BMW 3 Series  E90/E91/E92/E93 LED Interior Lights – How to Install  – 5th Generation  2006-2011

BMW 3 Series E90/E91/E92/E93 LED Interior Lights – How to Install – 5th Generation 2006-2011

Hey, it’s Sean with PrecisionLED. Today we’re performing an interior LED conversion on a beautiful 2009 BMW 328i. Let’s go ahead and get started. Now that we’re inside the BMW, let’s go ahead and review all the interior lights will be converting to LEDs. In the front, we have the dome light and two map lights In the rear, we have the exact same setup with one dome and two maps. We also have the vanity mirror light. On the passenger’s side, the glove compartment light. As well as, on both the driver’s and passenger’s side,
the footwell lights and the door lights. In the rear, we’ll be changing out the trunk light as well. Here we’ll be showing how to remove and replace the dome light and the two map lights
in the front overhead console. You’ll be using the serrated knife tool, flat end of it and prying gently in between the gray plastic
and the clear plastic. And now we have access, first, to the dome light. Let’s go ahead and pull it down
and remove it and replace it with our LEDs. Let’s go ahead and test to make sure it works.
If it doesn’t, go ahead and take it out, turn it around,
put it in the other way. See the light works, so let’s go ahead and
change the other lights. I’ve already gone ahead and changed the
map light in the passenger side. To change it on the driver’s side,
you can simply pull out this plastic ring with your fingers. Just detach this very gently. And go ahead and pull out the bulb. You can get it out. And plug in the LED bulb. Remember to go ahead and test it, make sure it
works before you finalize the installation. The light works,
let’s go ahead and replace the plastic cap. And then, replace the clear plastic cover. The front side in first,
hook it in, and then you have to use some force here to push the clips back in. And that’s it. Here we’ll be showing you how to remove and replace the footwell light on the passenger’s side. Using the serrated knife tool,
flat end of it. You’ll wanna wedge the flat end in between the clear plastic housing and the plastic molding behind it. Let’s go ahead and unplug the clear housing from the wiring. Wait till it cools down, it’ll be very hot. Now that the bulb has cooled,
let’s go ahead and remove the halogen bulb. And replace it with the LED bulb. Let’s plug it back in to test out the light. As we can see, the light works. So go ahead and reinstall the footwell light. Wire end in first, and push up. Here we’ll be showing how to remove and replace
the door light on the passenger’s side. We’re using the serrated knife tool again, the flat end of it, to wedge in between the clear plastic housing and the door. Gently pry down and unplug. This housing will be extremely hot,
so let it cool before you work on it. Now that the bulb housing has cooled down,
let’s go ahead and remove the bulb by twisting counterclockwise and pulling out the bulb. Let’s go ahead and replace with the LED bulb. Then plugging it back in to test it out before we reinstall it. It doesn’t work, so let’s go ahead and turn it around
and plug it back in. Now that it works, let’s go ahead and reinsert into the housing. Lock in clockwise. And reinstall into the door.

98 thoughts on “BMW 3 Series E90/E91/E92/E93 LED Interior Lights – How to Install – 5th Generation 2006-2011

  1. i heard changing the bulbs to l.e.d. might give you an error code on your dash. they say the lights need to be OEM to not trip the bmw computer for an error code.

    lemme know??

  2. Hello David,

    The LEDs that we sell in the complete package will not cause any error codes with the BMW computer. All the LEDs we use in this package are CanBus LEDs which helps to eliminate the fault codes.

    ~PLED Team

  3. The Trunk and Vanity Light are very similar to the Courtesy Door lights and do not require their own independent overview. If you need help to install your PrecisionLED lighting kit, just let us know by contacting us directly using the link in the bottom of the description.

    -PLED Team

  4. Why not use 20 SMD led they are really bright had a set of ten W5W from eBay for £5.29 upgraded interior and exterior looks perfect then the 5 SMD LED

  5. Hi,

    Not all SMD type LEDs will work for every vehicle. It also depents, we use a 50/50 SMD type LED whereas some are 35/28 SMD and are actually less bright.

    A 50/50 represents the length and width of the actual chip, meaning 5mm by 5mm and contains 3 diodes per chip. a 35/28 is rectangular and is 3.5mm by 2.8mm and contains only 1 diode.

    There is alot that goes into picking the correct LED for the best application and we would need more info to say what is best.

  6. in this video are the bulbs 6000k or 8000k??? and for e92 coupe , and all are bulbs??? not modules of leds like your competitors??

  7. Hi,

    The color of bulbs we used in the video is 6000K. The package that you purchase from us are all plug and play LEDs, not modules. You will not need to modify your vehicle.

