you hey guys welcome back to the channel in today's video we will be reviewing the CMYK twin markers from the works let me just say they already get a point to the name because it reminds me of a song that I like it retails for 15 pounds for 24 markers but if you have your student card you can get 10% discount and they will even be more affordable I feel like that is a great price in some markers are alcohol-based and double-sided and they also come in a nice case with a handle that you can carry there is also other sets for only 10 pounds and I'll have all of these products listed down below so you can easily chop them if you would like you can tell that these are very popular because it's sold out on Amazon and the works when I bought them so make sure to get them before it's gone if you are new to the channel don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss out on any of my future videos like I said it comes with a sturdy case that I like the only drawback is the markers are a little annoying to put back inside when the case is on its side the set comes with five shades of blue markers six shades of pink seven shades of Korean two greens three greys and a colorless blender the barrel is black easy to hold in my opinion and isn't cheap looking at all it has two tips a broad tip and a fine tip you can get a variety of strokes using these markers and they also drive very quick and I haven't noticed any feathering or bleeding blending them is also very nice and easy using the blender or layering the colors the color vibrancy is also nice and you have a variety of lighter colors and a more punchy vibrant colors I do think that some colors are a bit similar though like 12 and 17 so here's the bottom line these are excellent markers for the price and I bet you couldn't even tell the difference between Copic markers and these if I just showed you my coloring samples what an amazing set for the money I was a bit hesitant to buy them at first I'm not really because well I like to save my money but I'm really glad that I got them in the end and I know a lot of people that are scared to practice in copics or any of the other expensive workers so these are a very good practice set for the money that is all for today's video let me know in the comments down below if you have any other product suggestions you would like me to review next thank you so much for watching guys and have a lovely weekend i'm rachel urato and i'll see you next time

20 thoughts on “BEST COPIC MARKER ALTERNATIVE? Architecture Drawing

  1. I've got some of these markers n they are the only alcohol markers I own, pls are you able to do a video demonstrating how these compare to the more expensive markers such as Copic

  2. Hey, what point/line weight do you use for light, medium and heavy lines? I'm gonna buy Isographs soon and I need to know which points are most suitable. Thanks! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. I bought those markers at the works shop in person and bought two, I agree with the fact that it's annoying at some points. But now I have 48 markers to play with

  4. Zig Art & Graphic Twin (kuretake) try them! They are cheap!
    Love your voice– And that sketch!! BOI!!

  5. what university do you study, your so good im jalouse hehehe keep it up cant wait to see more videos, this is my first time on channel gone dive through your videos now heheh

  6. this might be weird but i like youre nails hehehe, amazing sketch at the end very good quality drawing

  7. amazing video, this is the kinda content we need for reviews nothing to long or to short something quick and good to understand i really enjoyed it thank you

  8. youre deffo right these are so good and like you said not that different from copic which are very expensive hehehehe

  9. Hey guys!! I hope you are all doing well. Do you have any other products you would like me to review next?

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