Brand new 4 bedroom double story house for 55 lakh with luxury interior | Video tour

Brand new 4 bedroom double story house for 55 lakh with luxury interior | Video tour

Watch our brand-new four-bedroom double
story house with luxury interior it is a beautiful home with a combination of
traditional and modern styles also you can explore luxury interior designs the
total area of this duplex home is 2,800 square feet this home is located at Palakkad
in Kerala also this home have an elegant exterior design this home 2-bedroom situated in
ground-floor and to in first floor now we can watch spacious sit out the doors
and windows are made in teak wood we can see a wooden panelling on walls now we are entering into the living room here we can see elegant fall ceilings
sofa set and a coffee table also we can see the TV unit area also to showcases are provided in living
area now we are in dining hall here we can
see a cute dining table in the showcase now we can see the washbasin area now we can see the puja room we are going to first bedroom and ground
floor this bedroom beautifully interior
designed with a double coat bed wardrobe and beautiful window cone it is the attached bathroom to this
bedroom we are in second bedroom this bedroom
designed with elegant interior and all modern facilities are provided like
dressing area wardrobe in double coat bed we enter into the kitchen it is a modern
modular kitchen with all amenities and features we can see stare to the first floor the
stair handrail are made with teak wood and glass we are going to the first floor we can see the top view of staircase we
are in upper living here sofa set and a TV unit area are provided we are going to the first bedroom in
first floor we are in second bedroom now we are going to the balcony here we
can enjoy the beautiful top view finally it is beautiful independent home
with all features and amenities if you looking for a modern home with elegant
interior and exterior no doubt you can prefer this home and this home will
attract everyone

84 thoughts on “Brand new 4 bedroom double story house for 55 lakh with luxury interior | Video tour

  1. Nice.! ..But an honest feedback…People appreciate your channel since you always.. mention prices along with video..if you stop that.. people will wonder if you too are trying to dupe ..them with hidden costs.. Don't stop posting price too

  2. Beautiful House..n awesome interiors…but you didn't mentioned the total construction cost…r interiors cost…then what's the purpose of your video?? Atleast you can provide the construction company..r interiors reply..thank you

  3. Top of all ur videos all videos are top bu i like this most ….what will be the cost of making this by you in shamli(247776) uttarpradesh .

  4. എടോ ഞങ്ങൾ മലയാളികളാ മലയാളം മതി നിന്റെ ഒരു ഇന്ഗ്ലീഷെ

  5. Sir plz reduce the usage of wood…. We should not cut the trees for interiors…… Already it's imbalance ecosystem …… We can replace with glass r metal…….

  6. wonder full house, I really liked very much.. pls tell the 55L is inclusive of all material and construction charge or only the construction making charges

  7. ഒരു പ്രളയം വന്നാൽ കഴിഞ്ഞില്ലേ? ഒരു കാര്യം ഇല്ല എല്ലാം വെറുതെ :!!

  8. As per your reply, i am interested to purchase it. Please provide the contact numbers and person who have to be contacted

  9. So in 55 lacks what will get? Can we buy only construction ? Don't make people fool like this. Please say all the things clearly.

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