BMW X7 REVIEW Exterior Interior all-new 7-seater SUV – Autogefühl

BMW X7 REVIEW Exterior Interior all-new 7-seater SUV – Autogefühl

This is the production model of the all new
BMW X7. The all new “big” SUV from the BMW brand. And here on Autogefühl – your
number one resource for in-depth car reviews and your number one community to discuss cars
– today, with Thomas, we’re going to take you on a tour of the exterior, interior and
what we can expect from driving this very vehicle in full HD, full screen and full length.
Let’s go! What a supermassive front end – it’s really
upright. I wonder how that went through the safety regulations? It’s really flat, but
here, of course, the hood is rising just a little bit. It’s the biggest BMW kidney so
far and those slim headlamps – they lead over and form one unit, whereas the new X5 has
basically split down here so there’s design differentiation. Comes with adaptive LED lights from standard.
Optional – those ones with the blue accentuations – those are the laser lights with a high beam
range of 600 meters. However, if you are in the US, the range will reduce to 300 meters
– that’s maximum regulations – so you can just go with the adaptive lamps anyway. Outside
those markets where there’s allowed with a full LED full laser light high beam, then
it might make sense. The lower part – this one here – is a design
package which sets more on the elegance trim. However, there’s also an M Sport trim with
sportier lower air intakes and you can also change the color if you don’t want so much
Chrome, so that’s all will be possible. By the way, this color is called Arctic Gray.
It’s a gray-bluish tone, but a very subtle, elegant one. 5 metres 15 or 16 foot 9 is the total
length here of the all new X7 so, you know, about 20 centimeters longer than X5 approximately.
And this will be, of course, the third seating row. We’ll soon take a look at that. 22,22
inch rims. Those ones here are the biggest one – 10,22 inch rim also with contrasting
brake caliper. Now you can see more nuances of this gray-blue color. The trim here’s
core design – pure excellence – both for that and the M Sport you can get those side steps
additionally – you don’t have to pick them. The base model will also come with plastic
fenders around the wheel arches for a more off-road look. I would prefer that. This one
here, as well as the M Sport comes with painted wheel arches. Which one would you actually
prefer? The rest of the side silhouette you can see
is more upright to give you more space on the interior. Also, standard roof rails right
there, so really high overall vehicle. This is also a difference to the X5 which has a
little bit more design focus. This one here than the focus also on room on the interior.
Will it hold for the promises from the exterior? We will soon find out. What do you think about
the design here? By the way, you have maybe noticed that the car sits very low at the
moment. The standard air suspension goes up four centimetres, or down four centimeters
from a base level so the overall difference is then eight centimeters. There’s also an
off road package available with an underfloor cover and some more off road driving modes
– hill descent control for example. When the car goes faster, the air suspension will always
go down a little bit and to increase the agility of this rather long vehicle, there will also
be a rear axle steering available, so when you drive slowly, the wheels on the rear go
across to the front wheels. When you drive a little bit faster, for more stability, they
go in the same direction and also an anti-tilting control that the car doesn’t go too much to
the right or the left. So, electric motors are working against that then, and this then
should even out this weight and additional length of the vehicle while driving. We will
find out in the driving review for you for sure and both the anti-tilting and the rear
axle steering is part of one drivings package. And, finally, the rear with a chrome stripe
here all over the car, daytime running lights and the whole car’s also more upright, for
example, then again if you compare it to an X5 and surely fits as a competitor to the
Mercedes GLS – so many years they didn’t have a real competitor for that. In a lower part
– fake exhaust tips – the real ones are on the inside. They can keep the design language
same for all models then and a matte gray or matte silver lower bumper – this has a
real structure in it so everything already from the exterior looks pretty expensive.
Always practical with BMW front hoods, that you release them twice from the inside then
you don’t have to search for anything. Like – it’s just open – then you can put them up
also with hydraulic struts. By the way, pre-production model here and also for the studio, we have
separated charger here so this is, of course, not how it looks like in real. Also, the logo
will be uncovered so an exclusive look for you, you know, before everything is super
finished. Let me tell you something more about the engines.
There will be the diesel engines in three horsepower specs: 258 horsepower, 326 or 400
horsepower. The three-layer six-cylinder diesel or then this one here – the 40i – is the petrol
engine. This is a three litre six cylinder petrol engine with 340 horsepower – probably
the best seller worldwide then. No plug-in hybrid plan for the X7 unlike for the X5.
