Best Scandinavian Living Room Design Ideas

Best Scandinavian Living Room Design Ideas

Simple and beautiful Scandinavian style design living rooms in this short video. Almost forty ideas in white and light gray color palette and with hardwood flooring also in light color. Bright with large and bare windows that let plenty of natural light to get inside. The light and the white walls make these superb home interiors to look bigger than they really are. Usually in the Scandinavian homes the living rooms come in combination with the dining rooms, but that isn’t a generally rule. The living room furniture is simple and lightweight. Sometimes a sofa, a coffee table and a chair is everything. A small rug, a floor standing lamp, an indoor plant and several decorative pillows complement the decor. Watch this video, enjoy these simple and elegant designs and try to find the right idea for your own home. Thank you so much for watching.

6 thoughts on “Best Scandinavian Living Room Design Ideas

  1. Choose the color standard palette in excellent mobile app!

  2. I guess that you must have sensational central heating to cope with those bare floors during the long winters? Or do you roll out carpets when it gets cold?

  3. Since I'm looking for my own appartment I can look at these video's for hours and I like all of them

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