BMW 3 Series 2017 In Depth Review Interior Exterior

BMW 3 Series 2017 In Depth Review Interior Exterior

hey everyone this is the all-new BMW 3-series with M Sport package this is the facelift this color is called the open vite metallic this is the 328 with 184 horsepower is the petrol engine 290 Newton meters of torque with the M Sport package you get the more localized front bumper side squeeze rims and rear bumper with diffuser zero to six to seven point three seconds top speed is limited to 250 km/h 8-speed gearbox very sharp looks new headlights new petrol engines are available new daytime running lights Elser parking sensors and sport from almost the same let them three let headlights 19-inch rims glue brake calipers special to the ABS for tech side skirt and logo at the side the reactor signal same happy pop this is finished in black so it looks bored here new LED taillights the shape is different as you notice and sport 3 bumper folding rear seats storage compartments and this is a 2 liter engine from the 320i there’s also at 389 3 cylinder for the first time these are the petrol engines also available with a330 and a340 the diesels are the 318 320 330 and 335 four-cylinder engine is this this interior is special to the M Sport package that the blue looks more sporty full leather interior dark headliner two cupholders leather armrests very coffee and this is the interior of the facelift 3-series with the M Sport package it has the M Sport steering you new chrome along the air vents new on the facelift leg extensions there’s no power no Gordo some system AG it sounds great and logo on the dorsal leg extensions sports seats at the front keep you keeps you in place and this is the interior very nice app sports telling you it’s a must I think you can also buy it only with the app sport steering wheel if you want adult app sport package the steering wheel is very nice nice navigation USB an out bluetooth connectivity control for the navigation the I Drive you can also write that rest down on this with extra buttons 8-speed gearbox with depth Roenick a shift paddles behind the steering wheel sport mode eco mode ESP parking sensors this is new on the facelift it’s it slides away to couple with climate control heated seats three settings for driver and passenger navigation system Fugate oil temperature voice control cruise control on steering wheel automatic headlights another storage area demography mere SOS button sunroof control 3 address in the back also available with memory seats thanks for watching

19 thoughts on “BMW 3 Series 2017 In Depth Review Interior Exterior

  1. Hey everyone, here is the BMW 3 Series M 2016 LCI facelift, what do we think about this new 3 Series? Thanks for watching Alaatin61 and Remember to Thumbs Up, Thanks

  2. Alaatin bey merhaba gene güzel bir test olmuş yalnız bişey soracam bmw 3 serisinde 1.6 170 ps motor sunuyordu bu yıl böyle bişey yok kaldırılmış yerine ne gelecek 1.5 motor zayıf gözüküyor daha güçlü bir versiyon mu gelecek acaba

  3. BMW is ugly but the drive is something beautiful I’ve never been a fan of bmw interior exterior but it’s a track car it drives so nice

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