Hey you guys its ro! welcome to another video today I have a very special guest It’s Molly Burke you guys I am so excited. I’m gonna be putting her links down below! She is incredible and you guys Molly is blind and for someone who isn’t familiar with Your content. Yes, could you speak a little bit about it? How much vision do you have or how much can you see and When did you lose your vision? Oh, This is a good question! There’s like this big misconception that blindness is you see nothing, which blindness is a spectrum just like every disability Mm-hmm, and so actually 90% of blind people have remaining vision. So in my case, I can see light and shadow So right now with like a filming setup I can see a box light at box light a box like those two I can tell are short rectangles the one in front of us is a long rectangle. Yep. Other than that like everything That’s just dark But then if I look this direction if you were standing in front of a backlit window I can kind of see like the shape of people almost like a shadow and I was born with a disease called retinitis pigmentosa. I was diagnosed when I was four years old and then it took the majority of my vision when I was 14 the way RP takes your vision is by tunneling so it caves in it like Closes up around you and as it’s closing up your distance becomes shorter and every color kind of starts to blend and fade out I think Molly is so inspirational and that it is amazing to have you here today And I thought let’s make a fun video I am so excited for this. We are gonna even the playing fields today because I will be blindfolded I found this a really cute I wish you this there’s a bunny little blindfold and I was also telling Molly that I’ve done a lot of blind fold Challenges and when I lose my vision, I lose the sense. I can’t even find my mouth Nobody with sight who just throws a blindfold on will never be able to do the things that I can do 24 years into working at this. What’s your level of baking experience? zero Okay Well, I don’t cook or bake Well, I’m gonna try to help you out But I am also this is gonna be a first for me so our tasks are to frost the cake Try to smooth it out with these spatulas and then put some decorations on for decorations we’ve got sprinkles We’ve got little balls little cute little flowers They were so nicely displayed before I went in to shove my hands and moved all of them We were feeling all of them to see whats going on they’re so fun. These little pineapples They’re adorable I can’t even. All right,now are you ready to decorate a cake? I am ready. Let’s do this. I have never decorated a cake blind before yeah, I honestly still feel like yours will be better because for you it’s like almost muscle memory like you decorate so many cakes Maybe it will be all right, so we need to grab one of the piping bags. I already started .you did ? I just went for it. Okay, I’m feeling the edge of the cake, and I’m trying to spin icing on the top That’s what I’m trying to do. I feel like the sides are way harder. Did you put all your icing on there? On the top. All right, I’m gonna spin this around muscle-memory So you actually have technique. I have no idea. What are you doing? Let me see well, and by see I mean feel oh, I found a chunk of icing. I doubt you’re failing miserably Hey watch yours is gonna look like a gourmet chef cake. I’m using my hands and everybody’s cringing. Now we’ve got it once you cover I’m not even close to being done and, you started, I started before you. Oh my god there’s so much icing on the plate. I want to touch your cake to see if it’s ready, but then I don’t want to stick my fingers in it. Oh, I’m sticking my fingers all up in it. You are yeah, okay Like I can check. Oh Goodness, I wish you could see what a mess. I am right now Like this is the most colossal like failure of a cake ever Girl, one: I cannot see your cake and two: here’s the great thing even if they look like a hot mess They’re gonna taste delicious.It’s true cuz this icing’s really good But nobody’s gonna want to eat it except me cuz my hands have been all up on it Okay, I’m gonna touch this top of the cake so I can feel where to do the sc- swag All right now I’m gonna do a loop Okay, these are feeling pretty even and I have to keep touching the cake because I don’t know where it is That’s what I’m saying. You have to touch it. Oh no, I forgot how many times I went around Oh, geez, I think just one more. Okay. Now, this is Oh also a big star tip puppy! Hey babe, my guide dog’s come in to hang. She’s got the cutest dog Half a lab half a mountain dog and cookie met him and she lost her marbles She was so excited when she couldn’t contain herself. Gallop get away from the icing Is he eating the icing? All of the mess I’ve made your table is gonna be a nightmare I’m gonna try