And then in the U.S., you can also get the 4.4 liter v8 – the big engine – then with
462 horsepower. Let’s now take a look at the interior. You
can also get the X7 with soft-close – there we go – so the last bit of the door closed
itself so you don’t have to hammer them. Interesting luxury feature for sure. Always wide opening
doors in the front – well not that wide from the angle – but they are very huge. Interesting
design wise, the Hofmeister kink right here at the inside door handle is a BMW design
element that has been introduced a couple of decades ago. Then, galvanized buttons here
that they are all, you know, have those metal — metal mix parts on the top part so they
have a nice touch to them, and ambient lighting you can see here that goes with a swing. Optional
– Bose built-in sound system. Bigger bottles might fit there, but not too big – at least
in the top part and you can already see from the interior that you sit higher than in a
BMW X5 so it’s a wide entry right there. If you take a closer look, you could see already
some wood elements as decor you can get here, in this case, also matte wood elements with
open-cell wood and then different stylings of those lacquer wood. I would always prefer
the open cell matte wood – not available in the 7 series sedan, but here in the X7. Then, those seats have some BMW individual
equipment. With the color, it matches the exterior color so color wise, a beautiful
job. They are sport seats – those are, you know, sports seats are base seats – and then
this one here is the optional comfort seat, so two seat forms are available and most of
them are covered with animal skin. There will be some markets which have a synthetic leatherette
alternative for a more sustainable choice, but they won’t offer that on a wide scale.
At least not yet. The steering wheel – this one here is the
normal Non-M steering wheel. It will also feature seat heating that you can always activate
right there at the lower part, just underneath the airbag. And also with the host of silver
controls here – left side, for example, for the cruise control and the right side for
the sound system or for the voice control. Nice detail between the doors – you can see
the stamped X7 logo. Let’s take a seat. And by the way, the sidestep
is somewhat hindering you when getting in so I would probably not go for this option.
Also for off-road use, not really useful unless you have some awkward situation where the
co-driver stands on the outside on this side, but probably won’t happen with this vehicle.
I’m 1 metres 86, or six-foot-one. That leaves some headroom still, above my head. The panoramic
roof is standard – you can maybe see a small structure in there – that’s why there’s the
laser coming from the side in this option and then the panoramic roof is basically illuminated
in the ambient light. Very interesting. You will soon also find some angles where you
can see that better on camera. Well, the seating position is indeed super high. The front hood
goes way in the front so it’s a massive feeling when sitting in this car and definitely also
a difference to when driving in the X5. Well, how it handles? We’ll soon find out with
the driving review. I can just say so far, well, the seats are of course quite comfortable,
however, if you wear a belt here in the lower area this may be, you know, the position here
– I’ve experienced that better before how the belt feels then because the lower area
here – and the seat is a quite voluminous. I think it’s good when you don’t wear a belt,
but, if you wear a belt, then it’s maybe too voluminous at that very side. Then, you
can also make the seats a little bit longer in the front here, for example – all electrical.
They have set the seam that everything is supposed to be electric. Here also, when you
control the higher part of the seat or seat with lumbar support, definitely an executive
car already in the front. Interior overview – you can see you have a
very flat surface all the way over here. Horizontal layout with a mid light – very nice blue.
All the different colors available. Then two 12.3 inch, so left and right 12.3 inches screen.
This one is a new bigger one with a new BMW software then, as well. It’s also touch but
you can still control with the lower knob so both is actually possible and this looks
also like a really fast hardware now that is behind that map. Soon, a little bit more
deals to that. The temperature is not properly powered here
at the moment because we’re in the studio. This one is a screen where I see the temperature.
You can make it warmer, colder or then also with the vents. And in the lower part, you
have another cubby hole with cupholders, the key and also you have one USB slot and you
can also heat and cool those cupholders. This lower middle console – this one is an
option – this crystal gear lever – it does not feel very well because it’s really little
bit – it’s not sharp that you would cut yourself – but it’s not smooth, so – and it also – together
with this one, the special crystal turning knob, this one also, both they reflect in
sunlight we added with the X5 so I would stick with a standard gear knob and also with the
standard turning one here. They come as a package together with this crystal package.
They are pretty fancy, that’s for sure, but practical are the other ones. Then, start/stop engine right here, also with
the driving modes then, and the hill descent control if you have the off-road package and
you can always control the air suspension – put it a little bit higher or lower – but
it also goes automatically according to the speed. Middle arm rest with a split opening right
there, and you have an inductive charging plate in the front. USB normal in the front,
but USB C here under the armrest and some more storage. Look at the digital displays.
Don’t wonder, by the way, there’s still a pre-production software on there, so you’re
seeing X5, of course you will see an X7 in the final version. Left side, the speed and
the rpms go around counterclockwise on the right side. Infotainment up close – as I said, you can
still control with the central knob but then also just as touch. You have on the left side
then, for example, you could also have a voice input for the address; let’s also try that
with the temperature: Wes, to BMW: Set temperature to 22 degrees.
