Boeing Sky Interior: More Space in the Sky

Boeing Sky Interior: More Space in the Sky

the flying public thinks about their flying experience they think about being fairly confined cramped space and in general they don’t like it do they think you know I’m at point-a I want to be at point B and darn I have to get in a cramped airplane to get there one of the areas where Boeing has been especially exciting is that we have gone to the fly in public and use specialized methods to get at the deep psychological needs that people have inside an airplane we take steps in our airplane design to meet those unarticulated needs when we can discover those kinds of things we can design accordingly we would ask people to describe their ideal flight what they would say is there’s no one in the seat next to me and I slept all the way so the challenge is to recognize that space is both a matter of inches but also there’s a psychological dimension to space we try to increase the sense of spaciousness you walk in in all the sudden there’s all this space above you there’s kind of a psychological release from that compression and that increases the sense of architectural depth in the airplane the physical shape of the bins that are going up and away from you so you have an increase in physical space there but also you have an increase in psychological space because of the sense of nothing above you if your brain sees more pathways and places to go a place will feel bigger whether it’s physically bigger or not we are doing in flight research now on your how you feel emotionally how you feel physically and then your perception of a whole bunch of elements as being a significantly better experience so we literally raised the bar you

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  1. It is a wonder to me to see if overhead luggage all ought to be transferred to below the seat as a speed of passenger loading and unloading issue, then with the added Center of Gravity lowering.

  2. what's he use of spending millions to design fancy interiors when all you will do is cramp 6 more rows of seats because the airline tells you money and profits is all the airlines want flying lost it's charm in the early 90. Flying is like taking a bus

  3.   What i understood from this is that they're going to work on the interior of the plane to make it SEEM more spacious, but they won't physically add more inches to the seats.
      I am willing to bet my right arm that none of the people they talked to said anything about "psychological space", all the passengers really care about is a wider seat and more legroom, just one or two inches more, trust me NOBODY cares about the shape of the walls or the bins or the colour or the "feel" of the cabin, we just want bigger seats.
      And don't you dare reply saying "well you should pay extra and fly business/first" because i would like to see YOU paying twice as more to get 3 more inches and a free glass of OJ

  4. They say they're putting this interior in but it's only going to effect 25% of passengers
    First and buissnes seem to be the only classes that they are doing it for, economy isn't getting this.
    The manufactures are putting this space cabin in 20% of the passenger space and the remaining 80% is filled with ecomdomey seating with doesn't get any of these features.
    Ps if it's more passenger seating the industry wants then they better get rid of this new design!

  5. Honestly this is the biggest joke. You are showing passengers being asked about their experiences, and all I see is notes like comfort, beds, more space etc and quotes like "I didn't have anyone next to me and I slept all the way". AND then you talk about the changes you made to the overhead bins? LOL. Like that would do anything to my experience in a cramped economy class seat. Even better, you talk about the new "additional space" you created and keep showing business or first class. Come on Boeing. Let's stay serious. I like your sky interior but it barely increases the enjoyment of flying in economy class. 

  6. Seriously. Y'all make the 'space' bigger in business/first class and make economy class more cramped. How about making your 757s with some more room? I have suggestions;

    1: Remove the inner armrests. They're unnecessary and only there to hold the headphone controls and the seatback button. Both of which could be housed on the inner wall panel window grooves.

    2: widen the seats. I'm 300-320 lbs. if these seats get any smaller I'm going to have to buy two, and that's not really fair to me OR the other people flying. I'm not as wide as a city bus yet but still.

    3: more legroom. Economy seats are cramped enough without the person in front of me tilting their seat back, which leaves my knees, that are already pressed up against said seat back, crushed. I'm being squashed from both ends and I don't really find it very fun or funny.

  7. Well done on the customer-centric approach, capturing "unarticulated needs" and designing them into a beautiful interior.

  8. I flew a brand new 737 a couple months ago on Delta.  I flew economy class.  Let me say that it was one of the best planes I've flown on.  Here's why:
    1. Nice seats.  I didn't feel like I was sitting on a board
    2. Nice lighting.  It opens up the top of the plane and feels less cramped
    3. A lot more luggage space above the seats
    4. USB plugs in the seats in economy and business class
    5. This might be Delta specific but larger individual screens to watch movies/tv

    So yes, it's definitely an improvement

  9. Seriously…what would make me happy is not having to squeeze my rump into a seat that's too small, and for me to have enough leg room to at least move my long legs at least forward. That's it. I don't understand why coach on Amtrak is so much more comfortable than coach on the planes – I shouldn't need to fly first class for this simple amenity.  If there was just more room per seat, for legs and waistline, the flying experience would be at least 50% more enjoyable.  It's horrible that my relatively slim friends even complain about the lack of space.

