BMW X3 2018 X20d POV Drive, In Depth Review Interior Exterior

BMW X3 2018 X20d POV Drive, In Depth Review Interior Exterior

hey Ron welcome to a Latin 61 today I will film this beautiful bmw x3 this is the third generation BMW x3 the interior is the same quality as a 7 Series and 5 Series it has a beautiful interior I really like the details on this car the Blind Spot Assist II under steering assist you have the head of this play of the heated seats in the back what I like the most is the new tree on the tan 60 degrees camera system on this car this car has a camera this car as a camera in the front in the back and underneath the mirrors so you can easily park this car now the front of the bmw x3 looks almost like the BMW x5 now you have the new LED adaptive headlights with the new shape the fog lights are integrated the fog lights are the lower parts of the headlight unit we have the new data running lights I really like the 360 degrees camera system on this car the camera is located here you have the wider and bigger kidney grille it opens and closes you have the parking sensors and I really like this luxury line edition you have the chrome parts integrating the front bumper gives the car a more luxury look let me look at the site of the new x3 you can see the same look as the previous x3 only this part is new you have air outlets down there just like the 5 Series and 7 Series they have of course the X Drive 20d logo on site The Blind Spot Assist is now located in the mirror not inside the mirror this is better in my opinion looks very cool you have the chrome editions this is special to the luxury line this chrome part and I really like the 20 inch rims on this x3 you can see the new shape for the taillights they are full LEDs the turn signals are also LEDs you have of course the refu camera you have the dual exhaust chrome tip and this chrome part looks lovely there’s a special to the luxury line you have also a spoiler and the panoramic sunroof of course this trunk is automatic by the way you can also open it with jerky it has 550 liters of trunk space they fold the rear seats down a thousand six hundred liters hoax you have a storage area on the left and this is the interior of the brand new bmw x3 you can see the beautiful touchscreen iDrive system with a 360 degrees camera The Blind Spot Assist you have the adaptive mode which is also new you have the heated seats you have the memory seat leg extensions leather – hormone cortisone system beautiful panoramic sunroof with the dark headliner this is the space left I vomit 183 quite good you have the three zone climate control with heated seats also in the back power outlet every part is made out of leather soft leather the buttons are chrome looks lovely you have Storch areas down here I really like this X logo you have the memoir seek to person setting Harmon Kardon sound system here’s a blind spot located in the mirror not here this better you have the folding mirrors of course I really love the panoramic sunroof and the scenes of the store cherry is quite big luxury line you can also move these parts electronically adjustable seats and we are now in the driver seat of the brand-new BMW x3 sport mode Comfort eco mode and the adaptive mode very very nice done just like the five and the service series you have the head-up display looks lovely you will see it in the test drive with the information more information I really love them ambient lighting and you have the camera system the top view touchscreen I Drive leather armrests Storch area USB input the Storch area is quite big lovely area of the electron can’t break out of old you have the hill descent you have the cameras you have also the panorama view the efferent views where front I will show that it can also automatically Park parking sensors you have the new adaptive mode sport court eco you can turn off the ESP the iDrive controller you can also write that are stock this is for the park this button is now where you can also share for yourself with the shift paddles drive sport mode cup holders right less charging for the first time you have the USB input X real ago three zone climate control with heated seats also in the front and in the back automatic of course you can also buy the perfume system this is for the safety system this button all on or you can set it up individually now I will turn the screen to English so we can see it better these are the languages available for the bmw x3 English selected now the safety systems you have the pedestrian alert you have the collision warning you have the lane departure warning steering into fresh intervention lane change warning side collision give way warning so it goes on all on now it has a push button ignition and keyless entry this for the start/stop you can turn it off this is the main menu of the car touchscreen which is also new the navigation is also really nice only spelling is possible for the selected country please spell you can do also a split-screen it has the communication settings it supports app carplay and android auto connect the drive of course BMW assistance whether notifications my vehicle gets a top driver profiles three of them and the guests vehicle settings lights ambient lighting turned on the colors available it’s now on right I really like blue so I will turn it on blue do do stripes just like the five and seven series lights exterior lighting