buzzfeed explains adulthood to me

buzzfeed explains adulthood to me

Hi I’m Graice I’m… I wrote 18 on here… can you…
why does it look backwards How do cameras work? I’m looking at this and it
says 18 and then I turn it around And it looks like 81. So I’m 18 today as some of
you may have guessed. Today is my birthday– not today, today. But when you’ll be watching this it’s my birthday (read description) yeah. I’m the big 18. I’m an adult now and so as
this holiday approached I realized that I have no idea how to be an adult, you
know? That’s so relatable. So I decided to look to who other than the most trusted
source of everything, BuzzFeed. So today we’re gonna look at
some articles, videos, etc. about BuzzFeed teaching me how to be an adult. Now that
I’m an adult I should also be able to relate to adult things so, we’re gonna
review that today. And yes, I taped this to my head. It does look like 81 in the
camera–okay, you know what? I’m–I’m gonna take a picture of myself with this
camera, and then if it is 81.. if it’s 81 that sucks–
because I don’t want you to look at 81 the whole time, because I’m not 81! Okay
I’ve done the research and you should be looking at the number 18. I’m so excited
to get this video started. Okay so the first article that we’re going to
explore today is one called “19 truths about adulthood that no one ever
prepared you for” so I personally am going to review these truths and then I will be prepared for adulthood! How cool is that? Thank you Buzzfeed so much. Starting off number one fruits and
veggies go bad much faster when you’re the one who has to buy them it’s just a
fact. Okay. If anything you would know that the vegetables exist so–I’m sorry.
You would know that the vegetables exist and so therefore you would be able to
consume them I feel like if my parents are buying vegetables I don’t even know
that they’re buying it I don’t know where in the depths of the fridge it is
I don’t even know if it– I don’t even know if it’s there so I feel like when
you purchase vegetables you are more likely to eat them, and they’re not more
likely to rot. Unless you’re just forcing yourself to buy vegetables that you
don’t want and you’re the only one living by yourself and so then nobody
else eats them– This is gonna become an ongoing theme of my channel. I need to
move. Anyway moral of the story is buy vegetables that you like and then you’ll
eat them and they won’t go bad. Don’t force yourself to buy weird
vegetables, like that one. I don’t even know what that is, looks horrible.
Number two: $100 in grown-up money basically equal $1 in real life money.
The grammar on that is impeccable. I’m really confused about this,
so like I’m gonna go like, buy a hot chocolate at my local Starbucks and
she’s like that’s $3.75! and I pay her 375 dollars?? because a hundred dollars in
grown-up money is $1.00 in real life money?? That does suck. I was not prepared
for that truth thank you BuzzFeed for informing me about that. Oh my goodness Number three you can’t help but whisper
“what the heck is this” Whenever you get a real phone call. I
call my mom about seven times a day. Number four: spilling your drink is now
the equivalent of dropping your ice cream cone or losing your balloon as a
kid. I feel like spilling your drink is the equivalent to spilling your drink. It
doesn’t matter how old you are if you spill your drink, it’s not gonna be a fun
time. You don’t, you know, get excited about that when you’re a little kid like
‘oh I spilled my drink!’ and then you grow up and you’re like, ‘wow spilling drinks
isn’t fun anymore…’ neither is dropping ice cream or losing
your balloon… like none of those things are enjoyable. They’re all
equally not good. Number five: most of your social conversations consist of
agreeing to hang out sometime with people you don’t really want to hang out
with until one of you dies first. Is that it a threat? I see you, Buzzfeed. Like right now–
I don’t really have any friends so like any individual that reaches out to me
even if I’ve never even seen them in real life, even if they’re just a figment
of my imagination, if they, you know, hit up my phone somehow… nobody has my number
and like anybody that texts me on social media that I know will probably not get
a reply because it’ll just be lost in the other DMs….
that sounds so pretentious but like you understand what I’m saying, so like
nobody ever reaches out to me and so I will be thankful for any human interekjs–
any human interaction I get I will be thankful for. That’s just a note, out there to
anybody who’s watching this, cuz I know a lot of my friends and family watch this… please save me from this constant
misery. Number six: you end up getting– you end up getting– okay sorry, you end up
getting so good at coming up with excuses to not go to things that people
stop inviting you out. That was a mouthful. Dude, you know what I wasn’t
prepared for in adulthood? Reading that sentence. You end up getting so good at
coming up with excuses to not go to things that people stopped inviting
you out and then you get really sad. That’s relatable I’ll give you that one.
