BMW 5 Series 2017 New In Depth Review Interior Exterior

BMW 5 Series 2017 New In Depth Review Interior Exterior

hey everyone today we will look at the brand new BMW 5-series life at Belgium at the Auto so long this one has a beautiful BMW and Sport Package Plus which is also new different to the M Sport Package this car has every optional extra on it so in this video I will show every detail of this car thanks to BMW the car has a lot of new technology on board and yes this BMW comes also with the display key it can automatically Park and get out of the parking spot it has also the surround view system and you can buy it with the optional power and Filkins surround sound 3d system for now this car is available as a 530 i 540i 520d and the 530d every engine is available with the ex-wife of the advices the 5-series comes with a brand new feature the driving experience control it offers the driver the choice between the standard comfort mode eco pro mode geared towards efficiency and sport mode which enables even more dynamic driving the new interactive function adaptive mode continuously adjusts the dynamic damper control the steering and the steptronic transmission to suit the current driving situation thanks to more lightweight materials such as aluminium and built our modern aluminium alloys the BMW 5-series of seventh generation weighs in at up to 100 kilograms less than its predecessor the intelligent lightweight construction also ensures a balanced weight distribution between front and rear axle as well as a lower center of gravity the result is highly dynamic driving characteristics available with the Sport Line luxury line and Sport Package and the individual collection Hara har-ee [Music] [Music] the remote-control parking function allows the driver to conveniently get out of the vehicle before parking it via remote control by moving it forward into or reversing out of a tight parking space or garage this one is the 540i with 340 horsepower it produces 450 Newton meters of torque and the car is a rear-wheel drive car zero to sixty two and five point one seconds the top speed is limited to 250 km/h that’s 155 miles per hour it has an 8-speed automatic transmission with shift paddles the engine is a 3 liter 6 cylinder in-line the fuel capacity is 68 liters the fuel economy is combined 6.5 liters per 100 kilometers at the front you can see the beautiful adaptive LED headlights integrating the gettin girls of BMW in the uniquely shaped tubes of the adaptive LED headlights develop the arrow shaped design of the BMW 5-series very aggressive front and sport front bumper with the adaptive cruise control a radar in integrated at the site you can see the beautiful 20-inch rims special to the F Sport Package plus with the blue brake calipers with the M logo on it it has also the surround view integrated it has a camera it has four cameras around the car one and front two underneath the mirrors one in the back it has also the Blind Spot Assist sunroof at the top very nice looking rear end with the newly shaped taillights LEDs fully LEDs and sports rear bumper chrome tipped exhaust nice shape in my opinion the new BMW 5-series is available with 12 colours the adaptive amp suspension lowered by 10 millimeters and specially tuned to this car this is the automatic function this is another cool feature of the BMW 5-series the car is thousand 570 kilograms the trunk space is grown grown and it is 530 liters there is a optional adaptive and suspension professional for even more driving dynamics the interior is bigger now lovely seats full leather the sunshades manually operating doors automatic in the rear it has ambient lighting six colors this one is thermal cordon Sun system storage areas and logos at the door self very roomy interior in my opinion automatic sunroof and we are now in the beautiful interior of the new G 30 BMW 5-series very nicely shaped steering wheel dark headliner very big song with two cupholders for zone climate control with it seats and adjustable fan speed nicely done and this is the display key of BMW you can see the range you can get out of the parking spot you can adjust the climate control you can turn on the lights you can lock and unlock the car the remote control for parking function is activated by the driver once outside the car with the BMW display key and this is the new twelve point three inch navigation system of BMW for the first time it is a touch screen with gas your control the brand new multifunctional instrument display with black panel technology is twelve point three inch right you can’t turn on the volume just doing this or changing channels the parking assistant plus makes parking and maneuvering the vehicle easier it features surround view including top view remote 3d view PDC and the parking assistant with linear guidance which parks the vehicle parallel or perpendicular to the link completely automatically which walks the car automatically the system works by measuring potential spaces while rising past them at the low speed seven dual colors for the ambient lighting for the first time there’s also an Sport Plus package available standard it comes with Harman Kardon surround sound system and you can choose the power and will clean sound system it does sun protection gloss standard and 20-inch piccola rims integral active steering combined steering for the rear wheels with support that varies based on the steering angle on the front axle at speeds of up to around 60 km/h the rear wheels turn opposite to the front wheels this minimizes the effort required for steering above 60 kilometers per hour beginning around faster speeds of around 60 grams per hour the rear wheels turn parallel to the front wheels this increases stability and comfort particularly with swift and sudden link changes electron adjustable seats with leg extensions and massage function available very cool and sports steering you the full color BMW head-up display projects information that is saturation specific and relevant to the journey directly into the drivers field of vision data such as speed is displayed along with navigation tips speed limit info including no no overtaking indicator telephone and entertainment lists and informations and warnings from the various driver assistance systems with the feasibility package you get the adaptive LED headlights headlight washers high beam assistant lock unlock all McArdle sound system the memo sheets or for the first time now on the doors this one is a two-person setting folding mirrors with the Blind Spot Assist with the technology package you get the head-up display device I hotspot preparation display key and ass bluetooth with wireless charging BMW gesture control sport pedals and thread now in the interior of the BMW 5-series this is our first and it looks lovely head-up display with new features shift paddles beautiful looking – the center console is a little bit to watch driver here you have the Storch area with USB one can’t break it out of old old function camera system parking sensors this is the control for the I Drive the new I Drive and this is the adaptive mode which sport comfort and Eco Pro Mode the adaptive mode the car can automatically adjust the devising this is the gear leaver also lit up you can also write the address down just like this this also a very cool system in my opinion the center console is slightly angled toward the driver for the most economic use possible it has two cupholders wireless charging area optional new touch screen climate control fully automatic with heated seats and the perfume system also available just like the seventh series for zone climate control as I said the instrument panel and sensotec lens the interior are highly exclusive atmosphere the artificial leather is applied directly to a semi rigid foam and features are impressively soft surface push button ignition with the sports all function this is the main menu of the car it is a 12-point 3-inch thought screen as I said with glossy black look with the premium package you get ambient air package massage function in front all four teats in front ceramic finish four controls air conditioning automatic read for zone control automatic trunk settings radio DVD language every possible function is adjustable on this beautiful system information such as recommendations for the optimum departure time is available outside of the vehicle by iPhone or Apple watch and thanks to the BMW connected onboard is also accessible in the vehicle for the more remote 3d views view allows the surroundings of the parked vehicle to be viewed from a distance and then display driving assistant plus it enables automated driving in situations such as such as traffic jams and slow-moving traffic or on long journeys even when changing lanes you’re in good hands the cruise control is also under on steering you add a shift paddles Lane Assist adaptive cruise control you can buy it with night vision automatic lights fog lights demography mirror automatic sunroof interior lighting with the SOS function telephony with wireless charging includes a wireless charging dock and additional USB ports a roof aerial connection improves mobile reception to mobile phone telephones and an audio player can be connected simultaneously via bluetooth also included our Bluetooth office and the technical capacity for a Wi-Fi hotspot and this is the six-cylinder in-line engine the BMW 5-series is available with the Harman Kardon sound system or a power and Milken sound system surround sound 3d with two diamond tweeters 16 carefully positioned speakers thanks for watching