it has also the welcome light carpet just like the 7 Series so this turns on so you can easily enter the car stripes LED stripes on the ground I Drive settings there’s also the gastric control you can open and you can turn off the volume touchpad settings this place there’s the head-up display you can adjust height of the head of this plate so it goes on just like that and here you have the new type steering view with the adaptive cruise control and steering assist on it with the limiter can set up the distance chef fellows here we have the different modes light settings automatically they have a small storage area down here it has the demographic mirror it has the beautiful LED lights just like the 7 and 5 I really like these lights SOS button and the panoramic sunroof of course looks beautiful I like this car a lot very nicely put together looks lovely the suspension is very comfortable even though you can get it turn it on to sport mode it stays comfortable which which is a nice feature I like that I like comfortable cars so I will keep it in comfort mode you have the head of this plate you can adjust the height very very comfortable thanks to the high seating position you have a clear vision on the road it’s almost the same height as the bmw x5 I really like the bonnet shape it has also the automatic parking system I want to demonstrate that for you guys when I find a nice spot I want to demonstrate the automatic parking system look this is the refuge camera this is the sight camera this a very very nice view this is the left side this is the automatic mode and then you have also the front of the car you can see the bicycle now on the side and you have different angles I want to demonstrate the automatic parking system it’s now turned on when we see a spot that will automatically park that’s a free spot let’s see park stop the vehicle presses button the park button and hold it and then the car will automatically adjust the speed and the manoeuvre and the same view on its own and do nothing you can see it in the camera and do nothing it’s now finished for the great system now let’s look at the cameras the car is now parked the cool system review sites food apart as you can see it’s an x-ray of your drive system now we will turn on hi turn on the highway I will turn on comfort mode because I like I like that more we accelerate you can see that the front is lifting up that’s a nice feeling to have and this power the 190 horsepower is plenty enough when I when you go over the lines without turning on the turn signal the steering wheel fibrates full throttle 80 90 100 110 120 watts they’re tossing the sport oh that’s awesome we’re driving 110 clocks per hour windows are closed a little bit of red noise it’s a higher power than a five Siri d30 but overall it’s good now I will demonstrate the steering assist when you push this button on the steering wheel on the left it will stay between the lace demonstrate them now it’s turned on it becomes great Stan you yes it’s green so the cars now staying on its own and it’s green can let go it’s green now you will see that also in corners it will stare into the corner you can see I am NOT nothing turns white zone it’s a very clever system it’s a nice system after a while it will people and tell you to grab a grab the steering wheel and do nothing that’s this a long time yes now you have to grab to grab the stick now you can let go very nice system this also new on x3 it makes it easy and more comfortable on long journeys you can let go the safe go and relax a little bit but you have to pay attention every time that felt awesome artist Aaron assess the song we can speed up with the button on sting I turned the dog to 130 plants per hour now it will it will automatically follow the power in the front and stair bite so we’re traveling not one of the crumbs from the same as a bar in the front when I change then it will automatically speed up now it’s leading up to one on the ten third round round I set up to 130 pounds now we are open overtaking without me doing nothing very nice time

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  1. Now when you drove it,tell me please wich has the most eleveted driving position.This X3, AudiQ5, MercGLC or new Volvo XC60.And wich is most confortable.Thank you

  2. hi alaatin i have been watching your videos for few years now . i am really happy for you and i want you to know you are doing great job and you deserve every view ! so great job

    ps: which car do you own are you buying a new car for yourself ?

  3. Hi Alaatin61,
    Greetings form Canada. Thank you soo much for such a wonderful review. Love the way you demonstrated the features specially showing the Park Assist and Lane assist.
    Hope to see more from you. Happy Holiday's 🙂


  4. Long time subscriber here just catching up. My favorite channel, I could look at these cars all day. This is one of the best reviews you've done! Even more professional and detailed this time. Keep it up!

  5. Great review. It’s also refreshing to see a reviewer who likes comfortable cars, because I do too. Most reviewers focus on sportiness, and I get frustrated most of the time because I want to know if the car being reviewed is a comfortable daily driver, but all they talk about is sportiness, like every car and every buyer is supposed to be drag racers.

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