BuzzFeed: one, me… however many we’ve already done.
I’m not BuzzFeed, I don’t have thousands of like like-minded millennial employees
working for me so like I don’t have like the power… you know what I’m saying? Number seven: you are basically you– you up– number seven: you now are basically
required by law to get up at 8 a.m. and even on weekends your body won’t let you
sleep in. Yeah I can’t relateto that at all. “What time is it? it’s one o’clock.”
Number 8: you actually start being really happy when someone gives you a pair of
socks. Dude I am already happy. So these are all
of my socks, every time somebody gives me a pair of socks… I am very happy. So I’m
already an adult! Number 9: you learn to accept the fact that you’ll just have to
deal with heartburn, diarrhea, or just a general constant stomachache all the
time. That definitely sounds like you should go to the doctor. Whoever wrote
this article is like in chronic pain and they’re just like “hm that’s just adulthood” no…
Who wrote this? Bibine Barud. Look out for yourself, self-care is important.
Ok number 10: home improvement and interior design TV shows become an
outsized source of joy in your life. I mean I guess they’re like always just
there. Like home improvement shows have always been there and like I will never
hate them but I will never love them. There’s only so many homes that you can
improve before I get bored. Number 1: and not only do you have a favorite grocery
store, but you also become familiar with their weekly specials and discounts.
Yeah. It’s called living in the same place and
shopping at the same grocery store. I feel like whoever wrote this arti–
obviously it’s Bib–maybe some– maybe bib– maybe some– Bibne’s fault– am I saying that?– I’m
not saying that correctly. Number 12: you will be out and about in public and then
realize that crap you forgot to take your laundry out of the washing machine!
Oh my goshhh I do that all the time. This one is relatable! If you leave your
clothes in the washing machine they’re gonna get all smelly and so then you
have to wash them again and sometimes it doesn’t even wash the smell out and so
it’s very impertinent– imper– impertin–impertinent? Very important
that you like find a time slot where you can immediately put the clothes that you
washed into the dryer or else it’ll just ruin the whole point of doing laundry.
It’s really frustrating. Laundry is like a mind game, like a mental puzzle.
Number thirteen: and there always comes a point when you realize it’s been a
really long time since you were 18 or even 21. Guys it’s been so long since
I’ve been 18 that I haven’t even turned 18!! Oh man,
the days when I was 21 those are so long ago. 14: when your friends tell you
that they’re pregnant you freak out automatically but they realize that “oh,
it’s on purpose.” Bibine… what kind of friends were you hanging
out with? How many friends got pregnant… in high school? You wouldn’t freak out
for them in a good way? You’d just be like, “oh my gosh you’re!–oh oh it’s on purpose.”
And they just walk away. Like ‘good job being pregnant.’ Number 15, you come to
realize that despite all that time you spent learning the pythagor– Let’s get some
Ritz crackers. I actually don’t think I’ve eaten today, when I stay up really
late it like ruins my eating schedule because I eat really late.
And I stayed up till like 4 am last night, working on something coming soon!
Let’s have a little birthday snack. I went to Walmart on New Year’s Eve and
I bought these specifically. Okey-dokey number 15 you come to realize that
despite all that time that you spent learning the Pythagorean theorem it
probably will not come up again. Ever. Big shocker there! I knew that when I was in
fourth grade. I’ve never even used multiplication in real life… I’m just
kidding actually is that true? Number sixteen: but
you still secretly do use the same grade school songs to remember your alphabet,
the planets, and other basic stuff. I mean the alphabet, it’s kind of universal, like
yeah, everybody knows the letters from the alphabet, that’s not surprising.
