BMW M4 Competition Package 2018 Exhaust Sound, In Depth Review Interior Exterior

BMW M4 Competition Package 2018 Exhaust Sound, In Depth Review Interior Exterior

the competition packet is more powerful than standard m4 it has stiffer springs upgraded dampers and firmer anti-roll bars and there’s also software tuning the adaptive dampers have three settings Comfort Sport Sport+ for the track carbon fiber parts on the front and rear splitters rear spoiler hood and proved to keep the weight down this car did the Nurburgring in 7 minutes and 38 seconds and this is the interior of the BMW m4 special color carbon inserts in the interior there is no manual available for the updation packets gear leaver this is the facelift BMW m4 competition packets [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] the top speed is 280 km/h that’s 170 miles per hour the damn drivers package this car produces 455 horsepower 0 to 6 2 in 3.9 seconds it is around the 420 pound-feet of torque the engine is a 3 liter twin-turbo straight six-cylinder engine it has a 7-speed automatic transmission the m4 competition package uses an adaptive suspension system and the number of elements especially suspension bits at the front you have the more aggressive front bumper with the carbon inserts the new LED headlight system full LEDs with new data and running lights more angular beautiful shape of the competition package front bumper looks very aggressive thanks to the carbon special bonnet at the site you have 19-inch rims with ventilated brake discs michelin tires at the back you have 20-inch rims and 4 logo on the side you have the carbon mirrors we will look at the interior and a few moments carbon roof only on M cars to keep the weight down you have the new LED tail lights with a new shape spoiler looks amazing you have quad exhaust special Emperor bumper and four logo on the dorsal carbon inserts in the interior special M steering view special seats for the M for computation package now more seats for the driver and passenger plenty of space in the back looks really really good the shape of the seats are also special for the m4 you have keyless entry and start folding mirrors the dashboard is now available with double stitching and there is a new chrome interior trend and this is the interior of the BMW m4 special color carbon inserts in the interior special seats special and gear leaver USB M plus Bluetooth connectivity and a storage area and break the controls for the I tried the decks are bottles you can also write the address down this is also little special M gear leaver you can also shift for yourself when you push it to the right it’s in both automatic mode when you push it again you can share for yourself with this or with the gear leaver speed and steering do you have the ESP setting steering special settings camera settings and the parking sensors the engine response you have the computers store – you have gone for flight you have the automatic climate control with it six three settings for the driver and passenger front defrost rear defrost traffic information the new type navigation system just like the 7 Series and drive series this is the main menu of car navigation connect drive car settings interior lightening sport classic follow me home I Drive settings these are the languages available Turkish I will set to English this place you have also the end of display very cool feature you can adjust brightness the height rotation and the information and you instrument cluster control this plate m1 m2 only on the M course we have these two buttons m1 and m2 connected rice communication time pressure system and instrument cluster then the car is warm you don’t have the red and yellow anymore so we can wrap it beautiful em colors on steering wheel voice activation cruise control with limiter automatic lights lay noses there’s the demographic mirror does the SOS button and LED lights in the interior integrate microphone here you have also the blank spot assist in the mirror integrated the mirror shape is special to the BMW f4 for it’s more aerodynamic as the Ottoman car door sound system by the way folding mirrors of course now let’s take a look at the engine of this beauty you have the carbon brace it’s a three liter inline petrol engine thanks for watching

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  1. I love the exterior of this car, but BMW has to start working on the interior style of they're cars. The materials are nice, but man I'm just not feeling the interior at all. Mercedes and Audi are way better. Just my opinion though. Car is still gorgeous overall.

  2. It is beautiful but very expensive I'll buy the M240i X drive.Somehow the sound isn't as good as the M2's,the M2 sounds just like it should deep and loud the M4 is loud too but the sound is just not ass good and deep like the M2's I wonder why. I'm sad that the M2 isn't 4×4 because in my region northern Europe its pretty important for a car if you want to use it in the Winter.

  3. kardeşim eline sağlık sen ne zaman türkiye ye geliyorsun onu haber et mutlaka görüşelim trabzonda 🙂

  4. Sounds like a ricer.. so sad that BMW makes a car like this and makes it sound like a lawn mower. C'mon BMW!

  5. Der Reded ein Blödsinn,mein Vater arbeitet bei BMW und deshalb weiß ich das der 450ps hat und nicht 455ps und der Schaft mit M-Drievers Pakets 305km/h und er ist von o auf 100km/h nicht in 3.9 Sekunden sondern in 4.2

  6. I love BMW, I've had 3…99 m3/01 740I/06 330i
    But this one looks like a suped up dyson
    An sounds like a pressure washer

  7. Hello can anybody help me. So i just bought a standard m4 is the competition package available for upgrade or you have to buy it during the first purchase.

  8. Pretty sure u can get the manual transmission with the competition package. Considering this vehicle and looked it up.

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