BUGATTI CHIRON 2017 – In Depth Review Interior Exterior & TOP 10 Things You Need To Know

BUGATTI CHIRON 2017 – In Depth Review Interior Exterior & TOP 10 Things You Need To Know

Oh I hey everyone here is the most astonishing car and the world the hypercar bugatti chiron in this video we will look at the futures of the new Sheeran thanks for watching a lot the 61 this is the replacer of the mighty Bugatti Veyron released in 2005 after 11 years Bugatti beta beautiful replacement a very aggressive looking bugatti chiron it is a limited edition only 500 will be built 50 every year the price is 2.4 million nett oh it produces 1500 horsepower incredible 1600 Newton meters of torque 3d grotty logo at the front 0 to 6 2 and 2.5 seconds less than 2.5 seconds 0 to 200 kilometers per hour less than 6.5 seconds 0 to 300 km/h and 13 point 6 seconds I repeat 13 point 6 seconds the engine is a new-type 8-litre w16 with four turbos it has an active air brake spoiler at the back and the rear taillight you will be seeing on new Bugattis in the future it is 1.8 meters right I love the titanium exhaust and middle this is the first car with a 500 kilometer speedometer which is very impressive it has also a lift mode so you don’t damage the front of the car electronic rear differential it has also a speed key in the handling mode the car lowers itself the spoiler at the back pushed to the highest position so you have maximum and performance I’d love the LED headlights air intakes look at that front amazing bigger air intakes in the front to cool that massive engine it has a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission 20-inch rims in front 21 inch rims in the back the scoops of the failure are gone you can see the mass of air intakes at the side the upper part sucks air into the engine two-tone mirrors beautiful 8 piston calipers and front carbon ceramic brake discs 6 base piston calipers in the back beautiful C shape beautiful rims calm or side skirt we will take a look at the interior in a few moments I love the rails two-tone color being set the deck this is the most powerful production car in the world after the failure look at the s built very cool looking rear taillight with a carbon diffuser and face this is all needed to keep the car on the ground when you are traveling 420 km/h that’s 261 miles per hour to this place trip computer in color for the entertainment settings beautiful caramel and leather – staring you and – looks amazing even the shift pedals are more expensive than my whole car push-button ignition race mode it is a limited edition I can’t believe that I’m now sitting in a Sheeran amazing 7-speed gearbox Tiptronic climate control settings adjustable air fans bought us on the steering wheel push-button ignition race mode cruise mode voice activation automatic air plates sport battles the electronic can’t break three-person members eat this for the speedy yeah thanks for watching now this jacket in the calve leather is dedicated to the shirome we have beautiful details like for instance that shoehorn in the front the side palettes the windows from the bugatti atlantic we have beautiful details like for instance two zipper with a front in bugatti blue and on the back you see the stitching of the seats of the car so this is also the form of the shoehorn and this is a leather which has been hand brushed and hand painted if you open a sitter for instance you can lock it on the top here so when it’s light down in the inside we find it’s quite a very durable leather so also for all weathers this shear on a jacket is episome side m is a hand painted in the inside every jacket is limited to 431 pieces this is the number one of it there will be no more produced in 431 because it’s the top speed of the rear on so this jacket comes in different sizes and only in the color blue there is also a collection of sunglasses here we have alligator with the eb logo polarized glasses and a really lightweight frame not only for sports but also for tuxedo it’s a really nice companion in different colors handmade in Germany this are writing instruments from Montegrappa they are in sterling silver gold with beautiful details on the reminiscence on Bugatti it’s dedicated with the Bugatti sign with the Makah horn in red and as roll up i roll up hands fountain pens pencils and whatsoever and it can be purchased here as well selection on beautiful suits and made in Italy we have beautiful details like the Bugatti Ballou on the buttons and with a small B here and Singh elephant is also hidden in sterling silver under the color so this shoes are made of Python leather we have the bugatti macaron signature here the shoehorn the bugatti blue color with silver nails a unique masterpiece handmade and you will also see the form of the bugatti the hinge here in silver set of a keychain gearing a pin and cufflinks so here we’re for instance we have a beautiful bag in calve weather beautiful details from the outside with a grill of the old Bugattis we have hinges which have the shape of the window of the Atlantic on the inside we see a beautiful powder colors with Pony fur at the edges it’s a bag which can really open wide also here we have a limitation on four hundred and thirty pieces and it’s a beautiful bag for all the ladies who do have nothing else than a wish to own a Bugatti hits at any occasion

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  1. So they said 'take your shoes off or else we will not let you in the inside of bugati??? Hahahaaaa' funny and…… amazing!

  2. When you are in Lamborghini aventador and watching a review of Bugatti. 2.4 million huh… now I can't even listen "I woke up in a Bugatti" that's too expensive.

  3. Wau I'm in love with this car I want to know how much this beauty costs Wau I'm in love with this car I want to know how much this beauty cost me crazy with this success your friend big hugs

  4. hiç bi sike yaramaz bu araba tmm çok guzel hızlı araba ama uzun yol yapamassın 20 dkkada depo bıtıyo mk bı sonrakı benzınlıge gıdemeden yolda kalırsın artık hem hızlı hemde yakıt olarak az yakan bi araba yapma pesındeler antlasma olmasa turkıyede yapar mk arabada 4 turba war 2 tane motor war mk arabasında ama sadece hız baska bı sık deyıl

  5. Thats probably the most beautiful supercar Ive ever seen. Ive always been a Lambo fan, but I think this just took the number one spot for me. I love that bubble look.

  6. It weird that i want have sex with this beast because it get me horny all the time i see it.

  7. This goes to 300km/h (186 mph) in the same time my Ford Fiesta takes to get to 100km/h (62 mph) its insanely fast acceleration

  8. Benım gözümde en fazla ederı 1mılyon oda suratinden dolayı onun dışında arabada muzık sıstemı yok neden acaba

  9. I personally cannot pay 4million for a car while people are homeless and kid in Africa don't have shoes on their feet. I rather put smile on people faces than this. A car is nothing but a car.

  10. My favourite part of the car is the design. Especially the back. Don't much care for the performance. But oh my it's a beauty.

  11. making sure you're not getting out of that door without the spending another million on clothes hahah
    the shoes are probably worth the money because it doesn't matter what you wear people always look at your feet.,
    you could have a ripped jumper on no trousers put people will still look at your feet

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