Like were you taught the Pythagorean alphabet in eighth grade? And you just
decided to use the grade school version instead? I for one have never memorized
the planets don’t know what kind of grade school songs there were about the
planets. “I am Mercury” And other basic stuff…they should teach us– they should
teach it– they should teach us a song about taxes in grade school, so I can
sing a song to remember how to do those. Number 17:
Every so often you have to be real with yourself and have the “you don’t need to
order takeout you have food in the house” talk. I feel like this is just me stating
like my personal experience with all these things so I feel like it’s kind of
annoying, but like I like never have ordered takeout because I’m so poor. I
thought that like part of being an adult was that you’re poor. I can relate to that! So
like I thought that because you’re so poor that like you can never order
takeout because you can’t afford it. It’s like 10 extra dollars on top of the food
that you order, and I’m definitely not getting up out of my house and going and
getting food. Usually my meet-in-the-middle solution is just
having ice cream for every meal or like just sleeping it off… sleeping off the
hunger. Number 18: Alright our last one! So excited. And at some point you realize
that every grown-up you met as a kid– at a kid– I think she meant as a kid–
it’s okay I forgive you, Bibine. At some point you realize that every
grown-up you met as a kid totally did not have their lives together either….. Oh, you mean like when you were a kid you
like remembered adults that you met? You’re like, “they didn’t have their lives
together!” I don’t know how you would know that. I can’t even remember any other
adults from my childhood except my parents and like my grandparents and
both of them are doing fine. Oh wait, there’s one– there’s– there’s 19 truths,
not 18 truths, I’m sorry I’m turning 18 so it messed me up. 19: oh and of COURSE, you
now wake up tired every. day. of. your. life. Why does BuzzFeed like go so overkill
with like every sentence? It’s never just like, “yeah and you always wake up tired,”
it’s like “YOU ALWAYS WAKE UP TIRED.” Some people don’t wake up tired, BuzzFeed!
Why don’t you just chill out… and like give people the benefit of the doubt… and
just like,,, just like– just like… just like.,, chill. Just chill. Those 19 things did not
prepare me for–I don’t think they prepared me for adulthood. I think we need to
read another article. See what I did there? See that segue into the other, into
the more parts of the video? Next article is: “only people who are
adulting at a hundred percent know how to do 40 out of 40 of these things.” Holy
crap there’s 40 things. So if I want to adult at a hundred percent, I have to do
all 40 of these things, so let’s go. Let’s adult– adult at a 100%. 100%
adult acTIVAte. Check off all the things you know you can do: Okay so this is like
a quiz? Oh that’s it? It’s just a list of like 40 things and
you’re supposed to check off which ones you know how to do. So I guess let’s go
through these. Thanks BuzzFeed you just cost me about
five minutes of content. Change a tire. I know– mentally, yes I am prepared to
change a tire. Physically I cannot unscrew like the bolt on it– no– I’m a
weak little girl what can I say? I’m a wo– I’m a woman. So I’ll give that one a
check for my– yeah cuz I just want to. Do your taxes and actually understand
what you’re doing, Nope don’t know how to do that. Write a check? yes, stolen my
mom’s checkbook ma– no.. never mind. That was just a joke for the kids, don’t worry,
I’m never stolen your checkbook. Whistle with your mouth or fingers, how do you
whistle… just like this? I can’t do that but I can do this…. okay I was — I regret that immediately. Parallel Park, I know how to do that. Write in cursive.
I thought that you guys remembered all your grade school stuff. Cook something
without having to refer to Google or your parent.
Yeah, ramen. Own a set of pots and pans and know what each one is for. Who knows
what their pots and pans are for? Your pots and pans are all for the same thing
they’re just different sizes. Do you have a special pot for boiling, broiling, and
steaming? Don’t be ridiculous, nobody actually… no one actually does that, right?
