13 thoughts on “Big Outdoors Tiny Home | Tiny House Design Ideas | Le Tuan Home Design

  1. Would like to know the heights and lengths, heating and cooling, cost to build? Some how to list the Spects of the home would be great. Love your channel!

  2. This design is beautiful, livable, uncramped — with GORGEOUS finishes throughout. With some of that lovely eye-resting space swapped out for clothing storage (hanging + drawers), and a few simple tweaks (induction burner, single sink, loft railing, ceiling fan), this will meet my requirements to build. Yay! Just one thing… LADDERS, I despise them. Is there an option and a place to incorporate stairs? This truly is a stunning home, well done!

  3. Gorgeous! Always watch for Tiny Heirloom's work as the decor is among the best out there. Like others, would like to see alternative for stairs…. What would go? Thanks for posting!

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