Boat Tour of our 1967 Creekmore 45 – Interior & Exterior (Sailing S/V Temptress)

Boat Tour of our 1967 Creekmore 45 – Interior & Exterior (Sailing S/V Temptress)

Hi everybody, it’s Emily on sailing vessel Temptress and today we wanted to give you a closer look at our boat So we’re going to take you out in the dinghy and show you the boat from afar and tell you a little bit about the history and then we’ll take you inside To look at all rooms. Come along with us. Clark here, and this is Temptress. The sailboat that we live on and we travel the world on She’s a 1967 Creekmore 45 She’s a stout boat, she weighs about 30,000 pounds about 35,000 with gear and fuel and water and food We can go months at a time without touching land. We make our own water and we make our own power from solar and wind I’ve had her for 28 years now. I’ve traveled about 20,000 ocean miles on her. I’ve had her that long because honestly, I haven’t found a boat I like better She’s very comfortable and she’s actually very fast we tend to get there before the other boats Which is extra important if the weather gets bad Let’s take a look a little closer. Look at the boat We will start at the bow. We have a roller furling system that holds the fore sail. Temptress was origionally a yawl. Which is the type of boat that has two masts. This particular boat went out Bermuda cup racing and, racing rules made it not worth having the second mast She has an incredibly long boom and a really big mainsail and she was sailed as a sloop I sailed her as a sloop a lot but I also Also put on this inner fore stay. This allows me to carry a second head sail, so when we’re going up wind and lots of wind We put a small sail up front and a stay sail on she goes up with quite well that way We have a whole lot of solar panels. We just added a couple. These are actually the old ones the new ones are back there We have enough now we don’t even have to think about power heres the windlass. I’ll have a go into that in depth later, but it pulls the anchor up for us because the anchor gear is incredibly heavy Temptress has a large flush foredeck Um, it’s really handy most boats have like a trunk cabin coming forward, but with this big flat area we can assemble things and Set stuff up and rig anchor gear, but best um, put our dinghy here so we get to carry a large aluminum utility boat as our dinghy we don’t need to use it inflatable and We just put it here and tie it down and it works out great. I think the Jay measurement is 17 feet. So if you know what that means, you know, it’s a ampily large Coming back a bit we have our profpane locker which is right here holds a couple of bottles of propane, I have an extra bottle and they keep out here it’s aluminum so it doesn’t really get harmed and that goes in there when one of those is empty nice thing about a propane Locker if you’re not a boat person is propane sinks so if you leak Propane inside a bote and what are the marks have a really good boat is it doesn’t have holes in the bottom The propane accumulates and can be a real hazard. So you keep it in a special locker that vents outside and You turn on an electric switch which opens up the plumbing? So normally the propane is only here if it leaks no big deal just falls over the deck Lots of small cans instead of big cans again because we’re an offshore boat. We can’t always find propane So if we were to have a leak and we only had one can we couldn’t cook This way we can fix the leak and move on We’ve got nice dorades Air can go in here and during a rainy day water will go in here of course in the rain And there’s a water separator The water ends up draining out this little hole and that makes it much nicer below when it’s a hot, but rainy day We are an offshore boat I’ve done some long passages and I thought it was worthwhile to put out a good raft The raft is something you hope to never actually see How it works is… If the boat were to sink and go down deep enough this little device has a knife in it. It’s pressure activated and it will slicing this rope. All of this floats up a nitrogen and carbon dioxide system inflates it and poof up comes a raft with supposedly enough room to keep six people alive at sea and food and water but That’s a bad day. Hope that never happens This is the cockpit inclosure. Bimini and Dodger it makes for a nice room while we’re traveling when the weather is bad Got lots of stuff back here more solar panels You probably notice the decks aren’t the greatest It’s a fiberglass structure underneath and it’s totally waterproof. The wood.. the teak is glued down and It’s just getting old so I machined a whole bunch more teak there’s more in a lazerette And when we get to the Bahamas, we will be putting these new boards into the deck. I’ve done a bunch already It looks better than it did but it’ll work went quite well Again more solar panels this is a Rather interesting barbecue. I hope I can find it online and put a link to it All Marine barbecues that are like 300 dollars and they’re really terrible. This is a really great barbecue It has a catalytic burner. It’s all stainless steel, but it’s not sold to go on a boat So it was 50 bucks and It’s been really nice I Highly recommend you put it on a boat. Let’s say we have a servo pendulum wind vane, but that is really complicated And if we do a video on it, we’ll do one on it later. They’re cool. Ah I’ve built this tower for the radar and light that horn again solar panel and Actually most importantly this Crane system. This is how we left the outboard up and the outboard stores right here when we’re under way This is the cockpit area. Ah as you can probably hear from the wind noises Life gets calmer when you’re in the cockpit it makes Sailing just so much nicer when you can get out of the wind and get out of the rain while you’re making a long crossing From here we can get to all the sheets each of the lines that control the sails. This is the main sheat system It’s a little different than most boats do. For boat this size. I don’t use a winch and the way I’ve