Best Video Lighting Kit? — Fovitec StudioPRO Bi Color LED Pannels Review

Best Video Lighting Kit? — Fovitec StudioPRO Bi Color LED Pannels Review

– So in this video I’m gonna review the Fovitec StudioPRO Bi Color LED panels and shoot some test footage, comin’ up. (chill techno music)
(camera shutter clicking) Hey what’s up guys? Sean here with THiNK Media TV, helping you go further faster in media. And on this channel we do
video, audio gear reviews and lighting videos just like this one So if you’re new here,
consider subscribing. And hey, at any point during this video, I’ll list out all of the show notes and links and details of
everything I talk about in this video in the YouTube description. Let’s jump into the review. So I’ve been looking for and
researching LED light kits for quite a while now,
looking for really the best budget LED light kit,
specifically for the studio that I’ve been building out for
videos that is behind me. And I’ve used some battery
power like mini LED lights, and I’ve hacked some
different things together, but I wanted to kinda jump
into a good lighting kit that is more of an investment but
that doesn’t break the bank. Now what’s interesting is
a lot of LED lighting kits at this level, I go to NAB, I go to CES, which is the Consumer Electronic Show and a broadcast show here in Las Vegas, they are a lot of times 1,000
dollars or 2,000 dollars to get this level of LED light kit. So I’ve been researching
and I was super excited when I was able to come across the Fovitec StudioPRO Bi
Color Lights on Amazon. So let’s jump into the features of these lights specifically and
have a look at them. So one of the cool things
about this light kit is that it is a kit, so this
comes with two lights and it comes with accessories and
we’ll go through them all. Everything is available separately, but you even get a better
deal when you get in the kit. So the first thing that you have is the LED lights themselves, and these are 600 bulb lights. And so that means there’s actually 600 of these LED lights
inside of the light panel. In addition to the light,
you get the barndoors, you get the light
stands, which are on here and you can see the other light over here. You get a power cable. You can also put, it
doesn’t come with batteries, but you can get Sony V-lock batteries and use these portable with battery power. These are the bicolor ones, we’ll talk about that more in a second, with two different nobs to
do 3,200 Kelvin lighting, as well as 5,600 Kelvin
lighting, on and off button. And then you also get a
travel case so you can just pack these up and you can
take them on the road. And you also get some diffusion plates. Right now on there is kind of just like a clear plate and you can swap that out and this one diffuses
it a little bit more. Now first of all, why LED lights? A couple reason why I wanted to use these in my studio here is
number one, LED lights, they put out a lot of light,
they are extremely low heat. I’ve been doing video production
for almost 15 years now, we used to use these halogen lights that would literally just make you sweat. And then they’re also low power, and back in the day when we
were using those halogens, we would blow breakers,
especially if we shot at home or were shooting YouTube videos. And so you can plug a ton of
these into one power strip or one outlet and you’re
good as far as power goes. And then one thing to look
into which is great about these Fovitec lights, is that
the CRI is greater than 90. And that’s just something
you should always research when you’re
looking at LED lights, ’cause that’s the color rending index. And what that just means is that on video, when you use this
lighting to light subjects or light objects, it’s
how accurate the color is gonna be when it lights those objects. So lower quality LED lights
are gonna have a lower CRI. The second thing for me was
that these are great for travel. A lot of times we’ll jump in
the car, we’ll do LA tour, we’ll do these different things, and very easily throwing these in the bag and having some light stands, you can take these on the road
with you, even fly with them. So having a portable kit that’s great for a permanent set up studio, but that I can also take with me, was a huge point. And then as far as what you
can practically use these for, a lot of people will use these
for shooting music videos, they’ll use them for shooting interviews and a lot of professional
video production work. For me, they’re for YouTube videos. I wanted something that’s
gonna be solid, consistent, as I move into cranking out
videos with this setup here, with this kind of studio
that I wanna build out, this was like the perfect kit for that. Next, I was looking
for bicolor LED lights, and so let’s talk about what that means. I was kind of on the search for what is the best bicolor LED lights. At NAB this year I was looking
around from booth to booth, and I wanted to find something that was quality that wouldn’t break the bank. So what’s really cool about these is they’re totally flicker-free,
the LED quality, the quality of the light is really good. But what bicolor means
