Best Grow Lights for Starting Seeds – MOTHER EARTH NEWS

Best Grow Lights for Starting Seeds – MOTHER EARTH NEWS

hi I’m Shelly Stonebrook the gardening
editor at MOTHER EARTH NEWS reporting live from the pond behind our publishing
companies office. today we’re talking about seed starting we had a reader right to us and asked
about wanting to start her own vegetable seedlings and she’s wondering if she’ll
need special lights to do so so the answer is yes special lights will
definitely help you with your success in seed starting the reason why you don’t
necessarily want to just put your little seed pots next to a sunny window is that
the light coming through that window is probably not going to be quite strong
enough to really get your seeds off to a good start they’ll germinate but what will happen
if seeds don’t have quite strong enough light is that they’ll be a little bit
spindly and you want your seeds to have plenty of bright light so that the
little seeds as they grow will have really strong stems on them so one of the things that you want to
look for in getting your seed starting set up ready is a specific kind of light
so often for grow lights people use what’s called t12 shop lights these are widely available in homes home
improvement stores and things like that and but they’re in the relatively
inexpensive but there are a couple better options on the market at to
better and more efficient types of bulbs are the t5 and the t8 bulbs and the T
stands for tube and the number right after that stands for the diameter of
the bulb so that should be clearly marked on the packages as your shopping
and then you can also just look at that diameter and of a five versus the eighth usually these bulbs will be about four
feet long and the fixtures to attach the bulbs those are about twenty dollars you
should also be able to find those at the similar stores and then the bulbs are
about ten dollars so you should be able to get a pretty efficient its seed starting set up for thirty
dollars total so another really important key is you’re getting set up
with your new lights in your new fixture is to make sure to get your seed
starting pots up really close to the lights the reason for this is that just like
with sunshine having the pots too far away from the lights just means that the
strength of the light isn’t as high as it could be so if you get them right up close to the
lights it will prevent you from having spindly or weak seedlings one last tip
is that you want to be sure to keep your lights on your seedlings for quite a few
hours a day you can even do it up to 18 hours a day and then just shut off the
lights at night and if you want to spring a little bit of extra money into
this project you can get an automatic timer for your set up so you can just
set it just turn on at a certain point in the morning and then turn off at
night so that way you know that your seedlings are getting the right amount
of light all day long as they’re growing for more information on seed starting
and getting your light fixture set up just search for seed starting at Happy Gardening!

12 thoughts on “Best Grow Lights for Starting Seeds – MOTHER EARTH NEWS

  1. The T8 bulbs worked beautifully!  For the first time in my life I was able to grow beautiful, full seedlings!

  2. Ok Hopefully I am not to late to help. 1st off while I agree T5 and T8 lights are most excellent for seed starting ,among other growing options ,but I disagree with using them for seeds. I say this because most people looking to start seeds for the 1st time or are still looking for options to grow are generally beginners or novices looking for better tools. 4tf light fixtures are not what I would suggest as they take up way to much space and the ballasts on almost all of them are noisy. Both of these conditions are not at all suited for someone wanting to start an herb garden in their kitchen for example. I would go with a 2 foot fluorescent if I had to use  flouros at all. Your best bet really are the 23 or 26 watt CFLs. You can buy a 3 pack of these at walmart for less than 12 bucks. They come in "daylight" and "cool light" and are plainly marked on the package The daylight ones have all the bright blue light seedlings and plants in their "vegetative phase" need to grow happy healthy and lush. The "cool light' provides all the red/orange light plants in their fruiting phase need. You can buy a lamp kit right there in the same isle as you found the  lights in for less than 10 bucks for each light you want to use. These lights do burn a bit hotter than a flouro so you need to pay special attention to the plant  tops once they have broken free of their shells and start to push towards the light.  Hope this works for you and happy gardening !!!!!!

  3. I presume that anyone who ever tried making their own project following do it yourself instructions, one or more times, endured the disheartening time when the result always was far worse than expectation.

  4. What an irritating voice. Every third sentence seems to be asking permission to tell you something . The L—- I —-K--E— WORD is liberally and randomly sprinkled all over the place just to show what a fake, bogus, ersatz part of the world she inhabits that is only similar to the real world but not the genuine article. BRING BACK CONFIDENT SPEECH

  5. the most efficent is t5 cool white 6600k + another one that im not remember the name but its almost glowing like pink, thats for azote suplement without those 2 your little one gonna struggling asf lol!!!!!!

  6. Hi I got the Mackenzie t5 6600 k grow light they are set at 8-3/4 high that’s about 6 to 7 in’s about the seedlings will this height make the seedlings leggy. By the way this is a great video lots if info.


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