BMW: I set the temperature in the driver’s area on 22 degrees celsius. Cool, so that works pretty easily. Nice. Telephone
can be connected via bluetooth or with apple carplay wireless. Standard with the old BMW’s
now and not Android auto because they say Android auto does not really handle their
data well. Apple obviously does, BMW says. And let’s open that roof. You see a black
cover, all covered with suede – by the way, microfiber – really cool. Nice build quality
and you can see some more of this Sky Lounge option; this illumination later comes from
the side and illuminates those structures inside the glass. Very interesting. Really
cool. Sometimes you can see it better with your own eyes than on camera. And the front
part, you can also open off this sustainer glass roof like this, and there – little step
further – so it goes all the way over the vehicle, which is the opening. The rear opening’s
not that tall but the glass roof will be very interesting, especially for the rear passengers
that they can look to the sky. And now, what is this car all about? Yes,
the rear seats and of course, second and third seating row. First of all, here, I want to
show you we have an electric shade because they want to have X7 so, according to the
seven series, everything of that also has to work electrically. Then, if you take a
look at the rear seating right there, this is a split setup so two, two, two – six seats
overall – this is an option. Normally, you would start with a bench that goes all the
way through. It’s also electric movement available then front to the rear with the normal rear
bench. This one here, if you want the more executive seating with some more room, of
course the single seat does have more room then, so a very interesting option for sure,
but you cannot fold them flat. You have to be aware of that. We’ll soon talk about
that once more when we visit the trunk area. But this one here, really looks fancy for
an executive setup in the rear – might even be an option not to go for a 7 series but
here for an X7 as a chauffeur vehicle because the advantage here is you sit more upright
than in a classic sedan. The rear doors could open a little bit wider
but since the car is really big, it’s still easy to get inside and you have up to 9 centimeters
more legroom than in the X5. You know, the X5 had that problem that it didn’t have too
much leg room because, when tall drivers are driving, even here – and this is such a long
vehicle – you know, no problems for tall adults. But considering, you know, in a Škoda Octavia
or something, you have this legroom. They do not use the space they have that much.
One reason for that is also because those luxury seats are very thick. Then, you also
don’t have so much leg room, but here the car’s long enough, you still have enough.
So you can move the seat here to the front or to the rear. Again, if you have the moving
through bench, it would also work to go in the front and the back and again, all electric,
so they don’t want any manual functions right here. Also, with leaning backwards, for example,
or forward, so we have this may be rather sleeping position like this. That’s really
relaxing. Really good comfort here in the rear seats. You can also have rear seat entertainment
right there with those wide screens. You can also, for example, follow the GPS of the car
and also control, by touch, with a crystal-clear display. Very nice. Well, what about the headroom here in the
rear? Again, I’m 1 metres 86 or 6 foot one and sitting under a panoramic roof, still
have enough headroom and there, you can see it’s so important that the outside shapes
also rather upright, because this ensures all the headroom in the rear and then a grayed
look through this panoramic roof here through the front – this is really cool. Also, with
an armrest here on my side, so I think I would really prefer rather this one when being chauffeured
than a classic sedan. Maybe that sedan has – when you have some executive packages that
you couldn’t put your feet somewhere – when you move the front seat in the front. Check
out our new seven series review that will also air at a later stage if you watch that
one fresh or later. We’ll also link it in a video description because this video will
stay online quite a long time. Well, and then there are also electric controls
for the third row. We’re already right there and let’s check that out. You see, I’ve also
lost my jacket meanwhile because now it’s about work time for Thomas. So, this is actually
the only manual function but it goes through and transitions to an electric then this seat
goes in the front and also lifts a little bit right there, and the rear seat compartment,
I can, for example, control right there with those buttons here but at the moment, I will
leave them open so right here, so I could fold them down right here and also fold them
up. This is the function why they have the buttons right there, but, let me get inside
here first to the real third seating row. So, flip up the head restraint and even headroom
wise it does exactly work for me here now. I have a separate climate control which you
cannot see from your angle at the moment, and I even have a separate shade right there.