  8. is possible to have led lights for ambient lighting of the door of a BMW E92?
    stock are orange but they are not very bright

  9. This DOES NOT void the BMW warranty in any way. The interior lights are not tied to any major electrical system and are protected by its owns lighting fuse. The LED's we use are selected to work specifically with BMW's to avoid any electrical issues and will not cause error warning lights.

    If you have additional questions shoot us an email at Help(at)precisionled(dot)com

    -PLED Team

  10. I bought LEDs from a different company before and I was super upset because the dome and map lights would go out after a couple seconds while i was driving. I emailed the people and they said it was normal but that just doesnt seem right. Before I finally get these I wanted to know if that would happen on these

  11. Hi,

    The LEDs in our packages do not exhibit the same issues you have described. Most likely the LEDs you purchased were not CanBus LEDs. Regular LEDs cause many issues with BMW vehicles.

    Thank you.

    ~PLED Team

  12. Hi,

    You may try viewing another video we have that helps remove hard to reach bulbs. Using some tape and needle nose, it can help you remove the bulb:

    Search under PrecisionLED videos – How to Remove 168 194 T10 and BA9S Type Bulbs

    Good luck!

  13. You can remove the entire overhead console to get access to the bulbs from the top. Shoot us an email and we can send some photos or a link to a different companion video for you to view.

    help (at) PrecisionLED

    -PLED Team

  14. To get the map lights out. At the top there is a small flat spot. I put a tiny flat head it it popped right off. Getting the bulb out is hard

  15. This guide is very helpfull but i swapped the interior ligjhts of my e90 2007 with leds but i can't put them on when i'm driving they only work when i take my key out and open my door. Any help or suggestipns would be very appreciated

  16. Thanks for the info. We took out the E93 as a option as the convertible will have its own video coming out soon.

  17. Hi,

    Did you purchase from PrecisionLED and have this problem? You might have got a kit without CANBus LEDs so its causing electrical problems. Let us know and email us for help. Check the description for contact info

    -PLED Team

  18. Send us message through our contact page in the video description. We might have some photos that should help you with this.

  19. You can use a pair of pliers if necessary or take a long piece of tape and use it as leverage to get it out.
    Hope that helps,
    -PLED Team

  20. Hi,

    You can find the trim tools on our website under "LED Accessories".

    Or they come free with every interior package!

    ~PLED Team

  21. Rahim, Send is an email to Sales(at)PrecisionLED(dot)com and we can help you out with our current coupon code offer. I cant post it here because the comment will stay up longer than the code will be valid.

    -Phil @ PLED

  22. You have no idea how helpful this video was! Even the educated forums there are people talking about coat hangers and visor removals etc. I still had many LED's from my MINI and was able to transplant most of them. Thanks!

  23. I replaced my dome light today but when I took out my led it didn't work anymore what caused this? It won't even turn on with the stock light bulb anymore

  24. I changed all my interior lights but for some reason the lights on the celing will only turn on if the car is off. Wen I turn it on they will only be on for a few seconds and after that they will never vome back on. Also on the fender signal lights they work but on my dash it says to check my bulbs. Please help me.

  25. Hi there, I just install my interior LEDs, but for some reason I cannot work out how to change the map lights, in your video you said just pull the round rubber thing, but there is a glass cover inside! Do how do you remove that to pull that rubber? Thanks.

  26. When i installed then map and dome lights the leds will just light for a dew seconds and then not more… after trying to swich them on again they dont… after an hour or something i can turn them on again but the same thing happens they turn off after a few seconds plz help

  27. Holy shit those map lights are a pain in the ass!

    If you are having trouble getting them out, and don't have any pliers, use a bit of cling film for traction. I used cling film as a sort of 'glove,' twisted it a bit around the bulb, and then pulled sharply while holding the bulb are hard as I could. That shit was really difficult to get out.

  28. My map lights have a glass cover so it is impossible to access the lamps from below.  I found the easiest way to replace all the dome lamps was to remove the entire dome assembly (both front and rear) and access the lamps from the top.  The lamps are held by a bayonet fitting.

  29. just wanted know how do you replace the Visor vanity Mirror Lights. those are the only things needed to be changed. thank you

  30. Are these bulbs only good for use in a BMW?….can they be used for other vehicles needing interior lights replaced?

  31. 1:55 this bulb is very difficult to remove because the socket is too deep so my fingers cant get a good grip. any advice out there?

  32. Maybe people remove the whole dome for changing the "map" lights (reading lights).
    Kudos for the proper method!

  33. it did not work. I can turn them on only when the car is off, if the car is on the lights don't work. I check the fusil box already. any advice?

  34. great video but your dome lights don't have the clear plastic inside. can't have access. We have to remove the whole console to access replace some lights. the rest of lights are easy to replace. Thx

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