hooked these up I can get four to one purchase Or I pull this and I actually get twenty-four to one purchase So just incredible power and that lets me bring it in fast We’ve got lots of gear. Yeah, this boat has everything you could ever bolt onto it So, of course it has GPS as an auto pilots and backup auto pilots and depth Sounders and wind indicators. Oh Well, so here we got the primary winches, of course for the head sail secondary winches The other head sail or various uses We have our ringer that Makes laundry so much easier to do look we did a video on that. We’ll link that up and Emily has a Garden going we run this while we’re cruising. It’s just started out. So things haven’t sprouted yet, but there’s herbs and various greens things that grow fast and I guess the only other thing I’ll talk about out here is this line? This pulls up a centreboard Temptress is five and a half feet deep But when we want to let this line down and a 2,000 pound bronze board goes down quite deep It lets us go upwind. It’s like having a longer wing under water Comes up very easily when I bought Temptress I really didn’t want a center board because I’d heard so many bad things about them And they can be terrible if they’re not made right? They seem to have made this one really, right. It makes sense how they done it and the boat is 50 years old other than replacing this line is No maintenance and all that time and it’s still is solid and works great so It’s about it for outside Let’s uh look below Hi there, it’s Emily. And I’m gonna show you around down here below Temptress When you come down the companionway hatch there’s a little staircase. It comes down right here And then we arrive in the galley The galley is the kitchen and we’ve got a lot of things that you would normally expect to find in the kitchen We have a 16 cubic foot refrigerator and a 3 cubic foot freezer Both are top-loading and all in the same compartment to keep the cool air together Then we’ve got a 5 burner propane stove which is quite shiny and fantastic It works really great a couple cool features You can open the door and slide it all the way underneath to get it out of the way since it’s such a small space Here and also while we’re sailing so you can continue to cook With the boat and you can use these pot holders to keep your pots where they’re supposed to be We’ve also got lots of great storage here For cutting boards, we’ve got drawers over here for utensils and even below the stove We’ve got a compartment that goes all the way to the hallway It was just about as fast as far back as my fingers will reach we even keep a key here. So we know what’s there lots and lots of storage a very small space these sliders Are a great place to store things? I’ve got all my spices my oils sugars flowers Those sorts of things are stored back here But on this side of the kitchen we have a sink We do have an on-demand propane hot water heater that I’ll show you a little later You can turn that on with a switch right here and then we’ve got hot and cold taps just like your regular kitchen tap and We’ve got a foot pump here if we want to be super conservative with water and that just operates With a little bit of water, we make all our own water with the water maker. I’ll show you where that is And we utilize a lot of hanging space on the boat, but our dry goods here. We’ve got pot holders toaster Rolling board all kinds of things we keep some produce over here hanging up to keep it off of the countertop and Secure and that’s the kitchen Directly across from the kitchen is the nav station This is where we have our computer setup We’ve got one we’ve got two monitors and one of them faces this way We use it as a desktop computer and on the other side is turned around and we use that as a television I’ll show you that in a minute also here we’ve got our single sideband radio our VHF radio our radar our chart locker where we keep our charts and other Electronics you’ve got a printer. We’ve got our reference books lots and lots of storage under here For big sliders that go all the way to the hall and all the way over to here lots and lots of storage for food We like to be able to go you know a month or two or three without visiting a grocery store if we need to we like to go on long trips and Go places where there aren’t a lot of people. So carrying a lot of food is really important to us control panel Where all our circuit breakers are for the electricity on the boat? And we’ve got a couple things that a lot of boats don’t have one of them. Is this a diesel heater? Which Clarke used a lot when he was in? Seattle we don’t use it so much now except maybe in January in February But in the Bahamas, we don’t have much use for this We’ve got our own carbonating system here so we can make carbonated beverages just lock that onto a two-liter bottle We have an unlimited supply of soda Thank You shorty for our cool little stained glass window one of my tiny house friends gave us that So that is the nav station I think I’ve got everything as we move down to the Saloon the galley and the nav station are elevated compared to the rest of the boat and that is because we are standing right on Top of the engine our engine is right here below this compartment We’ve got 1500 amp hours of battery on the boat, which we run. We run everything 100% on wind and Sun I’ve got four banks of batteries and three of those are in two rows right here on either side of the engine and then outboard we’ve got two seventy gallon freshwater tank so we can carry 140 gallons of Fresh water and our water maker is also set up under here. So that routes our freshwater to our tanks Right here is sort of command central We’ve got this great control panel that Clark put together where we operate our solar panels and our wind generator got our bilge pumps We can monitor our levels of water and fuel here a fuel transfer pump starter You can monitor how our batteries are charging looks like we’re doing. Okay, right a hundred percent. All right. We’re rich And then we can also control