to do little dollops Around the top. I think it did it. All right now. Mmm. Good icing, isn’t it? It’s delicious. Mm-hmm. So like Fluffy Mm-hmm. Are you ready to add some decoration? Yeah, I’ve got some pretty flowers Here I can feel these these are flowers. Okay, I put some at the top and then I’m gonna put Them on the side. I think I dropped a sprinkle and gallop’s enjoying it. Oh Yeah, I don’t know what color these sprinkles are But I think they’ll add a little something. I don’t know what color anything is. So you’re golden. Here’re sanding sugars. Oh what’s that? They’re like colored sugars, they’re a little bit more coarse and they’re colored still pretty fine. Oh Those went in my lap Okay, and we have cake toppers, let me reach for them. Where did they go? Okay, so here Now. I want a watermelon slice? Okay. Here’s the watermelon slice I’m putting it down here and I’m doing apparently a fruit theme Oh so somehow that oh, yeah, you’ve got the watermelon. I got the pineapples on it. So now okay. I’ve got this star. Right here and we are gonna, oh geez, I have to guess the middle road You’re gonna cry when you see this like no no, no. No. Can the crew attest how bad this is I’ve never seen a more beautiful cake laughs away Really? There are liars in the room here girl. Girl, you’re probably pretty good at this. No. It’s really miserable, huh? I think I’m done it’s frosted we got sprinkles we have decoration. There’s a centerpiece. I’m feeling really good about this cake I’m ready for you to see mine. I can’t wait ready for this reaction. Okay, so Molly. you don’t you’re don’t You don’t have to be nice That’s all I’m gonna like you don’t have to like be like, oh no It’s good that you can be honest cuz I’m aware, you know. I’ll make fun of it if it’s super ugly I’ll make fun of it and then I’ll have a slice I’ll eat it. Oh also my like cake spinner thing Yeah, it’s also equally as decorated and if not is and if not has even more icing on it than the cake. Really Yeah, and you know that yeah, okay. Well, I think I got all the icing on my cake I’m proud of you, but I have no clue. I told you yours will be better. Okay? Well, I’m gonna okay I’m gonna take a gander. Here we go. They’re done. One, two three You did a great job Girl Okay, first off for the record Molly has less icing on her turntable than me It’s really hard to get the side. The sides are really tricky really tricky It’s just not even fair and your centerpiece your little watermelon right in the center It looks like tropical. I think really gorgeous is probably a stretch It’s really pretty compared to this one. I have over here. One, my centerpiece is not in the middle It’s off on the side. Nothing here makes sense. How dirty are your hands? Okay yours are a little bit messier than mine. Do you see my napkin. Your napkin is like very used. It’s very used. Yeah My cake plate is a disaster well what happens was I gone really in there with my hands for all the globs that were on there and I picked them up and Went like this with my face. That was really smart and usually what I do is after you use the turntable take A paper towel or wet cloth and and just slowly spin it and get all the icing off and so you had the right idea Both of these cakes look fun tropical Summertime vibe and regardless of how they look they’re gonna be tasty. Yeah, exactly Which is why we have Forks in here. Yes, so we are gonna take a little bite And before we take a bite, I just want to give a big THANK YOU to Molly. Molly, thank you for coming and doing this with me today. Oh, thank you for agreeing to hang out. I had so much fun She is amazing. And again, I’m gonna be putting her links down below So go check her out subscribe show her some love and watch the video We did over on her channel down below. All right, girl, let’s take a bite Where are you going from? I’m going straight to the top. Oh, right in the middle. Okay me too, right here. Let’s try It’s really good but nobody else is gonna want to eat it cuz our grubby hands been all over it And I’m just fine with that. Me too. It’s all mine. I feel like this is how you gotta do cakes Just touch ’em a lot There’s nobody else to wants it. Bye you guys and if you’d like to see any other videos you can click up here And then Molly with your left hand point up to the ceiling and say or up here. Oh, I but my mouth is still full. Oh sorry girl. When, your mouth is not full. Are up here. Mm-hmm All right bye-bye! Bye!

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  1. I hope you enjoy today's video! Molly Burke is one of the sweetest, most amazing people ever! 😊💕

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    ♥️I love Rosanna and Molly♥️ they will always make my day!
    <3 MarshMelMel

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