Bill Burr and Jim Jefferies Weigh In on “SNL” Firing Shane Gillis – Lights Out with David Spade

Bill Burr and Jim Jefferies Weigh In on “SNL” Firing Shane Gillis – Lights Out with David Spade

Uh, you heard…
oh, about this in the monologue. Comedian Shane Gillis got hired
as a new cast member of SNL. They immediately fired him
about jokes he made in the past. As a former member of SNL,
I feel my duty to stay out of the fray
and let you guys comment. (laughter) Well, this is just
cancel culture. The guy
shouldn’t have been fired. It’s just a couple of things
back in his history. We gonna go through
everyone’s history? Or are we going to get rid
of every sketch that SNL has done
that involves race? Like, I remember John Belushi dressing as an Asian man
with a samurai sword. That was the whole sketch. -Or-or maybe…
-That was the whole sketch. -Or maybe we could have…
-Karate chopping bread. What was it, Mike Myers used to
play a Japanese host like this, and if they got
the question wrong, -they had to cut their hand off?
-SPADE: Yeah. And I remember nothing
that you did wrong. (laughs) Yeah. (cheering and applause) -I was smart.
-My thing is… Mine got cut at rehearsal. Did they go back and also try
to look at good things that the person might’ve done or are they just looking
for the bad stuff? Is it– You just scroll through
“Help cat out of a tree.” That’s not it. “Help grandmother
walk across the street.” That’s not it. You know?
“Said something on a podcast.” -There it is. I mean, you could
do that, -Yeah. You know what… you could honestly do that
to anybody. So I don’t get it.
And then I don’t get, if you say something like that,
you can’t work in a sketch show but, like, it’s okay, what,
he can work in a lumberyard? -Yeah. -Yeah.
-You know? He’s certainly gonna meet
more Asians there, right? Than on SNL. That’s–
It’s a joke about how SNL’s not hiring Asians. Jesus Christ,
now I’m in trouble? -Yeah.
-We’re not running for office! When is this gonna (bleep) end? You (bleep) millennials.
You’re a bunch of rats. -All of ya.
-(cheering and applause) None of them care. All they want to do
is get people in trouble. See, see,
isn’t the biggest story that this is the first
Asian cast member they have? -Yeah. -You know what I mean?
Like, ten years, 11 years ago, when I came to America,
I asked to audition for SNL, and the response I got was,
“No, he’s not American.” So, you know, I know all us white people
look the same to you. I think,
when I was younger, on SNL, when you get hired,
the first, uh, move wasn’t to rifle
through your past -to make sure you get fired
right away. -Right. Because people–
the guy that won the Heisman and then, within an hour,
someone’s like, “Well, I went back 15 years
and, guess what, he did something shitty.” -It’s like, “Yeah, we all do.”
-I think, if you go back 15 years
in somebody’s life, someone should then go back
15 years in your life -and then find something.
-(applause) I mean, you’re basically– Hey, we went back and found out
he’s a human being. -He (bleep) up. So, I mean…
-Yeah. I don’t understand.
I don’t know. Whatever.

100 thoughts on “Bill Burr and Jim Jefferies Weigh In on “SNL” Firing Shane Gillis – Lights Out with David Spade

  1. "Back in his history"? It was less than a year ago. It was after Trump and Charlottesville. And SNL fired him, not " millennials."

  2. I’m confused, this is probably the first time where I agreed with “cancelling” someone but everyone else seems so blatantly against it. A good chunk of his comments where in the last two years and the most recent being in May of this year.

    But for some reason going back 10 years and pointing out a few tweets about dollhouse smashing or comparing low water pressure to a child peeing is abhorrent and unforgivable…?

  3. The point is : It is okay to mock ,make fun of asian, say racist stuff to Asians. They are not going to make noise or complain about it. But when you start doing black face or using N word, then that is not acceptable.

  4. Jim Jefferies and comedy central helped create cancel culture, now they are back tracking because they can't control the monster they helped to create.

  5. Weren’t the comments within the past year and not 15 years ago? I mean the same conversation he mentions telling his girlfriend it’s not cool to say “nooders”. He knew it was wrong.

