BMW M2 2016 Start Up, Exhaust Sound, FULL In Depth Review Interior Exterior

BMW M2 2016 Start Up, Exhaust Sound, FULL In Depth Review Interior Exterior

today I’m at Bremen pmw in Rotterdam the Netherlands they are on this is the brand-new BMW m2 with the amp performance typing in this video we will look at every future of the brand new BMW m2 and I will also start it so you can hear twin-turbo m6 inline engine 3 liter is it better than the bmw m3 you can comment below the replacement of the m1 the BMW m2 this BMW m2 produces to y’all the 1070 horsepower it’s a rear-wheel drive car it is the replacement of the BMW m1 next to it it produces 400s 65 minutes of torque zero to six to a 4.3 seconds for the automatic 4.5 for the manual you can also write with a manual transmission which is great it has a 7-speed and dual clutch transmission the engine is a three litre six cylinder in-line that’s Ranger the top speed is limited to 250 km/h or you but you can raise it to 270 grunts Brown that’s one on the 1070 Mouse at the end drivers package this car is thousand four hundred and seventy kilograms there’s also a m3 BMW that one does zero to 62 and 4.1 this does it then 4.3 seconds it’s a rear-wheel drive car by external headlight LED headlights with LED headlight washers daytime running lights in two eyes and two logo the m2 has a different more aggressive front bumper side skirts with rims and rear bumper it has an active and differential the disks at the front are three hundred and eighty millimeters with four Pistons I love the blue brake callipers specific to the hand model and perform a side squat three hundred and seventy millimeters discs at the back to pest and brake calipers on the back carbon mirrors beautiful couplet I love the rear bumper at the end Performance Exhaust this one is the top speed of 270 grams per hour beautiful Carville spoiler which is needed for that top speed LED tail lights quad exhaust carbon diffuser beautiful details looks great you brief camera it has an active limited slip differential 370 liters of capacity in depth with folding rear seats I perfect Anja for the BMW 3 litre 6 and 9 2000 Anja beautiful interior the speedometer is different special to the M model with the am logo it says three on Clontz browser this how the key looks like unlock lock trunk please this is the interior adjustable all nest out USB input Bluetooth connectivity for your phone control for the I Drive this also eliminates that night you can also write the address down on this even the ad break us with carbon and Alcantara mix special service speed Tiptronic air box the chair pedals behind steering you climate control the teeth seats three settings driver and passenger front defrost front defrost rear defrost adjustable fan speed control for the navigation I Drive clock undock for the tour’s navigation system this is the main menu of the car multimedia system sound settings cd/dvd radio phone settings Bluetooth connectivity navigation map you can do also a split screen if you want office settings messages notes connect the drive pmw only via KHOU information trip computer sport display and it is the GoPro app and the lap timer and left timer app so you can get the information on the screen immediately life voice activation beautiful shift paddles mounted on steering wheel nappa leather steering wheel cruise control with limiter Demming River LED interior lightning as a response it has also the GoPro app and the M lap timer app so you can connect that the features on the active display buuuut form a card on sound system sounds great I love the carbon trip it has a special interior that blue stitching Storch areas power adjustable seats with memory for the driver and logos integrated dark headliner beautiful three-spoke and stereo with the M colors stitched onto it I love the eliminated gear lever with the cargo tray a lot of space my hat is slightly touching the roof thanks for watching you

60 thoughts on “BMW M2 2016 Start Up, Exhaust Sound, FULL In Depth Review Interior Exterior

  1. Hi,Alaatin61 can you please look at the messages I sent on the video of you reviewing the Renault megane 2016

  2. Great review! When you can, do a review on the BMW M3/M4 Competition Package! I'm curious to hear the new Sport exhaust.

  3. Where the flaps open the whole time on the M performance exhaust? What does it sound like with them closed? Thanks and great video!

  4. Thanks for your reviews. I really hope you took some video of the black M4 competition package I saw in the background there 😉

  5. Gerçekten kendinizi geliştirdiniz sıradaki araç ne olacak diye sabırsızlıkla bekliyoruz acaba alaatin bey bmw mi mercedes mi tercih ederdi ?

  6. Great job my friend.. Please make a review of the red E30 M3 .. It looks great…

  7. Amazing little car but this particular version is overdone with so many accessories from MP and ruined with that automated box.

  8. Notice the twisted driver's seat? For cost-cutting reasons, the seat is not perpendicular to the steering wheel. It is set a few degrees pointed to the left. It is noticeable. This alone is a show-stopper for me.

  9. Very complete review. I sat in one @ Brussels Autoshow but didn't pay much attention to the interior:) I ordered one months ago. At the end of may(week 21) I can pick it up, LBB DCT. Not a fan of the M Perf goodies and stuff but I like the MPE(though it doesn't seem to sound much different from stock, flaps open/closed or you have to delete cats/other midpipe (downpipe?) etc like the MotoGP Safetycar…Sinds wanneer staat deze bij Breeman? Mijn dealer krijgt volgende week een blauwe, maar die is al verkocht(doh:)) (Beier Heerenveen)

  10. is this the apline white or mineral white? also which white is like the iconic m color to use with the decorative stripes with the M flag?

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