our batteries which ones are charging at any given time So that’s our control panel and then when we step down here we arrive in the saloon This is where we eat most of our meals and entertain our guests we can seat four to six people around this table There is an additional leaf that goes in here so we can make the entire Area a big dining booth if we want to More storage for food there’s a pantry on either side got a combination of food and light bulbs and batteries and other supplies stored there Got a bookshelf Some more storage up here and then below that bookshelf and behind the booth each one of these cushions comes out and there’s a door That folds down and there’s more storage for medical equipment and supplies Things to repair the boat we do all their own repairs and maintenance and renovation on the boat So it’s important to have lots of supplies and tools available And underneath the seats these pull up and there are giant bins under there as well lots and lots of storage on the boat we’ve got a car stereo over here which uses very little power and Our chandelier, this is our kerosene lamp that we use it’s good for heating when it gets cold. Ok, that’s good for lighting as well Then across from the booth we have the couch which is where we hang out and watch TV Here’s this other monitor. The other side is the computer this side is the television and we’ve got them split so I can be working on a business project and Clark could be watching a movie or Vice versa, we can use them both same time Lots of drawers on the boat The drawers are a great thing on a boat rather than bins because they’re easy to get to we’ve got our electrical supplies And our rigging and our sewing and all kinds of repair stuff up there And just like on the booth. This side has these storage areas Back To the hull of the boat and we carry lots and lots of food here – there’s three three of these Above the couch. We have all of our musical instruments. We have our diving equipment our fins and our masks that are snorkels We also have our bottom bottom cleaning stuff here – for scraping the bottom of the boat On to everybody’s favorite room in the boat which is the head which you may call the bathroom The bathroom is not very big It’s about the size of a stand-up shower stall and it is indeed a shower stall among many other things We’ve got our marine head Oh manual So every time you do your business you pump this About 20 times and we can route that into a holding tank which is in the forward. Cabin underneath The viewer cushions or we can pump it so it goes directly out into the ocean if need be More these sliding doors. These are everywhere on the boat store our first date and all of our other Supplies there We’ve got a fan that runs 24 hours a day up here that constantly pushes air out of the boat. So we have ventilation And then our sink here Our showerhead so it’s a two-in-one follower soaps shampoos So that’s the head And directly across from the head we’ve got our wet Locker this is where we keep all our foul weather gear You’ve also got toilet paper our sewing machine our cleaning supplies. A lot of bulk items go in here Forward of that, we’ve got a little linen closet where we keep our towels and our guest linens, we’ve got some backup food supplies again, lots of drawers which are great for And then we’ve arrived in the forward cabin As our v-berth but two mattresses here. This is our guest cabin where we have people sleep when they come to stay with us We’ve got the biggest hatch and the boat is right here. It’s about the same size as the one that’s in the Aft cabin, which I’ll show you later. It’s got full glass and it’s transparent so you can see the stars at night Lots of great natural light that’s a great ventilation. It’s just a really cool feature. So you have two people lying here Forward we’ve got our chain Locker where all the chain is stored for our anchor and then on either side we’ve got more of these sliding doors, which That’s a former cabin I’m gonna take you to the back and show you where we sleep so Here we are back in the galley and the nav station. I’m gonna take you aft and show you the bedroom and the other head Bedrooms Here on the starboard side. I’ve got a little closet that opens and right now it’s a workshop I’ve got a lot of projects going on before we put the boat into storage this summer There’s this tiny little workshop we have this is our on-demand propane hot water heater that hooks up to the shower and the sink This used to be a sauna room when I was in Seattle. So we’ve still got this propane heater here and our tools Eventually, this is gonna be our second head. We’ve got a composting head here that it came out of my tiny house oddly enough And that’s so we don’t have to pump out our holding tank when we’re in highly populated areas So eventually that’ll be the other head right now. It’s kind of a workshop and Then on to the bedroom But more storage here On my side we’ve got food there’s also additional storage when you take out the drawer underneath it and on Clark’s side we’ve got more tools and repair supplies we’ve got additional storage here in the middle for Laundry detergent and clothes pins and bug spray All kinds of things and then these are our bunks. They’re symmetrical. They’re both extra-long twins We each have a little closet. Mine happens to be a folding Area closet so I’ve got all my clothes in here And up here we’ve got more of these wonderful sliding doors with more food Now we’ve got miscellaneous area for books and lights and water bottles and other things that we individually need And because we have no air conditioning on the boat We’ve got these really great cuff Remo fans that are on constantly when we’re sleeping to keep us cool We’re down here in the Bahamas and other hot areas and Clark’s bed over there is just a mirror image of mine So that’s it you’ve seen all of inside a temptress Thanks for joining us for the tour and we’ll see you on the next video. See you later

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