Best Indoor Plants | Interior Design Ideas Tips and Trends for Home Decor

Best Indoor Plants | Interior Design Ideas Tips and Trends for Home Decor

Hi guys welcome back to D.Signers I’m Zahira
Cury and today I will talk about how to improve and decorate your spaces with plants. Plants can be as expressive as a work of art,
indoor plants not only make your space more inviting and fresh, but they also make
your home air healthier. Plants add life and color to a space, while
also bringing you closer to nature, make you happier and absolutely improve your life quality In this video I will share with you how to
select the best indoor plants to be used as a design element, where to place it according
to your decor, their size, the shape and some contemporary ideas to bring nature inside. Guys make sure you hit the subscribe button
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let me know in a comment below! First of all you need to Analyze the space:
The first step of adding plants in your designs, is analyzing the space and understanding the
strongest and weakest points of a room. Observe what part of the space can be brightened
up and where can you add more static pieces. Walk around the room and look at the space
from different perspectives, this will help you choose the best spot to make your green
statement. Remember that placing a plant in our interiors
is all about light, so determine the type of sunlight in your spaces to select the perfect
plant that will live inside your home under the lighting conditions. Understand if the plants can thrive in low,
medium and bright light. Some are versatile and can survive in any
light while others are light sensitive. Be sure the room’s light is adequate for plants. For me all plants are beautiful, I think all
things that come from nature are perfect, but at the time of decorating with plants
we need to be clever when selecting its shape, dimension and its aesthetic because at that
moment the plant will be a design element like your furniture or your decor pieces it will be part of the entire composition so let see how and where we can use tall or small plants with or without flowers in a given space to make your space and your home looks fabulous. Tall Plants are ideal for corners and other
areas where you need to emphasized the vertical line so its a good idea to use it in a small
space as well you can also use it in a space with double height to achieve harmony and
good proportion. They’re excellent to use in spaces where all
the furniture and decor elements have a similar height because it’s ideal to break up the
monotony between the furniture and decor elements. Apart from the obvious design aspect of the
process, it’s important to know what is going to live in a space and what is manageable
around the lifestyle of the homeowner, I think No one likes to kill plants, right! So if your looking for tall plants, the dracaena
family, and the Areca palm are excellent for the aesthetics, they’re perfect to bring
a tropical touch indoors so if you’re interior has a tropical and fresh breeze this kind
of plant matches perfectly with your decor. If your interior is more minimalist, scandinavian
or contemporary, the Fiddle Leaf Fig could match better with your interior design style. With these examples I want to show you guys
that different kinds of plants go better with a specific interior design style, for that
I have a special gift for all of you! in the description below I’ll leave a link with a
guide that I prepared with different choices of the best indoor plants, there you will
found some tips on how to select a plant depending of your interior design style, planters and some ideas
and the basics to take care of the plants when they’re living inside your home. Small plants are versatile and work throughout
the home from the bathroom to the office. There are several small and medium plant choices
to bring color and texture into your décor that are perfect to fill a dead space or walls
or to soften the angular lines of your furniture. They Are ideal for coffee tables, dining tables,
nightstands, console or to bring it into the space with a stylish stand planter that are
so trendy right now. it’s a good idea to use plants at the end
of side boards, bench seats, and TV units to help soften the hard edges of these flat
surfaced pieces of furniture. There is a softness in plants that help warm
a home by its organic shapes that make an exquisite contrast with the straight lines
of the space and furniture. the plant pot you choose is almost as important as the plant itself. Consider your interior scheme before investing
in a planter; if your home is tropical inspired stick to bamboo or natural materials if your interior style is Scandinavian or contemporary a solid concrete or brushed
metallic pot will work best. Don’t clutter your space, keep an open plan
giving the design enough space to breathe and flow. Small plants look beautiful in interiors. Due to their versatility they are perfect
for basically any space in the house. The most common small plants are: cactus,
air plants, English ivy, peace lily and others that you will found in the free
guide! Plants are also a good alternative to bring
color and texture to your home. It doesn’t matter what colour scheme you
have going on, plants will always work they don’t ever conflict with other colours. If you are scared of bold colours and lean
towards a more neutral colour palette, greenery is an ideal means of injecting some colour
into your interior that you have absolutely no reason to be afraid of. But if you’re looking for a plant with flowers
to add an accent color into you space you should answer the following questions: 1.What colors are used throughout your space? 2.What splashes of color are found in your
artwork or furniture or accessories? Take a good look and try and find plants that
bloom with colors that compliment the color scheme of your space This will give your interior space a tidier
appearance, while also helping to make focal points pop and to create a harmonious composition. If your are looking for a pop of color an
orchid can add life and a lot of elegance to the space. Maybe you’re looking for a red, orange or
yellow accent? including a bromeliads in that color
can match perfectly with some vase or pillow in the same or complimentary tone. You can check my video here on how to choose
colors in your interior design! Remember that there are a lot of ideas out
there on how to incorporate nature inside, So, be creative! try a hanging plant or a green
wall in your dining room to add color and nature in a sophisticated and different way. Also another tip that I love Is to light up
your plant or your green wall with a spot light, the play between the light and shadows
is so beautiful and helps incorporate texture and movement and to add depth into your room. Guys remember to download the free guide to
know which plants and planters can match with your interior design style and how to take
care of it! I hope this video has inspired you to incorporate
nature into your home and into your life. Remember to click like, and subscribe to join
our design community! Have a beautiful beautiful week! See you next time.

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  1. Your ideas are soooo good and u explain so easily..i lovvvveeee seeing ur videos! Its truly a pleasure! Thank you for inspiring me with many ideas! Highly appreciate ur thoughts on indoor plants! O and I love ur dressing sense..soo eligent!-love and best wishes from Bangladesh!

  2. thanks Zahira, always follow your videos, I love and learn a lot, I like your videos and you also hahaha, thanks for your work 💐

  3. Thank you for this video….would also love to see cheap and creative ways to create a large piece of wall art…and how to theme a room without it being tacky or over bearing please.

  4. Very unique and unconventional topic on social platform for interior designing. Very well covered, most importantly its very connecting to the people who belongs to community different then designing.

    I love you Zahira 😍🌿

  5. Hi Zahira, thanks for the inspiration. I want to paint an accent wall in my living room as well as change my curtains to match the paint and the decor but I don’t know where to start :(. My living room is an open floor, I have the dining furniture(rustic grey) and the living furniture(black leather couch)
    I’m think of paint accent wall dark orange at the dining area and have an orange planter in the living space.
    Any opinions?

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