BMW i8 2017 TEST DRIVE In Depth Review Interior Exterior

BMW i8 2017 TEST DRIVE In Depth Review Interior Exterior

Hello and welcome to Alaatin61 i have a BMW special the most high-tech BMW you can get it is such a gorgeous looking car people are turning their heads there are telling me that the car is beautiful the design is futuristic i love the LED lights in the interior i love the fact that i love the fact that I hate has Laser headlights instead of LED headlights they’re more efficient and you see further than normal i love the fact that the gauges during rattling you turn on the sport mode it is a carbon fiber Chelsea its it has two motors one electric motor and normal point five liter engine with 230 horsepower and electric motor has one on the 30 horsepower it has received system you can get it looks futuristic it has the head of display I’m in love and I like the way that the doors are opened it has powerful shapes and precise contours it looks very dynamic and atlantic on wrote it comes with 20-inch rims a standard it is the beautiful 360 degrees camera system on it in total the car has three on the test 620 horsepower 0262 in about four seconds the top speed is limited to 250 km/h the few efficiency 2.1 liters per 100 kilometers the natural interior it has recycled materials clear interests the exclusive leather and black nappa leather has a clear light and modern affect the engine is a 1.5 liter three-cylinder in-line engine turbo charged in total the car has five on that 70 new to mix of door the fuel capacity is 42 litters I really love the scissor doors how they are open and the doors are very light and we’re now in the beautiful BMW i8 beautiful leather steering you two colors plants really nice and with the ambient lighting which I will show later in the video and a power outlet integrated in this area you have the USB input and interface connection this is the idrive controller very easy you can also write the address down if you want it has the parking sensors camera system one camera in the front one in the back to underneath the mirrors there’s also the birth to you very cool system and the quality of the camera is very very good look at the gear lever now sport mode when I engage eco pro but the key is also different to the BMW models which i will also show normal climate control heated seats for the driver and passenger three settings a lot of safety system the carwash you when you’re close to the current front it can also break for you here are the ambient lighting settings three colors to choose from you can also turn it off if you want i like them being lating a lot bitch don’t display now you have different settings for eco and sport blast mode sport mode beautiful head-up display can adjust the height it is also the chef battle spent staring you voice activation who’s controlling steering view this is the best supercar you can by which you can also use at every day as I said no problems with parking beautiful Laser headlights more efficient than LED headlights it is also the LED daytime running lights camera on the front for the 360 degree camera system BMW has done a great job with this morning looking car i like the fact that the gear reverse also lit up at night the shape is grown on me it looks really nice in my opinion it has LED taillights the turn signals are on top separately it is also the rare for camera now this salty looks like when the gear Liveris on the left you are in sport mode and the petrol engine is running all the time full output from the electric motor former settings for the dampers and more aggressive power steering I love them being lighting very cool interior this car has a six-speed automatic transmission shift paddles been staring you I like the exposed comment and the i8 locals integrate than the addresses cup holders in the back seats you have also seats for the children in the back now let’s take a look at the trunk of this BMW these are the charging cables now before i became with the test drive I want to say that this car in the city is really comfortable compared to other sports cars it has adaptive suspensions in sport mode full throttle it goes and I mean it gross Oh it’s really really fast it’s unbelievable how it goes and pulse it is very rigid it talks the root great ground clearance as I said earlier the visibility is really really good no blind spots the Trotter responses really good no turbo leg when you step on it the head-up display gives me in information the speeds safety systems when it’s needed it gives you also sound warnings when you are and what’s also cool when you reverse the mirror scope down so we have you don’t scratch the rims i love the fact that the camera can be turned on when you are traveling up to 20 km/h these are the ambient lighting colors as i said earlier three colors you can light up the doors only or you can also light up the Opera part which you are now seeing and defeat in the dash the red part or you can turn the system off if you want if you get distracted by it i dont the car is also very good isolated from the outside no boys no Angeles no time the sport it’s really windy balls and that goes the car is very stable at high speeds before you know it you’re driving too fast in the sport move you can also charge the electric motor shop I like that it’s a very modern and clear design suits the car perfect in my opinion Oh the car is thousand four on the test 60 kilograms in the city when you are in comfort mode the steering is really light the electric engine the electric motor can be charged in two hours it has a range of thirty seven kilometers away with it I’m battery i tried to travel it in the drive mode you can get that drive very economical that’s the best about this car it looks good it drives really good and you can get perfect who economy if you want if you drive carefully BMW has done a really good job at this car it’s a hybrid sports car uses the electric motor and the normal engine when it’s needed the center also is aligned towards the driver for more sporty fuel in the city it’s really good i like the fact that the car is charged up in two hours not a whole day and with that you can travel about 37 km/h about 22 mouse only on electric mode it grips really well this car it is the distinctive LED daytime running lights in the u-shape and the LED rear taillights it has a very long view base with short overhangs and a solid stance and in the middle full-blood that sports car if you keep it in the courts or eco promote the Carville around on electric power it’s activates only the it activates the better engine only when it’s needed up of 45 miles per hour the doors are built out of other medium carbon and thermoplastic so they are fifty percent lighter than normal door

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  1. Hi Alaatin, great video. I collected my i8 last week and I'm in love with it. the most usable supercar ever. a couple of things, you can drive it in all electric at upto 75 mph and it actually has 3 motors, one petrol and two electric 🙂 the smaller electric motor is used to fill in the gaps during the transition between electric to hybrid petrol and vice versa. I love your drone footage in your videos, it's very professional.

  2. +alaattin61 araç tümseklerden geçerken sorun yaşarmıyız altı alçak olduğu için belki bir çok kişinin merak ettiği sorudur cevaplarsanız sevinirim şimdiden teşekkür ederim.

  3. alatin i like your videos a lot. Tell me one thing. All german cars are beautiful. but what is your favorite car and what car industry you like the most? Mb,bmw,audi, porche? also can you do maybe vw cars? like passat b8 or phaeton. keep up the good work

  4. If I ever am planning to get a new car ur the exact person I am watching for reviews especially how much I love BMW and Mercedes 🙂

  5. This car is beautiful absolutely no doubt but I personally do feel it's overpriced, for around the same price you can get a Tesla with 762hp and it's also can fit 4-5 adults instead of just having the rear seats for kids. Or if you really want a hybrid the Honda NSX produces 575 horse power.

  6. you did one little mistake wich when you said scisor doors they are butterfly doors !! besides it's very good video good job !!

  7. alaatin trabzonlusun işte bize ingilizceyle ne şekil yapıyorsun Türkçe anlat şunu bizde anlayalım 🙂

  8. Alaattin abi video yine şahane bir sorum var size gunluk kullanim icin lüks araba seçecek olsaydiniz tercihinizi hangi arabada kullanirdiniz

  9. Be mindful…it can be difficult getting in and out of the car when someone parks fairly close.  The doors swing outward pretty far.

  10. These used are suprisingly affordable. In the 50k prices for 2014. Im thinking about getting a used i8 when im older.

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