Bonito Designs Review – Mr Hemanth Testimonial

Bonito Designs Review – Mr Hemanth Testimonial

Now I’m with Mr Hemanth and Mrs Pavithra What is your opinion about our firm and work? Bonito Designs We gave our interior work to Bonito Designs They have done a nice work They said work will finish in 60 days and it finished It has come out nice.. In fact quite beautiful I must say.. The more keenly I look at it the more happy I feel.. Okay mam, whats your opinion? Tell us whatever you feel like.. Home is looking really beautiful Others who see the home keep asking who did the work.. and that home is looking gorgeous.. please tell us too so we can get our interiors done by them. Thats why we have been suggesting your name all this while.. Thanks a lot.. ๐Ÿ™‚ Can you tell us if there is anything that we can improve on? As we too are youngsters and are still learning the trade.. and we are continuously growing.. Please suggest us the improvements we can do.. In terms of improvement; I felt you could employ few more senior carpenters.. and few more assistants can be added Also I felt if you can deliver few days before deadline; we would be much more happier Mam, what about you? Okay; can you give us a tip? Keeping aside tip; I feel you guys will grow a lot.. I feel you will do way better work than this Also; I’m sure I will be giving out your reference too

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  1. Neevu Bangalore based company adru finally onde ondu video Kannada alli upload madidira ….. but Hindi alli bejan videos ide …… point is Kannada na jasti balakke madudre , kannadigare jasti iro Bangalore alli nimge jasti clients sigbahudu … I am not against any language but since you say you are open for suggestions I had to comment like this …. But all in all good job ….. ๐Ÿ™‚

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