Shop for groceries. Yeah, this is how you shop for groceries: you go in the store
and you take groceries off the shelf, and you put them in your cart. I know! But get
this, it’s not done yet. After you have the groceries in your cart, you go over to
the checkout line. The checkout lines that have people in them waiting to ring
you up, usually have like a lit up sign or something so that you know that
there’s cashiers in those checkout lines. Just a Pro Tip. And then you take out your
groceries you put them on the conveyor belt and then your cashier will count–
he’ll do all the work for you, he’ll just count up your groceries, you just sit
back, relax, you watch the show happen and then you whip out your credit card or
your cash and you pay the cashier who then pays the store who then pays the
corporation who then pays the employee minimum wage! And then you walk away
happy, You’re welcome. I just taught you guys something that
BuzzFeed could have explained in an article but instead they just gave a
list of 40 things. So BuzzFeed you owe me on that one, if you want to use that
you’re gonna have to shoot me an e-mail. Know how to check if a fruit is good to buy. Yeah I don’t know how to do that one. Fully stock your cabinet with a bunch of
spices. Again, BuzzFeed, this is pretty easy, I think you’re overthinking it
buddy. You just have to go to the store, you have to buy a lot of spices, and
then you put them in your cabinet! That’s it! That’s all you do! Write a cover
letter. Oh heck yeah, we had so many stupid workshops about that in high
school. That’s probably just like a singular experience, because my high
school was really strict about that, like they didn’t actually teach you like what
you needed to prepare for to get a job they just taught you like, “do good in
the interview!” And like, you get like the job and you’re
like, “actually I don’t know how to use the Pythagorean theorem.” Know the
difference between an HMO and a PPO. Guys… what is that? I’m gonna need to be an
adult,, I.. I’m gonna need to know these things. Oh it’s it’s Medicare stuff. I
don’t need insurance, I’m so healthy. Nothing can touch me. Decorate and
actually make it look good, uh yeah, do you see that back there? I did that
checking that one off. Make a phone call without getting nervous about it… my mom.
Oh my gosh I just realized that you could see me in the mirror the whole
time! I hate it when that happens. It’s okay I’m probably gonna like crop it in,
so you can’t even see. Now I can crop out, crop out, Graice. There you go. See? It was
cropped in the whole time you couldn’t even tell cuz I’m just that good. I’m
an editing genius. Fold a fitted sheet. Nobody knows how to do that. That’s
impossible. Budget your money…. Definately not. Fall asleep at a reasonable time.
Definitely not, we just talked about that. Make friends… adults can’t make friends
what are you talk–, Make small talk. Only if the person has read all seven Harry
Potter books. Tie a knot in a balloon. You guys don’t know how to do that? BuzzFeed come
on. Swallow pills with ease., Oh yeah I dry-swallow my pills. I’m a freakin Savage
I am so Savage. I dry swallow all my pills, I don’t even use water, I’m so savage.
Get your oil changed when the lights come on. Yeah you drive it to Walmart and you’re
like “can I get my oil changed?” Get a regular doctor checkups– Oh get regular
doctor checkups. Like I said, health insurance? Who needs
it? See your dentist yearly. Like I said, health insurance? who needs it? Put the
accurate number of stamps on a piece of mail.
I’ve never mailed something that required stamps. Perfect messy bun
that makes you look like you did, in fact, shower. That’s not a adulting things
BuzzFeed, you idiot. That’s freaking perfect model things. Don’t tell me that
I can’t adult if I can’t pull my hair into a messy bun. Nobody can do that, it’s
impossible. Keep your plants alive. I have the perfect solution to that: fake plants.
Kill a cockroach or spider without screaming. Probably not. I got 23 out of
40!! “Not a child, not yet an adult. Okay so you can do some things, but TBH you still
struggle with most of it, and honestly that’s relatable.” BuzzFeed, why? “Being an
adult is hard, and we weren’t really given a full warning. Keep working at it.
You’ll get there soon enough.” Thanks, Buzzfeed. I’ve read things that are
preparing me for an adulthood, I learned if I’m an adult or not, but the final
test is this BuzzFeed quiz called “all grown-ups should be able to ace this
quiz.” and then in the little line it says “no you can’t cheat and call your mom.”
This is my time to prove myself as an adult. The first question is which of
these gets a coffee stain out of a shirt? I don’t drink coffee so I’ve never
had to deal with this. Club soda, I got it right! I’m such a good adult. Which of these can be put in the microwave?
Styrofoam. No–oh it’s a paper plate. Are you sure about that?
I literally put styrofoam in my microwave like last night when I was
heating on my Olive Garden leftovers. Is my microwave just cooler than yours? What
is a copay? A fixed amount….. I don’t know, I actually got that one right
somehow. In case you guys wanted to know that that’s what a copay is. So you’re
welcome. Does the Hat make me look stupid? What’s
the first step in changing a tire? you have to lift up the car. What? it’s just
loosen the lug– loosen the lug nuts? That’s an opinion! That’s an opinion. Which of these avocados is ripe? oh come on what kind of idiot
do you think I am. Which Keys should your index finger rest on when you type.
