would recommend is the Boya BYM1 and this
is a great cheap lapel mic. Right about $20.00 and
you’re hearing it right now. Not only is it plugged into our DSLR here. This is a Canon 70D but also has a couple settings on it so that
it’s set up to work with your smartphone as well. So if you ever want to
do like, Facebook Live or record video on a smartphone, you could use it for that as well. And what’s awesome is you
get a really long cord. And so what’s super cool is I
could be all the way back here and obviously the lighting and everything is not quite set up but the cable is reaching this far. So depending on no matter
how long your lens is, or whatever, you could
do very practical shoots with this lapel mic. And so this Boya mic is super affordable and then like I said, you can switch it to your camera mode or it does have smartphone
mode and it has the right plug to work in your smartphone
so you could start using it for other applications as well. The next mic that I’d
recommend for under $50.00 is the Takstar SGC-598. I know a few different people
that use this particular shotgun mic and it is amazing. It’s really on par with
the Road Video Mic Pro and it’s only $28.00 USD. So we’ll post a link in
the description below so you could check out
more details about it. But the thing to remember
is that if you’re using a Shotgun mic, and you’re gonna
be far away from the camera based on what lenses you have,
you might use a boom pole set up like this. We’ll link up like what
exactly you could use. You can get that at Guitar Center. You could order those
online, and use that with the Takstar, or you want
to be closer to the mic. And so on some of the other Think Media TV episodes like this. Hey what’s up guys. Sean here with Think Media
TV, helping you go further, faster in media. And on this channel. In those particular cases,
we’re shooting with such a wide lens and I’m so
much closer to the camera that I could be a lot closer
to the shotgun microphone. And so between that lapel mic
and that shotgun microphone, you might want to grab both and then you have versatility for whatever shooting application you’re doing. And Joshy asks Thanks so much for the question, Joshy. Here are a few recommendations. The first is you could check
out a Yee Action Camera. And so, this is a super cool camera. You can actually get it with
this kind of selfie stick kit. This selfie stick is the bomb. Super well built and this
action camera is $99.00. I think about $130.00
for the Action camera and the kit itself. And so, check that out. It’s something that you
could start a vlogging with, start creating kind of
more action camera style videos with and so I’ll
link up some more details about the Yee in the description below. They’re coming out with
a 4K version that’s about to be released soon. Also super affordable
and then the other one is a Canon Elf camera. Now, this is the Canon 110HS. A little bit older and
there are some new ones, but the reasons I like this camera is because it has good image stabilization for video. It does shoot 1080P but at
only 24 frames per second. But that’s good enough. I’ve vlogged with this for years and you can always find these Elf cameras used on Amazon. If you look at the different color options a lot of times you can find them for $80.00, $90.00, $120.00. So definitely, under $150.00. And so, but can also look
at some of the newer models. There’s newer models. They have more mega pixels. They have good image stabilization, higher frame rates. And so, anywhere in the Canon Elf series is definitely a great arena to look for a cheap cameras to star
making YouTube videos, to start doing vlogs and things like that. And then lastly, I’ll put a link in the description to a video called The Best, Cheapest Cameras for YouTube. And so, if you’ve been talking about maybe you want to spend more than that, if you’re watching this video, and you’re looking for affordable cameras but maybe your budgets higher that that, that’s is a great video to check out for different DSLR’s and
point and shoot cameras. There are all the best in their class for the best price. So I’ll make sure to link that up. Question for Sakis and he asks I would always recommend
the LimoStudio Softbox Kit. You know, you can get it on for less than $80.00, super solid reviews and the nice thing about a Softbox kit is you get the box to
add more light to it. So the reason I wouldn’t
recommend you necessarily get umbrellas, or some
other form of lighting is it’s super affordable and then you also though when you put the
bulbs that it comes with, you know, it comes with the actual Softbox and then there’s the diffuser that’s on the front end as well. So it’s also a very
flattering form of lighting. The other lights that I would recommend are these newer 160 LED lights. You can get these for $30.00 or less on USD and they are super cool. They put off a lot of light. You actually do end up
buying the batteries separately and you could
put them on light stands and so they’re the opposite
of Softboxes in regards to size, right? Because they can fit anywhere. I did a full video about these if you want to look into these more. I’ll link it up on the YouTube card and put it in the
description below as well. But if you get some light stands you get the batteries,
and buy like two of these then you’ve got a very cool light kit that it’s not gonna be
as flattering, right? Because it’s Softbox is gonna look it’s a little softer. That’s kind of the point and it’s got the bigger diffusion,
but you can still get incredible looking video out of these. I like them because they’re
great to travel with. They are very portable. They’re very versatile. I use them for a lot of different things. They fit anywhere and so
check those out as well. What are your best recommendations
for cheap microphones, cheap lighting, and cheap cameras? I wanna hear from you and the
rest of the Think Media TV in the comment section below. And if you want to get your question on one of the next
episodes of Think Media TV, post that it the comments section as well. So thanks so much for
checking out this video. Definitely subscribe for
more videos just like this and if you haven’t
downloaded the Think Media TV Video Gear Buyer’s Guide. It goes a lot more in
depth than this video did on video cameras, lighting, microphones, for every budget level. And so you can check that out. I’ll put a link to download that for free in the comments section and also on the YouTube card. Until next time, Think Media TV is helping you go
further, faster in media. Keep crushing it and we will talk soon. (beatboxing) Okay, this is the new look. Less glare. Maybe. Did it work? And the best camera for
under $100.00 eh-heh, uh-huh. Ahh. Under a. Ahh. Alright, next shot. Next lighting dynamics. Vibes. Dynamics. Vibes, cut.

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