is that half of the bulbs on these particular
lights are 5,600 Kelvin, which means the color temperature is very similar to outside daylight sunlight. So actually during the day, I have natural lighting around the house, so I would use that color temperature in combination with daylight or even outside to match up with that. The 3,200 is gonna be more of that amber, kind of more of an orange
hue lighting that’s actually perfect for matching
with your house lights. So if I turn the lights in this room, if it goes pitch black and
I turn on our house lights, then the amber lighting
is perfect for that. If you get other light panels, they do have the 600 panel
that is 56 across the board, it’s not variable at all. You can slide in an
amber color temperature filter so that you could match
it with those amber lights, but what I wanted was I
wanted the flexibility to be able to move into those
different lighting settings. And then what you can do is you can do a combination of both. So if you turn on 5,600
Kelvin and then you add in the 3,200, then you’re
gonna be kind of in the mix. So on a Canon 70D, you could
set the white balance with, one second, a gray card like this. And so you could always set
the white balance there, or your auto white balance,
or you can actually set it to the exact Kelvin setting. But what’s cool about this is
I also will sometimes combine these with a ring light, which
happens to be 5,400 Kelvin. If this is too much
math for you, I’m sorry, but I think some of these tips
are actually pretty helpful. This is 56, so if you add
in a little bit of the 32, then you could bring that
down and then have it match with those ring lights that I use as well. So specifically, I wanted
to get bicolor lights and I like them for that flexibility. And then the last thing
that I love about this kit is that it’s just super easy to use. Basically just came in
the mail, opened it up, put them on the light
stands, and it was ready to just flip the switch
on and start shooting, and so that’s super cool. Okay, so as far as the cost for this kit, the bicolor set where you get two lights and the travel pack and the
barndoors and everything, that comes in at right
about 480 dollars U.S. And then the non bicolor
set that is all 600 bulbs are 5,600 K, that comes
in at 450 dollars U.S. So again, pretty crazy. I mean, I really was like
scouring all of NAB this year, trying to find a deal this
good, this well-built, a kit that was this dependable that was also this affordable. So it might be a stretch
for some, but this is a kit that I’m gonna use for
years that’s gonna help me produce the next 100
to 500 YouTube videos. And so if it’s the right time, this would definitely be a kit worth looking into for whatever kind of content you want to create. Alright, are you ready? Let’s go check out some test footage. Okay, so I’m just kinda getting
used to these right now, but my first impressions
are this is a lot more light than I’ve ever had
before, which is awesome. I actually have the aperture
set to 6.3 on the camera, ISO at 200, and so there is more than enough light to light the set here. And I’m also gonna definitely still work on the adjustments,
and so I’d love to hear from you how it looks
in the comments below. But I’m gonna work on where
the light placement is as I continue to sort of build this out. But definitely my first
impressions is the set is lit. Okay, so as far as my
final thoughts and kinda first impressions,
actually I’ve been using these lights for a couple weeks now, but I think that they’re solid. I mean, this is such a great kit. You also can definitely,
even just one of these LED panels could make a big
difference in YouTube videos. But I think the kit is
an incredible value, love the bicolor and
excited because right now it’s daylight behind me and that’s working as far as this window light behind me. But you know, I shoot at all times, sometimes I shoot in
the middle of the night, so having that flexibility
of color temperature to match the house
lights is super valuable. And then I also love the fact
that they are continuous. I was shooting on some
battery power lights, so as I would shooting here,
sometimes I would forget when these battery powered
LED lights would just turn off and all the sudden half
of the scene was dark. So I am pumped to crank out some major YouTube content with this light kit. Questions of the day, what lights are you current using for your YouTube videos? Let me know in the description below and remember that some of the best tips and recommendations comes from you, the THiNK Media TV community. So make sure to connect with everybody in the comments section. Thanks so much for
checkin’ out this video, definitely subscribe for
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in the description below. Until next time, THiNK
Media TV is helping you go further faster, keep crushing
it, and we will talk soon. Alright, test, test, check. (claps) This is a video that were
doin’ and it’s gonna be fun. Alright.

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