There’s literally marks on your keyboard to give away the answer. Which hand
position is demonstrating the heimlich maneuver? What’s the first step in
folding a fitted sheet? This is actually a thing? You can actually fold a fitted
sheet? am I –gonna learn on this– am I gonna learn something from– am I gonna
learn something from buzzfeed right now? I got 9 out of 13!! home ecee ace… Oh home EC ace. You know, I went into this video with low
expectations from BuzzFeed, but I’m starting to grow fonder of them by the
minute. They’re really just trying to be funny, and they’re failing, they are, but
they are trying, you know? Give them a chance… you know? That you … never mind… I
take that back. I know, I take that back. I take– I take it back I
I think BuzzFeed like just possessed me. Okay and finally this little gem that BuzzFeed
has for me, “signs you’re still not an adult.” So I’m expecting great things from this
video, because BuzzFeed is always so funny. It packs the punches with it with unexpected humor, so if I watch this then I will know if I’m an adult or not.
Starting it off: So being polite makes you not an adult?
Good to freaking know. I guess I should just start being rude to people. That wasn’t a good
joke. Free equals exciting. Let’s see what this is about. Good news everybody we’re
getting free lunch today. I mean, I wouldn’t have that reaction. Obviously if
you have if you have that reaction, you’re definitely not an adult. No, no
adult would do that. But like it’s free food. I feel like BuzzFeed kind of misses
the marks with these kind of videos, it’s like woo *explosion.* Whether you needed it or
not. OK, so this one’s probably gonna tell us something about just taking
things that you don’t need. Food baby… I know– what was I expecting? I don’t know. I could totally have a cat
or six. Oh, Steven. Who’s Stephen? That was some dark
stuff right there. Why would you keep a pet in your office? Okay anyway. Hey mom
are you excited to have me home for Thanksgiving hey listen can you book the
plane ticket yeah but dad how do you even know when you have to pay taxes
what do you mean everybody pays them no yeah but why would I pay any more than
the minimum if you had a close relationship with your parents you would
probably already know that stuff. I personally have a close relationship
with my parents and I know nothing about taxes… but my mom’s an accountant so it’s
okay. I guess this is actually pretty accurate.
Because like me watching it as like probably five, or six, or seven years
younger than this woman, I’m like “yeah I would definitely never do that.” And so
obviously, that person is not acting like an adult. But I’m not an adult. So I think
what this video should be called is, “signs you’re a two-year-old living in a
27 year olds body.” I’m sorry if I like overestimated that woman’s age, I don’t… we have pop-tarts now You guys see that
acting in the back? Where’s his Oscar dude? He was– I really felt like he was
annoyed, you know? I mean like I really feel like he was just like, “oh”. He’s so
good. can you believe Scotland didn’t get its independence I know right it’s like ‘they will take our lives, but they will never take our freedom’ Scotland didn’t get independence… huh. this is a responsibility that our company takes seriously it should be everybody’s personal duty. Where’s his Oscar? oh my gosh look at
that,, if… I mean did you see? like it was so amazing. and then right as he said it,
there was an immediate, I mean that– can –so much chemistry. They had so much
chemistry. So much chemistry. I was like “wow.” “Wooow.” Now they’re gonna explain the
joke to us. do u have sum to add gabi. sorry u said duty so… yes. serious duties, for all of us. What if they had never told me? Like you said duty so,,
and then like I would have not– I probably wouldn’t have gotten it—I
probably wouldn’t not have known probably, wouldn’t have caught that, like
the trigger word there, for her, prolly. Cuz they’re like such good actors like
it’s such like a subtle nuance you know? So according to BuzzFeed I’m doing
pretty well. Especially according to this video, compared to this woman, I’m doing
excellent. Of course I’m referring to the
character she’s playing, I’m not trying to be offensive to the actor or anything
because I know that she was playing a character and she was purposely being
stupid. Thanks for watching I hope that my birthday is fun for you– like I hope
you have a good day today and also it’s my birthday–
like I hope you have a good, my birthday. I hope you have fun on my birthday. In
conclusion I’m doing a-okay. I’m doing awesome.
I am ready for adulthood I’m gonna kill it. you know. ah- oh… OW.

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