Brett Gelman from “Fleabag” Gets Roasted About the Emmys – Lights Out with David Spade

Brett Gelman from “Fleabag” Gets Roasted About the Emmys – Lights Out with David Spade

During the Emmys, they spoiled
the finale of Game of Thrones, -and people were mad online.
-BAMFORD: Aw. -Which is ridiculous.
-Yeah. -Yeah. Like, how long are we supposed
to keep this secret, you know? Spoiler alert–
I’m not gonna watch it. -GRIFFIN: Yeah.
-Oh. -Hey. I-I hate
to let these people know that Bruce Willis was actually
dead in, uh, you know. No. Don’t say it. -Oh.
-In 12 Monkeys. When I see…
When people see a movie… Like, this weekend, I was going
to a movie, and the guy go… I saw it, and I go,
“Don’t tell me what happens,” and he goes,
“I’m gonna tell you something. This doesn’t gives
anything away.” And I go, “It always give
everything away.” They can’t help it.
People have to ruin it. -They’ve had months to watch it.
-Months. La Toya Jackson wins. What? No one even remembers
what Game of Thrones is, but I will tell you that
Dinklage… You know, he won– -the guy in the middle.
And, uh, he looks cool there. GRIFFIN:
Look, if a straight white male’s gonna win,
he’s got to have something up. -You know what I mean?
-BAMFORD: Yeah. -SPADE: Yeah. Yeah. And that is that
hairstyle… -(laughter)
-Yeah. People were saying to me
last night, “Hey, good job. Dinklage won.”
I go, “What does that mean?” (laughter) You mean leading man won?
That’s good for me? And he goes, “Just you…”
I’m not… That’s not… It’s a short joke, to me. And I go,
“It’s not exactly the same.” You know what I mean?
Like, it’s not… Let’s be cool. What, are you Shaquille O’Neal
compared to him right now? -(laughter)
-I, one time, saw– -no, I shouldn’t do this–
but I saw… -(laughter) -No, no. Go ahead. So funny.
-It was, like… it was someone, uh, that was
sort of, uh, like, this size, and then it…
but he was with… -and I was drunk…
-So it was Tom Cruise? (laughter, whooping) -(applause, cheering)
-I wish. I’m a dead man. I’m dead now. He was a little person,
but I was drunk, and he was with Mini-Me,
the guy from Austin Powers. -BAMFORD: Oh. -So I thought
it was, like, his dad -and that I was huge,
because Mini-Me -(laughter) was only half…
Mini-Me is the size of a baby. -All right one of the winners
from last night -(laughter) -is on the phone.
-That’s called a transition. Yeah. I don’t even know
what I’m doing. Uh, from Fleabag. Uh, we called up a friend
of the show Brett Gelman. He was here last week.
Is he on the phone? -Yeah. Hey.
-(laughter) -Yeah!
-(applause, whistling) Hi, David. Hey, everybody. Did you happen to hear
all that shit I just said? (laughs):
I did, I did. It’s, uh, it’s very problematic. -(laughter)
-No, it’s great. It’s great. Brad, I got
a few quick questions. I know you’re… not that busy. -(laughter)
-Um, when the show wins, does everybody get an Emmy? Do you at least get, like, a key chain-sized one
or something? Uh, no. No, no, no, no. No, I held it for a little bit, and, like, I think
I might have stabbed myself, but other than that,
no, I didn’t get one. -Oh, for real? You don’t…
-Just the show. Oh, it’s the show, but doesn’t
that mean everybody gets one? I got it in my heart,
I got it in my heart. -(laughter)
-Aw. -Oh. I guess that’s kind of the same. Yeah, right? Are you… Did he hang up? -GELMAN: No, I’m here.
-Hey, did you… are you friends with that girl Phoebe? -Yeah, of course.
-Oh, yeah. -Yeah.
-Okay, can you patch her in? -Good friends.
-(laughter) Um, no, but, Brett, honestly, what number are you
on the call sheet? I mean, I don’t know,
like, five or six, I think. That’s pretty good. -Yeah. -There’s
only four people in the cast. (laughter, applause) -Now…
-Sorry. -Brett…
-I’m a dick. I’m sorry. in Grown-Ups, I was 12,
and there was only five of us. -(laughter) -I think
that was a contract thing. On Stranger Things, no joke,
I think I’m, like, 74. -(laughter)
-Oh, right. You’re on so many shows.
You’re on Stranger Things -and what else? -Um, I’m
on a show called Mr. Mercedes. -Oh, yeah.
-I’m on this show… -I’m on this show right now.
That’s great. -That’s right. -Yeah.
-(cheering, applause) Yeah! Well, we’re
obviously screwing around. Congratulations.
It’s a big deal. Fleabag’s a huge show. And, uh,
thanks for calling in, Brett. You can screw around.
You can screw around. That’s all right. But we’ll see
you here in a couple of weeks. -All right.
-Congratulations, Brett. -Thanks, buddy.
-All right, thanks, man.

48 thoughts on “Brett Gelman from “Fleabag” Gets Roasted About the Emmys – Lights Out with David Spade

  1. I despise bret gelman….he was funny on eagleheart but after that he became an sjw piece of shit when he got world peace cancelled for no reason….

  2. This is probably the biggest spot Brett Gelman has gotten in months. Little shit-crumb coat-tailer. What does he prioritize more, semi-fame or cocaine?

  3. He's name is Verne troyer dick spade. I mean David.. Put some respect on his real name you fucking peace of shit… Rest easy Verne. And fuck you David

  4. Brett Gelman is a piece of shit. Any comedian that tries to get other comedians fired can rot in shit. FUCK. BRETT. GELMAN. fucking pussy.

  5. God, Bamford always looks like an ad for mental health counseling. Fleabag just got it as another diversity hand-out. No one watches that show.

  6. David Spade looks like that guy who doesn't understand why you don't want him dating your 13 year old daughter….I mean son….

  7. Not to shabby Emmy winner,😎👍🏼😁nice spade omg stranger thing my kids loves that show made Emmy nominates them get younger audienc though he should have gotten mini me emmy🤔🌹👱🏼‍♀️

  8. Brett Gelman is such a unfunny hack! He would do literally ANYTHING for $10,000.

    He's a greedy jew who tries to push young, funny people out of showbusiness for no other reason than his own gain. Spade shouldn't give him a platform. He also have an ugly wife.

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