BMW Z4 Roadster 2019/2020 | M40i NEW FULL REVIEW Interior Exterior

BMW Z4 Roadster 2019/2020 | M40i NEW FULL REVIEW Interior Exterior

available features include the head-up display the first ever on a BMW roadster and the driving assistance package with active driving assistant active blind spot detection lane departure warning and more the starting price for the z4 M 40 I will be sixty four thousand dollars in the US the all new z4 has a new approach to the iconic kidney grille this c4 produces 340 horsepower and 500 Newton meters of torque zero to six two and 4.5 seconds and the top speed is 250 km/h limited the engine is a 3 liter 6-cylinder aniline petrol engine it’s a rear-wheel drive car it has an 8-speed automatic transmission the fuel economy is 7.1 liters per 100 kilometers combined now let’s take a closer look you can see the new design for the iconic kidney grille this color is called the rpm right it has the beautiful LED headlights with the new design it is very attractive in my opinion but there’s the active i-beam the corner lights of course the daytime running lights are a new shape as you can see the inside of the headlights are finished in black which gives it a more sporty look the new design for the kidney grille this color these can open and close when it’s needed you have the new design for the front bumper the cerium gray color for the m-40 eye special and all the black parts are finished in glossy black that makes it even more beautiful in my eyes you have the new amp sport rims with the blue and brake calipers and the M logo of course this and 40i performance model has variable damping variable-ratio power steering and M Sport electronically controlled rear differential and AM performance brakes it has extreme body stiff and rigidity of suspension on the mounting points we will take a look at the interior and a few moments everything is new nice z4 logo it has a soft top now instead of a hardtop beautiful design at the rear the new LED tail lights very slim very nice all LEDs by the way third brake light there’s also a ref with camera of course new diffuser with dual exhausts with the new shape finish the glossy black I think it’s the perfect roadster to drive the trunk space is 281 liters the BMW z4 also comes available with 20 I and 30 I engines which offers 197 horsepower and 258 horsepower the engine is a 3 liter inline petrol engine of course 6-cylinder the new z4 roadster is longer wider and taller than the previous z4 this is the car with the roof up now let’s take a look at the interior because all of it is new beautiful logos at the door cells new steering wheel new digital cockpit I Drive 7 system new seats with the leg extensions and accurately operated nice design to it it has the venturi flector and colours of course memory seats two person setting folding mirrors with the Blind Spot Assist this is diamond by the way the z4 features the very latest operating system 7.0 enabling driver within 2 and personalized controls it’s bolstered by the new BMW life cockpit professional which has a stunning tempo 25 inch touchscreen info display it has also the intelligent personal assistant which has Apple which has the ability to learn and you have a and you have one and you have one smart sports car sport mode comfort mode eco pro mode and you can see different settings g-meter and so on it has the ambient lighting of course you have the new 10.25 inch I Drive service system which is a weight which is a touchscreen by the way shortcuts the navigation home button does the ambient lighting let me turn on blue I like blue more you can also choose dual colors and this car is in the color of your own car very clever dot new design the seats have a beautiful design very supportive leg extensions fully electronic you can see the ambient light and continue the start button is here you have the special modes the adaptive mode is new you can open and close the roof either control or you can also write the other stuff wireless charging for a full USB input and that beautiful z4 logo ESB parking sensors start to stop you can turned off the start button is now here as I said the storage area with two cupholders and even here you have the set for logo z4 logo for luma adjustments climate control settings which are new heated seats for the driver and passenger the navigation system the homepage quality is really good heated steering wheel of course we have automatic lights automatic wipers it has the Harman Kardon sound system Demming refu mirror LED lights in the interior the SOS button very small Sun glass mirrors Sun Visor mirrors and to close the roof just press this button and tear circuits your cocoons in the z4 fully automatic even the windows go up over here you have a sports area and you can go in the truck the woofers it has the perfect sporty two-door roadster available in my opinion power adjustable seats even on this car [Applause]

40 thoughts on “BMW Z4 Roadster 2019/2020 | M40i NEW FULL REVIEW Interior Exterior

  1. Yandan çizgileri güzel, arka tasarımda başarılı ancak önden farlar Bmw ile alakası yok. Heryeri başarılı olan aracı önden farlarla berbat etmişler.

  2. Come on!!! This thing is not a thoroughbred German car, this is a horrifying asian spawn everywhere you look! RIP Z4

  3. Nice car ruined by the $125k price tag in Australia. Also factor in options and on road taxes. Z4 30i is $105k plus. Would be a reason I don't see many. In fact I see a James bond blue z3 still with a dentist I pass. Oh well. Super will be based on that price also I believe.

  4. Bu Z4 de aracı efsane yapan şey farları dır ve benim de bu dünyadaki en sevdiğim araç Z4tür. Mükkemel bir tasarım ve çok şık bir araç gerçekten anlatmaya kelimeler yetmez 😉😉😊

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