BMW 1-Series LED interior lights (E81 E82 E87 E88 tuning)

BMW 1-Series LED interior lights (E81 E82 E87 E88 tuning)

By changing bulbs to LEDs you can precisely select light color. I found LEDs with the same color as in lights in BMW 1-series exterior handles. To be sure, that interior will be bright enough I’ve created triple LED for the main light. Open the dome light by prying one of the corners. Gently pull it till it pops out. To remove black plastic rings just pull on them. Here I’m removing main bulb and replacing it with triple LED. If your LED does not light up, most likely you need to rotate it. Bulbs on the sides are installed pretty dip, so it’s best if you use rubber tube to grab them. Map lights can be problematic. If your LEDs are not drawing enough current light can turn itself off. It’s recommended to use stronger LEDs or stay with standard bulbs over there. After cleaning fingerprints you can install back plastic rings and cover. Footwell light needs just to be pried. Then you can disconnect cable. LED replacement that I’m installing was bent to face the right direction. You can also find another type of footwell light. Here you need to rotate the bulb holder. Glovebox light needs to be pried and disconnected. This light uses C5W bulbs. To maintain the same light color I’ve disassembled one of the LEDs to connect it directly.

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  1. hi sorry I k ow this is not irelivent but I seen that you have a vidoes about Renault clios could you tell me how auto wipers and headlights work please

  2. Hey!

    Did you buy a complete set or made the LED's yourself?
    The tool you are using for dismounting the rooflight, what are you using? – dont want to brake anything.

  3. A ten AglintLED to sa dostępne u nas ? Czy tylko zagranica ? Czy LEDY musza posiadać CANBUS? Do wnętrza auta? Czy mogą byc normalne? Tez posiadam taka jedynkę 👍🙂

  4. I have heard that handling bulbs with your hands leaves oils on the bulb shortening their life span. Dunno if this is true but I install with gloves just in case.

  5. So I messed with my bulbs and now that cover for the lights near the windscreen pops off whenever I go over bumps.Any suggestions?

  6. I changed only 2 of them ( the ones witch turn on when you open door .. but now i cant turn on them when the car is running or even when someone open the door .. they only light when i put key out … and than they works .. whats wrong ? do i need to change them completly or?

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