CAD Technician – Alternative Jobs

CAD Technician – Alternative Jobs

I sent all my documentation to the University of Toronto, and they recognized me as an architect here in Canada. I could work as an architect. But later on, when I went and tried to find a job I had to face reality, and I was told that I could not work. Nobody accepted me because academic qualifications are not enough in Canada. I needed to have Canadian experience. I chose to be a CAD Technician, because it’s the closest way to get the benefit from my original occupation that I had before as an architect. I didn’t want to change this, because I worked for 12 years and I loved what I was doing, I loved to be an architect, I loved to design. They helped me to get a placement in the City of Windsor in 2006, part of a mentoring or volunteering program. And through this placement I’m here because people, management, they knew my skills and they recognized my education and they were sure that I could work for them. I like my job and I have no intention to go back to my original occupation, I’m happy in everything I’m doing here and I want to improve my skills to be qualified for maybe a higher and different position, having more responsibilities, just to keep challenging myself to improve and to get advanced. We have to go out to search for opportunities, and everything here in Canada. You know, I have 2 different cultures. I have the culture in my country and the one here in Canada. And what I have found is here we have a lot of doors to knock on and a lot of doors to be opened and we have to choose the right one. Over there, no, we stick at 1 thing and we just keep going. If I lose it that’s it, we have to start from under zero, but here in Canada, as I said every effort will be paid off.

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  1. i'm a filipino .. and im a draftsman here in the philippines .. may sallary per day is 350 pesos , equivalent to 9 dollars a day ..

     and its not good enough for me ..

  2. can you tell me how can get this job. CAD engineer i have 2 year experience and i did diploma in mechanical engg. please tell me

  3. hlo mam…my name is mukesh kumar …nd i m from Delhi (india)..i m a civil structural draftsman…i do I.T.I in Civil drughtsmanship……i want to a job in canada …plz suggest me how can i get the job

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