Best Social Media to Grow Interior Design Business

Best Social Media to Grow Interior Design Business

(inspiring music) – So what are the top interior design strategists saying for
social media in 2019? Is it even working? Is it driving the results
that people thought it would? That is the rabbit
trail I’ve been chasing. I’ve literally read I
don’t even know how many articles on the topic,
watched over eight hours of video on YouTube, all
trying to gather what are the experts saying
in 2018 going into 2019 for social media strategy
for interior designers? Hi, I’m Michelle from
Interior Design Influencers and this has been my question. I’ve divided this growth
strategy into a few main areas. Those are, what are the biggest challenges interior designers face with social media, what are the platforms that are delivering and what can you expect
from each platform, and finally a summary,
pros, cons, consensus, what did I learn from this crazy journey? The biggest challenge across everything I did in research was consistently
finding new customers. And this an interesting paradigm. There’s a study by Home
Trust International with Unity Marketing indicate that in 2018 76% of the interior
designers they surveyed are using social media,
but only 17% of those said that they could trace
the checkable results. Also, Forbes is saying that almost all of the interior designers
they’re interviewing are expected to grow their
social media platform in 2019. This was a very interesting
parallel and paradox to me. If it’s not working the way they thought, why would they be increasing next year? So let’s say, possibly in your own house, you need a service-oriented business. It could be your roof went out, your AC, whatever it might be,
what are you going to do? The first thing you’re probably gonna do is pick up your cellphone and text your 10 closest friends to see if
they have a recommendation. If they do, you’re probably then gonna go to the Internet and Google
him and check them out. If that didn’t work, you
may expand your research a little bit further. Maybe you’re going to go
to a neighborhood group that you’re a part of, or maybe your Facebook friends, or
some group where you can expand your reach a little bit further to try to get a few names. Again, then you’re gonna
go to their website and check them out. If neither of these
work, that’s when you’re gonna have to really rely on
something like a Google search. This is where your social
media play really comes in. If I am Googling someone, my social media algorithms are gonna help drive my name, or your name in this
case, higher up the food chain in the rankings on a Google search. So an air conditioning person in this case that has a wide social media presence is going to rank higher
in search than you are unless you’ve really tweaked the SEO or Search Engine Optimization
rankings a different way. Social is a great, free way to do this without having to really
pay or to really build out over a length of time
a really robust website with a lot of word content. In the context of these discussions, we are really trying to
examine growth patterns related to social media
and if they are all relative to the interest
and awareness phase. We need a better understanding
of which platforms can drive from social media
over to a further action. We always want to be getting people off of the social media awareness sites and on to a platform like a
website where they can take action or a phone call. This next video, we’ll
explore the five top recommended platforms and
what you as an interior designer can expect from each of them.

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  2. Appreciate the analysis and insights shared. All the social media options, and which to leverage and how to maximize, can be overwhelming. This series is very helpful.

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