    Seating in groups of 3 is only enjoyable if there are 3 people that are close friends/family – no one else.

    Seriously, the bad thing I see about the overhead racks (though noble as the attempt was) is that they likely will have less space for the carry-on luggage. Sigh.

  10. A lot of the flying public don't fly in first class the pictures is this video are in first class, what will economy look like?  that same as it already is? 

  11. give me a break ,your 777X is the worst flying experience i have ever had to endure crampt seriously uncomfortable seating , absolutely terrible,sure we were in cattle class but cmon bring back a 747 spacial experience anyday ,

  12. Hotel Guest: "I'd like a bigger room."
    Desk Clerk: "I don't have any bigger rooms, but I have one with a big mirror on the wall to give you the illusion of a larger room.  Would that be OK?"

  13. What this should say: "This method is being applied to the interiors of the 737, 747, 777 and 787's first and businesses classes only." Because I saw nothing having to do with the economy class!

  14. I worked at Boeings interior dept. for 14 years, and to this day I don't recall any feedback from the public..all I ever heard was "WE" want this and that

  15. I want to fly on this jet. Thanks Boeing for taking me to Iraq, being my Guardian there, and bringing me home. 

  16. I came here because I saw PVP on the plane and Jesse was showing it. Very nice interior!

  17. People, the look of the plane's cabin does not change from class to class. Only the seats and crap change.

  18. they're speaking as if these are coach seats!!!
    yah, right these are over thousand dollar seats OW !!!
    coach is as and always will be for sardines!!! 
    curve the bins make the lights Blue the only thing that matters to the airlines is Green and it's not enviro Green it's benjamin green!!!!

  19. Great that they do research and all of it seems focused on business & first class passengers from the emphasis of words and images in this video.  And what about the plebs in cattle car at the back?  THAT is the "flying public" folks.  

  20. 737 Have fun with that, its a small plane when dealing with width
    747 Good idea
    777 Ok
    787 Yes
    I don't understand why they put this in the 767 though, It is very large with width, and I think it would work nicely 

  21. Boing im an 11 year old using my parents youtube account and I think you should design a plane with no one in your space laying down and listening to music or sleep and when arrived use brain waves on all signal's saying to your brain its time to get up and if you add it test the plane and the wake system

  22. also that scramjet i just need to comment somewhere phew what the future holds im scared but ready

  23. and i can still remember a Lan Chile 747 from Santiago, Chile to Miami. Max Capacity flight. i had to fly coach and how my knees were jammed into the seat in front of me and the excruciating pain when the person in front reclined his seat, one thing i would love to see is airlines giving more attention to passengers rather than how many they can cram/jam/pack/sardine into a given space.

  24. Until the profit motive can be eliminated (a pipe dream, perhaps*) or there is a global passenger revolt, I don't think we're going to see any improvement to the seating situation in Economy Class.  *Check out "The Venus Project" for an alternative that could change all of this.

  25. oh, and…Heres a thought….Everyone at Boeing can fly in Economy seats only, until Boeing figures out, it doesn't take rocket science to build exceptable sized seating for the lowest fare.  Just do it, and shut up about it already, we are dieting in economy.

  26. something that worries me… what if the plane needs to make an emergency landing and… the seat infront is too far ahead so that they have nothing to brace against.. they'll fly forward on impact

  27. Dear Boeing, You could build a plane that was 500 feet Wide & 4000 feet long, giving every passenger plenty of space on all sides, and the first thing Airlines would do fit as many tiny uncomfortable seats in there as possible to maximize profits. Airlines do not care about passenger comfort or leg room unless they are 1st class or business passengers. No amount of widening or elongating of the Aircraft will change this. Cargo class (Economy) passengers will forever be forced to fly in seats barely wide enough for them, with almost no leg room, & the seat in front of them ending up in their face when person sitting in it decides to lean the seat back.

  28. Looks great… I'm sure those in first class will enjoy it. The rest of us still get the same "cattle car" interiors.

  29. It would be better if Boring actually work on the experiences and comfort in economy class because people tend to use economy class more, more than half an aircraft is economy, business and first is then less significant. Economy is somehow more essential to work on…

  30. Last year, I flew on a American Airlines 737 with the Boeing Sky Interior. I was in a cramped seat with no leg room. By the time I reached my seat, there was no room in the spacious overhead compartment for my carry on bag. But, thank goodness Boeing & American Airlines gave me a new headrest and interior lighting. That really made such a difference as I was praying not to get DVT in a seat I could barely move in without enough room to even cross my legs.

  31. How about designing a structure that is safer and can withstand fire! Make the structure out of thick Kevlar, and hand the body a whole cylindrical unit! And then the seats with integrated airbags,well I have a few more suggestions! But it will take me the whole day to suggest.

