Bistro String Lighting & Accessories

Bistro String Lighting & Accessories

With its high-perceived value, and economical
material, and installation costs, Bistro lighting is a simple way to offer a classy look to
any outdoor space. In addition to the functional benefit Bistro
Lighting brings, they add aesthetic value to a variety of environments from temporary
special event setups, to permanent installations for restaurants, patios, streetscapes, and
even indoor venues, like reception halls. Bistro Lighting offers a functional, yet always
festive outdoor lighting component to any outdoor living space. Rather than positioning a single, high-wattage
fixture from a high elevated position, these elegant strands of light create an ambient
glow that encompasses an entire area. When purchasing any type of string light,
it’s important to know that not all strands are created equal. While maybe difficult to discern by looking
at them, there are significant differences in build quality when comparing commercial
grade products to the standard fare you may find at the local Big Box Store. The high quality Bistro Lighting we carry
at Ewing includes both 120v plug in strands, as well as, a low voltage LED option that
can easily be integrated into an existing landscape lighting system. Lamps are spaced at 2-foot intervals with
a four-inch strap line from the main wire. This drop ensures that each lamp will hang
perfectly straight even if the main wire becomes twisted, or the installation is at a sweeping
angle. Depending on the size of the job, the 120v
strands are offered in a 48-foot, 24-socket option, or a 100-foot, 50-socket option. Strands and lamps are always sold separately
for flexibility regarding design. For 12v low voltage landscape lighting installations,
we offer a 200 foot spool of socketed strand. These bulk spools help minimize waste as they
can be cut to meet the specific needs of the job. To connect the landscape lighting cable to
the socketed wire, Ewing carries inline shrink tube connectors. The 48 and 100-foot, 120v strands come with
female plug tail ends for end-to-end connect-ability. In addition, both ends of each strand have
one foot leads allowing you to maintain the two foot lamp spacing when connecting two
or more sets together. For a professional look that will help extend
the life of the strands, high tension braided support cabling is available in spools, or
kits to match the strand size you’ve chosen. The Gripple torque tool and lockable fasteners
are used to help take the slack out of the line when installing. For 120v systems, lamps are available in 11-watt
incandescent, or in a two-watt LED. For 12v applications, we offer a one-watt
LED. Both LED lamps are dimmable and have that
popular Edison style look that produces a rich, warm, inviting light. Finally, to help direct the light source downward
and maximize illumination, we offer Bistro lamp shades. These shades have a black outer-powder coated
finish to match the wire. They’re perfect for installations like outdoor
kitchens where a higher light level is desired. Their simple snap on design allows them to
be added to any socket on the strand. Professional grade Bistro Lighting as well
as a wide array of other outdoor lighting options can be found at your local Ewing branch,
or by visiting us online at

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  1. Thanks for the vid folks. Looking for an outdoor-rated “smart” dimmer I can link to my existing smart home assistant (Alexa/google home)

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