  6. "iTz tHe miLeNniAls"

    I love how the generations who have raised these "snowflakes" remove themselves of any culpability. Its such a lazy argument because a basic understanding of history has shown that we have become more PC; this "problem" isn't some new thing. Also, back in "the good ol days", there wasn't social media which gives everyone an avenue to be overly sensitive. Does anyone honestly think we suddenly just became more sensitive because of some arbitrary generational distinction? I doubt it.

    I love Bill Burr but his anti-SJW schtick is getting repetitive. We get it Bill, you're edgy. Congrats!

  7. Oh now hypocrite Jim Jefferies is worried about cancel culture. Was he worried about it when he was blatantly editing his show to misrepresent people and to hide the very things he was accusing them of? You took part in cancel culture. And don't give me crap about turning over a new leaf. You and Comedy Central tried to pretend it never happened. You never owned up to it and apologized.

    I'm right there with Bill Burr when he said that if you are going to hold someone to that standard then you should be prepared to be held to it too. And then Jefferies had the nerve to go "Yeah" to that idea. Good to know you agree you disingenuous fraud.

  8. these comedians feel like their freedom of expression is being taken away from them, because it's their job to be funny. However, great comics know how to offend without offending. Spade, Belushi, Myers, all impersonated Asians with class and dignity. Be a great comic.

  9. Wow. People really fall into the trap of pointing the finger. Every comment is pointing out Jeffries’ hypocrisy. You don’t ALL have to mention it. The internet is ruining people.

  10. lmao all these (presumably) massive chuds in the comments shitting on jim jefferies for literally nothing, what'd he do not believe every single little political conviction you may have? grow the fuck up you dorks

  11. I'll listen to Bill but now that the tides seem to be turning Jefferies is gonna pretend he didn't sellout and join the woke patrol. Fuck you Jim!

  12. Did they actually watch the offending video by Gillis. Shane was being a lazy dick and didn't even bother to try and write a good joke. I loved Jim Belushi's samurai sketch, it was great. Shane is being fired for being an uncreative lazy dick. I don't feel he should be fired for being a lazy dick, but lets be honest. What you guys are defending is being a lazy dick and not taking time to write a great joke. I'm asian-american and I like it when comedians take time to write great jokes. Look at Russell peters or dave chappell. Can Bill or Jim honestly say Shane wrote a good joke in the offending podcast? I don't see a joke, he just let his racist feeling slip through. There was no setup, no insight, no timing or punchline. How did that even qualify as a joke?

  13. Shane Gillis fucked up… should he be fired? I don't think so… Andrew Yang doesn't even think so… I am a very much for comedians having the freedom to make jokes about whatever they want to… no topic is out of bounds… unless it becomes actually racist. Using words that are considered racist do not make you a racist unless of course you are saying them to punctuate a racist sentiment.

    This entire discussion had by (comedians I respect) was tee'd up in a dishonest way. First off, if his comments weren't an issue then why not just say what he said instead of tip-toeing around it? By not mentioning what was said you've softened the remarks and made it easier to make a case for 'overreaction'. Secondly, I completely agree that dredging up tweets from years back is unfair… however Shane Gillis was making racist remarks about Andrew Yang recently. He called him a 'Jew Chink' multiple times on his podcast.

    The argument which will never be resolved is whether or not his remarks were in the spirit of a joke or not. This is a subjective definition which people will no doubt be scattered all along the scale. Personally I think his comments were meant to be belittling and dismissive and not purely for comic relief. Is it the most racist act in all of history?? Not even close. Are there an infinite number of ways for him to have joked about Andrew Yang that didn't slide so close to the racist end of the scale? Yes…

    As a counter argument people bring up times when SNL was culturally insensitive in the past. We've already agreed that past transgressions should not be used as evidence since people/culture changes. Perhaps an argument can be made that due to PC culture SNL has lost it's grit.

    Anyway, I would have hoped that the discussion were had in a more honest way…

  14. An awful lot of triggered conservatives on this thread. "They're going back trying to dig him into the ground! His entire life has been ruined over one tweet!" Shane Gillis' life has not been ruined. He was fired from a job. If you think getting fired or being laid off from a job is the same as your entire life being ruined beyond repair, you might need to learn a thing or two about being an adult in the real world. If you go shooting your mouth off saying something stupid at work, you are likely to get fired from just about any job. "Cancel culture" did not invent this. Yes, Shane Gillis will probably never work at SNL again. This is true. But if he was good enough to get on SNL's radar, that means he's probably good enough to bounce back and get work somewhere else. True, it may not be as high profile or prestigious, but to say that "his life has been ruined" or that "society will never tolerate him again" is a pretty childish and entitled point of view on life.

