ARCHICAD is the leading Building Information Modeling software solution used by architects, designers, engineers and builders to professionally design, document and collaborate on building projects. Since its very first release, ARCHICAD has been all about BIM “Building Information Modeling” – also known as the Virtual Building. ARCHICAD’s focus on architecture, backed by more than 30 years of experience and innovation, is evident in millions of buildings worldwide. What makes this software exceptional? ARCHICAD is made by architects for architects, guaranteeing a BIM authoring tool that offers the most natural and intuitive work environment, to achieve the best design workflow. And – as our users say – ARCHICAD is easy to learn and fun to use. ARCHICAD’s user interface is a true reflection of the architect at work the graphic appearance of the icons, options and commands mirror those used in an architectural practice, providing a larger, cleaner workspace that is ergonomic and free of inessential visual noise. Vector based icons and smart context menus result in perfect display, regardless of size or scale, and the absolute maximized workspace real estate. To realize extraordinary performance, the 64-bit ARCHICAD, which is native on both Windows and Mac operating systems takes advantage of all processor cores and is an industry-first to feature Predictive Background Processing: a ground breaking solution which enables nearly instant model views. Preparing anticipated actions in the background with the help of unused processor cores will save a great amount of time and let you concentrate on great design with the help of a smooth, and responsive application. In ARCHICAD, designers work on a single building model to create, document, and construct their ideas, so changes are fast and automatic. When you design in ARCHICAD, you build a Building Information Model, so all the necessary documentation and images are created automatically. Draw a section line, and ARCHICAD creates a section. In the same manner, Elevations, 3D views, Interior Elevations and even Schedules are all derived from the central model. Make a change here, and every other view will be automatically updated, shrinking design discrepancies to nearly zero. Publishing finished layouts is fast and easy, thanks to automatically updated, one-click documentation. A seamless modeling to rendering workflow has been realized with the built in CineRender Engine developed by Maxon. Direct Team Collaboration with other architects, external engineers, consultants and other platforms is fast and efficient. ARCHICAD is your all-round design-build solution – right out of the box. From schematic design to construction documentation, ARCHICAD offers comprehensive tools and possibilities that support the creative process of the architect. Jump-start the Conceptual design phase with the help of the versatile MORPH Tool, an easy to use mass modeler which can list per-story surface areas from simple shapes. The support for Point Cloud import enables architects to obtain accurate 3D geometry models, in order to give true-to-life context to their design. Design Development is reinforced with dedicated tools, like slabs, columns, zones, walls and beams, which are specific to architecture. Parametric GDL objects – specific to local requirements – are built into ARCHICAD and encompass 100’s of possibilities within each object. The support for NURBS-based geometry adds a new dimension to the use of complex models imported from Rhinoceros. Further object libraries can also be downloaded and embedded from the linked portal for direct use in the project. The Shell tool and Morph tool serve free-form and organic modeling, but are nevertheless genuine construction elements. By using Graphical Favorites , offices can streamline their use of Tool templates and put building design on the fast-track. Create and organize favorites for any tool for use in the project, or export entry sets to help ensure modeling, project or office standards for every member of the team. And last but not least, through the Rhino-Grasshopper-ARCHICAD Connection, architects can combine the freedom of algorithmic design with the benefits of Building Information Modeling. This bi-directional real-time connection between ARCHICAD and Grasshopper gives the benefit of a fast, iterative design and documentation workflow never seen before. A BIM authoring tool has never felt this natural: Just like a real building, ARCHICAD’s models are divided into stories. All building components like concrete, wood, gypsum and so on, are represented through Building Materials that hold real physical and visual characteristics. Building element intersections in the whole building join automatically, based on priorities of these Building Materials, so, often times, no further junction editing is even needed in order to document section drawings and details. Construction Documentation is the end product of your design and calls for professional 2D tools to specify every detail. Guidelines and intelligent snapping in 2D and 3D, deliver graphical aid for accurate element creation and editing. The Detail tool lets you pinpoint the specifics of your Building Information Model and fine-tune them, rebuilding automatically in case of changes in the model. DWG and PDF files can be exploded and reused inside ARCHICAD for quick editing of graphical and text elements. Often, you will need to use repeated building structures. For this purpose, ARCHICAD offers modules, which are placed in multiple instances, but refer to a single source. If you change the source, all the placed instances will change, too. When you work with BIM, Construction cost estimates and quantity takeoffs are just a click away, and always up-to-date with the help of Element Scheduling. To list the quantities and information about specific doors, windows, objects in rooms, or any building element, these can be filtered, and supplied with custom parameters, with the help of an interactive wizard. The ARCHICAD model is not just a 3D model but a central BIM database that stores all project data and makes it accessible to any project stakeholder. ARCHICAD strengthens the data exchange and data visualization aspect of BIM with its powerful Element Property Management solutions. The data management circle is complete with the Property Value importer, which allows access and mass property editing via simple spreadsheets. At the end of the day, you must produce documents. In the Layout window, just drag all the desired Views onto the Layout sheets. Here, you are supported by a number of automatic features, such as