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  1. Alaattin kardeş youtube'daki en beğendiğim araba incelemeleri videolarını çeken sensin. Tebrikler kardeş.
    alex745alejandro/Ali Can abiyi tanırsın belki? Almanya'da yaşıyor, oto vlog çekiyor. Bir ara onunla birlikte ortak video çekmenizi isterim.

  2. Mercedes E? BMW 5 ? 2017 .. her ikisinide kullandınız. ikisinden birini almayi düşünüyorum , hangisini tavsiye edersiniz? neden ?

  3. boyle sistemin allah belasini versinn.. bizi avrupanin coplerine mahkum edenlere !!! martta turkiyeye geliyor 2.0 d modeli
    fiyat 300.000 Borusanin verdigi fiyat.
    Allah belanizi versin tekrar !!!

  4. I don't know why so many people are saying mercs look better than this. Imo, I think both this thing's interior and exterior are so much better than a merc e class. The rear of a merc looks dated and honestly reminds me of an old lincoln for some reason. As for the interior, its more of a taste thing. I hate how the entire dash and center console are so flat and shiny, coupled with the fact that mercs don't use an actual stick in the center column for a shifter anymore.

  5. Why GERMANY why, you're so successful and excellent in everything…?? You're the KING..and will always be.

    with utmost respect and admiration from Middle East ❤👏

  6. the trunk openning with feet is done by vw years ago. i dont understand why the technology sucks that much in cars. the tablets 7 years ago is faster than this cars touch screen like key or touch screen. it is f.cking slow at least put a tablet damm engineers.

  7. Lovely car I have a 5 series with the same colour interior I only wish that BMW would integrate the sat nav unit into the main dashboard design instead of the unit looking like an add on afterthought the current trend throughout the BMW range just spoils the appearance of what is a superb car. Come on BMW get an interia designer who has some better ideas Terry UK

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