  15. the guy whos show literally is calling out ppl for being offensive and misrepresenting them so they can get canceled while having a worse history of offensiveness than any guest he has had on yet, complains about cancel culture. disgusting hypocrisy

  16. Jim jeffries os a scum bag who selectivity edits people to paint them as far right. As he got caight out with Avi Yemini and he got him stopped from coming into America and to confront him.

  17. 2 things he wasn’t making jokes he was just being racist also maybe just maybe if the guy was actually funny then maybe people wouldn’t have been upset.

  18. I think the left is going all in because they're about to collapse. Leftists are fantasists and utopians. They think people can be perfect. Sorry Charlie. Never gonna happen. We're not equal. We're never going to live in peace and harmony. Conflict, competition, struggle and exploitation define our existence. It's nature.

  19. My problem is white people thinks its NOT OK to make fun of black people, but its completely OK for them to make fun of Asians..

  20. Comedians needs to stop whining about cancel culture if they don't realize making a racist joke (that wasn't even funny) in 2018 (last year) isn't worth criticizing.

  21. I’m 30 yrs old I sit comfortably in the millennial spectrum and while I find it the like of Rogan, Bill Burr, Bryan Callen, Dave Chappell funny I ONLY hear about ‘cancel culture’ SJW’s, overly sensitive millennial’s not finding Jokes funny through them complaining about it on their podcasts and stand up,
    My point is I really don’t think it l’a as much of a problem or as prevalent as they would have us believe

  22. There’s nothing wonderful than seeing white men have a complete meltdown over because they’re not allowed to offend others anymore. Yeah good luck with that.

  23. I'm a millennial, and still .. yes, indeed fuck millennials. Wish I was a boomer and grew up young in a less sensitive age .. because Jesus Christ, this new generation and worldwide culture is fucked up.

  24. How someone reacts to their sordid past being brought back up should be the ultimate deciding factor. If they admit to being a shitheel in the past and they don't have a recent history of being a shitheel, then NO PROBLEM. If they lie about their past, angrily lash out at those who brought it up, are a raving hypocrite, or clearly haven't changed, then there's a problem.

  25. Sad when comedians I love chime in on things without actually looking into it. The podcast came out in like December 2018. He said the word Chink multiple times. Fuck that dude. It's not "oh he made a joke 15 years ago that isnt p.c. any more."

  26. Celebrities aren’t understanding that the internet has equalized the playing field for fame. This is the whole reason for cancel culture. They are all attempts by the masses to achieve fame and notoriety.

  27. Jeffries is a fraud, and part of the problem.
    He’s a globalist, “woke”-sellout, who regularly distorts peoples words to smear them.
    Jeffries is the enemy.
    Wake the frack up.

  28. Dang it, I love these two sons of guns but like every other crybaby whining about digging stuff up from "the past" they sound like doofuses here, given that it wasn't 15 years ago Shane was talking like a racist dipshit on his podcast, it was a year ago.

  29. Awww do these poor comedians need a safe space on comedy central to cry about being criticized for telling bad jokes? Aww poor snow flakes.

  30. I used to be a huge Jim Jefferies fan but after that shit he pulled with the bad editing to make a guy look racist I cant really listen to shit he has to say anymore

  31. Yeah historically Asian racism has been brushed aside because people assume we are passive. It's because we choose to pick our battles. What Shane Gillis did was racist. He was reacting viscerally and calling names. There was nothing funny about what he said. Please tell me what part was funny? Where was the punchline? No delivery other than his bigoted words…I think SNL did what any company would do when hiring someone is to err on the side of caution. There are other funny comedians out there Shane Gillis was not that funny.

  32. They make absolutely great points, not judging someone for what they did the past…problem is from what ive heard these comments were only made like a year ago.

  33. You see when you have half a country, thats been in prison or jail, they come out as expert criminals- & like prison, they want your paper work to see who they can violate… Therefore since america has become a jail state… Now the prisons run the streets- so if you break the rules they kill you with a criminal twist… Life insurance 😆- hows that for Comedy Central 2020- lol

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