automatic drawing placement, new Layout creation and Auto-Texts for annotations. Drawing names and ID’s can be placed automatically on the layout sheets, so no manual text input is ever necessary. This will help you do the job quickly and reliably. In the same manner, issuing layouts for revisions is handled by the state-of-the-art Revision Management tool that takes care of changes in 2D and 3D, and all corresponding views and layouts. The Publisher is the one-stop go-to place for Printing, collaborating, sharing and saving your documentation and 3D Model. In the Publisher, you can export in a vast array of formats. Once a Publisher Set is prepared, the export can be initiated at a click of a button to send every collaborator their preferred document format, like DWG, PDF with layers, and of course IFC and BCF Formats for engineers which ensures a seamless OPEN BIM collaboration workflow. Model-based Collaboration on projects, both within the office and with external colleagues or consultants, is the true potential of BIM and is increasingly important. GRAPHISOFT’s trademark Teamwork solution is an industry-leading approach to Model-based collaboration. GRAPHISOFT BIM Server, and BIMcloud for larger organizations are one of a kind collaboration platforms built on patented Delta BIM server technology, allowing all Teamwork users to access the BIM data in real-time, so they can work together on the same project. Unlike other collaboration solutions, with Teamwork “Delta-server” technology, only the modifications to the project are sent to and from the central model – not the entire project – so Send and Receive operations take only a few seconds. BIMcloud is the scalable teamwork solution that runs on any network, hardware or software configuration, connecting teams and projects of any size or setup. Whether in the office or on the go, the BIMcloud offers fast and secure collaboration. Thanks to the connection with GRAPHISOFT BIMx, the project is always up to date, and employees or external consultants can access and redline the model on their mobile devices. Consultants and engineers, of course, might work on a different platform, making model exchange a challenge. ARCHICAD is a founder of the OPEN BIM approach to collaborative design, construction, and operation of buildings based on open standards and workflows. Thanks to OPEN BIM, Data exchange via the IFC file format ensures that the complete building – including the intelligent structures – are shared, so that a consultant who imports the project for further work and analysis, receives real building elements, preserving BIM information in zones, walls, windows, doors, etc. Model-based analysis ensures that you’ll catch those design issues that could cause construction issues later down the line. For example, if your MEP consultant is also using a BIM-compatible program, you can import the MEP data to ARCHICAD via IFC, and discuss necessary wall or slab penetrations or carry out collision detection. This way, you can solve any problems during the design stage instead of on the construction site! With a single mouse click, the Solibri Model Checker analyzes the building information model and reveals potential flaws and weaknesses in the design, highlights the clashing components, and checks that the model complies with BIM requirements and best practices. In today’s environment, sustainability is an imperative for all building projects. ARCHICAD’s commitment to energy conservation means you’ll get accurate feedback about your building design’s energy consumption every step of the way. The built-in Energy Evaluation functionality of ARCHICAD allows architects to perform reliable dynamic energy evaluation with standard-compliant technology without additional training. The generated results are easy to read and understand and help make informed design decisions. Whether you want still images, animations, or interactive Hyper-models, ARCHICAD provides professional, out-of-the-box solutions for all your presentation needs. A seamless modeling-to-render workflow with professional quality is presented with the built in CineRender, based on Cinema 4D’s rendering engine by MAXON. There is no need for outsourcing professional visualization can be achieved by the architect in any design phase with just a push of a button. Building Materials and Surface Libraries ensure that every modeled element comes prepared, and ready to render. The surface painter lets you try different looks by exchanging finishes on the go. If needed, the model can be further elaborated with a direct output option to Cinema4D, or other 3D model formats. To share the design with clients and contractors – during and after the design phase –, you can use BIMx, the ultimate BIM project presentation application for mobile devices. BIMx is just as effective at presenting design variations to clients as it is in coordinating with building professionals on-site. BIMx is interlaced with ARCHICAD through the Publisher. To unleash its greatest potential, use BIMx, which provides access to the full 2D project documentation, hyperlinked within the 3D model context. Updates to the model happen on the go, with a push of a button in the office. Ensuring the continuity of a real BIM workflow, custom per-element information, like IFC properties and manufacturer data, weblinks and email addresses can be added to every element of the BIMx model. Enter the weblink to a certain furniture store, the database of building utilities, etc., for fast and smooth communication and organization. We offer free training materials online and integrated in ARCHICAD as well, for the best user experience and the shortest learning curve. We hope that you’ll share the opinion of architects worldwide: ARCHICAD is the industry-first software solution for architects offering a one-of-a-kind, single, integrated workflow for the life-span of the whole project. With flexible licensing options allowing upgrades and standalone purchases, not to mention easy and transparent perpetual license plans, ARCHICAD supports you in your daily work, and helps get the job done faster and more efficiently. If you want to try ARCHICAD yourself, you may download a fully functional 30-day trial version. For students, a fully functional educational version is available free of charge. Please visit for further details. If you like what you see and would like to find out more, please feel free to contact a GRAPHISOFT Partner near you at to buy. We hope that you will soon share the opinion of architects worldwide: ARCHICAD is easy to learn and fun to use!

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