  32. Boeing this is what you are really saying?:
    "blabala balabalabalaa bla bala." Marketing at it Best?. Get it. Good.

  33. The Airlines Industry is the worst run industry in the world – treating 90% of their customers like cattle (the ones who pay their operating costs) while giving the 10% more and more perks – and space – to drive up their profits.

    The rest of us will only see less and less space.

  34. Dear Boeing,

    It doesn't do any good to increase the space in your planes…. the airlines will just cram in more seats, that's all.  I'm 6'1", and my knees ALWAYS hit the seat in front of me.  On top of that, the person in front of me ALWAYS reclines his or her seat and it HURTS my knees and legs.  I HATE to fly because of this.  Last year I flew to London from Seattle, and both going and coming home, I  had no place to put my head because the seat back wasn't high enough, so I couldn't sleep, and I was nearly ready to collapse after each leg of the trip.  So design away, Boeing, it doesn't matter.

  35. I have one word for flying… PAIN. It always hurts and I'm never looking forward to the experience. I don't care how much space is above my head.. the cramped space still hurts. On the newer 737, the seats are harder with no lumbar support.. more pain. Now there are monitors in the seats that charge for most content, and no one is using them. If they are used, its mostly for the flight info. Where did that feasability study come from and who pays for that monitor? Free WiFi and power would have much more efficient and upgradable. Mechanically, the newer planes are smoother, quieter and more efficient, but very little care or thought has gone into economy client comfort. I'm looking forward to the day when the traveling experience is fun for everyone, and getting there is just as much fun as being there.

  36. Dear Blake Emery – Unless there is PHYSICALLY a bar sitting above passengers that you raised, you didn't LITERALLY raise the bar – You FIGURATIVELY Raised the Bar!  – Just an FYI…

  37. Build the overhead storage into the floor which would dictate how many rows an airline can cram into the interior.  It may lower the center of gravity or more likely, raise it as the passenger deck may have to be raised to accommodate the extra space needed below.  Turn the over head bins into much smaller spaces for coats, briefcases and other small items people now try to cram below the seats which hamper a fast exit after a hard landing and some bouncing have moved all the stuff on the floor all over the cabin and come to rest mostly in the spots where a crowd of people who are too close together to look down for a  clear footing will be rushing through. 

    My military experience never provided me with the opportunity of an uncontrolled landing in a fixed wing aircraft.  I did have four semi-controlled auto-rotation landings in rotary wing aircraft and everything you think will stay in place never does.  The worst case was in a CH47 Chinook, as the other three craft I went down in were small so not far to go to be outside of the craft and less space inside for things to be carried.  Making a rapid exit from a Chinook with the ramp and closed while lying on its side is not an easy task for a full load of jumpers with parachutes on their backs and 80 pound rucksacks hung below their reserves chutes in front of their legs.  No one wants to leave their rucksack behind because all you know is that you are somewhere between where you took off and where you were going to jump in.  You know a reception committee is somewhere in the area since their actions brought you down.  And you want to get your injured buddies out, and their rucksacks and the smell of aviation gas is in the air.  

  38. What about leg room?  In your 707s, 727s & even your 737s and the first 747s, everyone had ample leg room.  Now, you can hold the key to a sardine can and call it a key to just about any commercial aircraft still flying, today.

  39. Recommendation for tray tables.
    Larger Tray tables and more of them that pull out.
    When ever i fly and bring my laptop I have to put my screen at a 40 degree angle

  40. More bovine chattel! I fly over 50 times a year. Is it too much to ask for just 3-4" more BETWEEN the seats in the main cabin? no the seats dont need to be bigger … just the distance BETWEEN the damn seats!

  41. I wanted to try out the the Dream Liner experience so took my daughter to Norway to Orlando on Norwegian Air last September (2014)… it was an excellent experience and I tell everyone about it!  It is a far superior aircraft to the Air Bus (appropriately named – emphasis on the word "bus").  I am flying to Denmark in May and will be back on a Dreamliner – this time with Canadian Airlines. Congrats to Norwegian Airlines and Canadian Air who are building up their stable of Dream Liners.  I am baffled as to why Delta doesn't have any (shame on them – we need to buy American and support the best passenger aircraft in the sky!) – here are 2 foreign countries with Dreamliners and the USA's biggest airline doesn't have any.  I now try to book every trip based on whether I'll be on a Dreamliner or not.

  42. I've come up with some thoughts to eliminate turbulence. Will the future of flight be turbulent-free? I'd love to work for Boeing.

  43. You should partner with Ford. Their Flex has 44.4 inches of stretch space! But if you put it on a plane, I bet you could get a few yards of stretch space! Keep pushing the limits, but be safe and smart!

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