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  1. Its a story …. 🎶🎵of a …….🎶🎵…
    The Brady House
    The Brady House
    That's the way 🎵🎶 became the Brady House

  2. Love that they are redoing Brady house all the cast on the show were special think my favorite episode was when peter broke the vase and everyone covered for him so he could go camping loved tiger too sad he Was. Killed funny how he disappeared and nobody wondered about tiger it s hard looking at the kids as adults they still seem liketheir characters. Can t wait for house reveal hope they can find a guitar similar to one of Greg s can still hear him sing clown song tson show

  3. I'd love to go thrifting with them! Glad they're finding so many great matches. I really liked the 'famous vase' and the girls dressers. The lamp shade they walked by looks like it either goes in Mike's den or the living room.

  4. It's amazing the memories the cast members have of the show. Its really awesome what they are doing with the show. I love the relationship they all have with each other.

  5. Isn't it crazy how invested we all are in this renovation/reconstruction of the Brady home. Once finished, it's on my bucket list to visit one day.

  6. I grew up watching The Brady Bunch in reruns and I’m so excited to watch this! My mom is an HGTV fan, so we’re planning to watch together!

  7. This is so awesome!! I used to work at the Sherman Oaks Antique Mall back in 2009-2010 and looks like the same people still work there!! I even had a booth and sold some of my things to the Mad Men set designer when that show was in production!


  9. I’m unclear as to why they went to so much trouble to buy the original house only to gut the entire thing both inside and out. Couldn’t they have just built a new one?

  10. I ( Literally ) can't wait for the Brady house to get finished. I'm a huge fan & this house is The Brady's & I personally think it's a Dream come true. Thank you. 👍

  11. Saw the original episodes as a kid on Fri nites back in the early 70s. This is a brilliant idea! I'm sure the neighborhood is thrilled also 🤔

  12. Marsha, Marsha, Marsha – is still hot, hot, hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Funny, if she and I had hooked up back in the prime of the Brady Bunch days like I dreamed, she would've gotten arrested and I would've automatically been the coolest kid in school.

  13. HGTV, please please please document every teeny tiny step meticulously. I want to see everything that went into this, it is so interesting and nostalgic, and really a once in a lifetime opportunity.

  14. I'm really enjoying all of this. The only thing I don't understand is why a couple of the ladies didn't wear proper footwear for being on the site, but perhaps they were only there on the day I noticed this to visit and visit only.

  15. 0:04 I had to hit pause on that opening interior shot of the framing and stare at it for several minutes!

  16. Obsessed and loving this!! My dad still has the set of blue glass grapes we had in the house I grew up in in the 70's/80's. They've been in every other house displayed somewhere. Those will never leave our family's possession LOL 🙂

  17. Is this show actually on the air now..or are these just sneak peek clips? I can't keep up with TV anymore…If its on, I will have to start watching!

  18. So funny, I collect those vintage, resin or Lucite grapes from the 60's and 70's. I have a "bunch" of them! I started with my Mom's which were in our home growing up. They are the clearer orange ones like they showed in this video but a much bigger bunch! 👍😁❤

  19. There was an X-Files episode that recreated the interior of the Brady house…why not go to the prop department and get those props for the interior. Looked pretty damn good to me.

  20. WOW…she looks GREAT!!! I wish she had that long straight hair of the 70s..YUMMMMM–this only proves how starved American culture is for normal and balanced family life…modern family nonsense is a lie…everyone deep down wants a MOM and a DAD and emotional healthy families

  21. Thanks to all who are doing this project, and I am especially thankful that ALL of the Brady kids are involved. With the adults sadly gone now, it’s so special that all the kids can put whatever aside and do this together.

  22. I wonder how are they going the to do the Mike and Carol's bathroom in their bedroom since it was never shown on TV?

  23. Yah need to find or make a bust head of Mr. Brady. Remember when Alice broke it when she was scared. When the kids were trying to scaring her?????😎🤓

  24. HGTV please, please do this to the Mary Tyler Moore show house. I want to be able to tour Mary Richards and Rhonda's Minneapolis appartment.

  25. Marcia you and Gregg go away now. We are tired of you transvestite satanist. Just go away take all the other satanist with you. Bye

  26. I’m an Aussie but we all loved The Brady bunch here too . Maureen seems so lovely . She was a guest on our Aussie ‘I’m a celebrity get me out of here ‘ a couple of years ago and she didn’t shy away from any of the disgusting things that they had to do ! She wasn’t precious about herself at all .
    Soo very wonderful that they’re remodeling the inside of the Brady house ! Can’t wait to see it all finished 😉👍

  27. My cousin was actually in Hawaii the same time they were filming the episode and had her picture taken with some of the cast. I wonder if she still has it?

  28. Simply amazing.I would say they are all truly a real family to be together and doing this.What a fantastic effort for pop culture,and the millions of us who grew up with the show.

  29. Judging by this video, it looks like the only original thing left of the house was the front façade–the rest of the house is all gutted. You can tell there is no roof because you can see all the natural sun light shining down on Maureen as she walks around the inside of the house

  30. I had that same French provincial furniture when I was little. Now my grand daughter uses it. I’ve repainted it but it’s in great shape

  31. Someone needed to go scout and see if the stuff from 70's Show. In episode "Sunday Bloody Sunday" Red says, " I'm going to the garage to fix….uh….this!" He then grabs a clump of glass grapes off the table. Same grapes as the Brady's had.

  32. The one thing I'm very confused about is why they seem to have left the existing garage intact and built the fence in front of it, severely limiting the space they had to recreate the backyard. They could have got much closer to the original if they demolished the garage.

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