So that’s the button so I have another panoramic roof just for me – yes – and I can close and
open the shade. Both seats have cup holders and both seats here have even USBC ports in
the very rear. This is a traffic announcement – that’s Autogefühl live on tape with a
3D traffic announcement. So those automatic traffic announcement, they come to just pop
up when there’s some mornings and now I hear those 3D sounds which sounds weird on radio
language, but will actually be quite cool for hearing music. You also have climate control for the second
seating row. If it would be all turned on, you can change the temperature, CD changer
and 12-volt power supply as well as two more USB C plugs possible and adaptive cup holders
also. This is a quite clever solution that the kids don’t spill stuff. And now the
question is, this seat here, I have put in the most backward position and I can slide
over to this side and I can still sit here as in tall L. That’s possible. It gets close
with the legs for sure, but it’s possible to travel in here, in this case, with six
tall adults, probably even with seven tall adults if we see the other version at some
stage. And I have my own rear window – that’s also again a nice feature. Among the most
coziest situations I have felt in the third seating row and of course, I can make myself
more comfortable here because when I put this seat here a little bit more in the front,
this will also be possible, like this, for example, and have really enough legroom right
there and still I could sit here in the second seating row because there is still enough
legroom left right there. So you can vary it a little bit. So, just
as proof, I can still sit here. Even if I have more leg room in the rear, this directly
works. A good compromise would probably be like this one. So in this position now, I
have still comfortable leg from there in the second row and it would still work in the
third row. By the way, this button here, this always sets it again to the – let’s say standard
position – like a reset button. Interesting, also. But you feel that you sit extremely
higher in the rear. There’s also the neck indifference to the other BMW SUV’s. This
is more suitable for children. You maybe see how my my knees are coming close to the to
the rear seat entertainment. Just, you know, height wise, so I think the design is rather
for kids in the rear here, even though adults do fit. And the last thing I want to show you now
from this perspective – just because the mechanism is really interesting again – so when I do
this one here once more, just to show you it again and I’ll get once more in the rear
and then I’ll put the seat backwards. So here we go again, this time, that way so and
now I’ll put the seat back and it goes back to the rear and down again and so how that
will fit with my feet? Let’s see. This is okay, actually and now it goes backwards and
as soon as my feet are squished, you see that seat goes a little bit more in the front.
Now, I can probably sit here, but still someone could sit in front of me although you have
to, you know, adjust it and a little bit maybe then say “oh, can I maybe have like a little
bit more angle” or something, and then you can fit also all those people in here. There are four ways to open the rear hatch.
Either inside of the door at the driver seat, then with the key pressing. With the foot
kick open mechanism – doesn’t work because I don’t have the key my pocket at the moment,
and the fourth way is just here the standard one at the hatch and only in this way, the
split hatch – the lower part – stays where it is to, you know, get things in and out
quite fast. All other three ways, this lower part here automatically opens and with the
top part and there it is. You can also just sit right here. It’s also approved for that.
Easy to slide things in and out and and you can see here, this is the base set up and
this would, litre wise, fit 326 litres. And, we also have a nice cover here with suede.
It’s microfiber. Very cool color like that, you know, really nice. And then we can flip
those seats. So, here at the side, everything again electric. This one is direct a MAX button
for the maximum loading space. You can also flip those seats individually, it’s also possible,
but this one is of course the coolest function. So, if the seats are flipped here, then also
the other ones go forward, for example, or backward, depending on the setup. You can
also slide them from here forward and backward. In this setup here, it would be 750 liters
up to the second row and the maximum setup is 2120 litres. However, this is only possible
then if you have the normal bench here to get them upright again once more. Here folks
I’m offsetting the head restraints so the thing with this very setup here because in
this setup, you’re basically left with third seating row to fold flat and half the trunk
and then you can just slide the front seat a little bit forward and, you know, that’s
it then basically. You know, you can control them from here, forward or backwards like
this, but if you then have the normal bench, you could also fold that one flat and then
get the maximum volume also, for example, for putting a bicycle in here. So, I would
rather go with a standard bench for that exact reason. What would you? And here to show you
again how the hatch closed, when I push this button, you can see that both closed at the
very same time. And now to our conclusion for today with the
all new BMW X7. For sure, it’s a very strong exterior – probably the strongest one in this
very segment – although all those cars are pretty big. Especially due to this huge BMW
front kidney. Well, in the rear you have definitely more space than, for example, also with the
BMW X5, not only lengthwise. You can already see that from the exterior. So also that one
problem we had in the X5 – that the rear leg room was really short is solved then here.
And of course, you have even for adults, the sixth and seventh seat or if you have this
setup here today, this sixth seat so we can drive with more adults overall. You know,
also for the X5, you can now get a seven seater option but here that’s where it really makes
sense because you can also not only drive with kids then on the third bench. Still,
the seats are very voluminous, so you don’t have abundance of space if you compare it
to other cars which are, let’s say, more clever but then again, also maybe less luxurious.
The interior build quality is also on a very high level and I think they’ve also done a
beautiful job at designing it. However, in the higher trim levels, they also elect again
animal skin alternatives at least they will offer some synthetic in some markets. Then
driving wise, very, very interesting because BMW promises that it won’t be so much different
to an X5S for the sportiness as you will have the rear axle steering. That might work against
the size of the vehicle that you can still drive it in an agile way. If that’s true,
we’ll find out for you when the driving review comes and we’ll deliver it here to you on
Autogefühl. Let’s discuss this vehicle in the comments.

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